Gym Life.

Workout Schedule

  • back/biceps
  • chest/triceps/calves
  • legs (emphasis on quads)
  • shoulders (front and medial deltoids)/calves
  • chest/back or arms
    • (if i went heavy on the previous leg day i would be doing chest/back)
  • arms or chest/back; calves
    • (if I went light on the previous leg day I would be doing arms to give me an extra day of recovery from the previous chest/back day and hit legs heavy the next day)
  • legs (emphasis on glutes and hamstrings)
  • shoulders (emphasis on medial and rear deltoids) /calves

No Rest Days. Period.

I used to have a typical chest/triceps day to begin my workout “week.” I quote week because I do not do specific body parts i.e. leg day due to having no rest days and restarting my split over again. I switched up chest/triceps with back/biceps to at least be off track with everyone else at the gym who starts with chest/triceps as well as give my shoulders an extra day of recovery instead of going right back into hitting them indirectly while doing chest.

I started to employ push/pull days with chest/back and arms around october/november of 2014 to ramp up my workout a bit while giving me an “easy” arm day with the added bonus of giving other body parts rest. I superset these days with a push/pull exercise starting with pull since it takes more effort than a push.

I do calves every other day since they are notoriously difficult to grow. I do not do anything extensive. I usually keep it to 2-3 exercises with sets of 4 consisting of smith machine raises on top of 2 twenty-five plates, seated calf machine with occasional blood flow restriction, standing dumbbell raises, intraset stretching calf raises on the leg press and various body weight raises on dip machines, incline benches. Whatever is available.

Why No Rest Days?

I will ask you this: why do you need a rest day? I am sure you will list me a list of babble that has been telephoned from one fitness enthusiast to another. Maybe a bro out there will turn the tables on me and ask, “are you even working out hard enough? maybe that is why you don’t need a rest day.” I assure you I workout harder than most gym goers with my daily 2 to 2.5 hour sessions.

I do not believe in rest days for this one reason. A rest day will give you 24 hours. I get 22 hours everyday of rest, as in the hours i do not workout. What is 2 more hours? Okay if you want to my logic against me..I get 22 hours every day while you get 46 hours from your last workout. So why are you giving yourself 46 hours of rest once a week and others only 22?

Ideally, for a typical gym goer, a 3-4 split with one day off is perfect to get through it. However, I am advance in my pursuit and have supplemented properly while getting a decent night’s rest. This allows my body to recover sooner to handle the grueling workout I have day in and day out. Also! I cut out nearly all cardio. When I initially did a real cut (increase cardio before and after weight training and lowered calorie intake) which got me from around 230 to 170 I was having major central nervous system (CNS) fatigue almost every few weeks. My body felt extremely drained even after plenty of sleep and craved carbs so badly to where it was too easy to give in. And give in I did to where it put push me out of ketosis and would gain 10-15 in a day. Water weight of course but still a mind fuck nonetheless. I added a rest day to fight the fatigue. Since supplementing extremely well including intra workout bcaas with sleep aids I have not felt the fatigue come on at all. All this while putting on much more size and losing body fat. Once I start another cut, I am sure this will change. Either I will take a rest day or taper down my workouts. But until then..NO REST DAYS!


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