Listen to FutureSex/LoveSounds

Here is a treat for you Justin Timberlake fans.. The entire album available to take a listen to INCLUDING the bonus track “Pose” featuring Snoop Dogg. The following are my thoughts on the tracks and be sure to buy the album on September 12th. Best Buy is selling it for $9.99. You will be album to take a listen to the album on the right side under Plug it.

FutureSex/ LoveSound

– First thing I think of is Prince.. The beat, sexuality and Justin’s voice screams “The Artist.” Second I think of is JC Chasez.. Remember his song A.D.I.D.A.S (All Day I Dream About Sex)? This is the first song of the album and does set the tone and mood.


– The first single and the calling card of Justin Timberlake’s comeback.. Well not a comeback but a return to the music scene after a hiatus of four years. Not a fan of the video because there is no dancing!!

Sexy Ladies

– Definitely a little Moris Day and the Time sounding. A little too slow for my taste but still a jammer

Let Me Talk to You – Prelude

– All I can say is that I feel like i should be in Rio de Jeniero awhile listening to this song. Dressed up in ruffles in bright colors in a parade behind steel drum players.

My Love

– The next single off FutureSex/LoveSounds.. I say one of my favorites off the album. I hope the video is better than SexyBack. Listen to the giggle and operaish sounds after the chorus. Does the opera sounding chick a violin or an actual chick. Listen for yourself

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows

– Another fav. It has my favorite lyrics off the album, She’s freaky and she knows it/She’s freaky and I like it/ Very very funky track and the hook reminds me of a Michael Jackson song. I say the best vocal performance on the album. The song slows down half way and sounds like a Coldplay song with Timberlake sounding a little like Chris Martin.

What Comes Around Goes Around

– The song opens up sounding like you would hear it in a Hookah bar but once the beat kicks in, it mellows out. Another downer song that would seem like it would be on the last album following, “Cry Me a River.” Timberlake has already stated that its not about Britney Spears. I am going to say it here.. I do think it has some resonance to Britney. All and all a decent track but its not “Cry Me a River.”

Chopped Me Up

– Three Six Mafia guest on this track and it feels like Justin should be the one guesting on it. The song seems really out of place. The best part of the track is Timberlake’s hook.

Damn Girl

– An obvious Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas track. The down beat from the drum is a signature Black Eyed Peas sound. The chorus gives you that Al Green tingle.

Summer Love

– This track gives me the Bobby Brown sound especially the hook. One of the favs though but the production is a little over done…

Set the Mood

– A little 112ish and Ginuwine sounding…

Until the End of Time

– The song hasn’t grown on me yet but I do like the stings.

Losing My Way

– A decent song.. on the MTV special, he said its about someone in a movie called Virgina Beach. I think.. A decent song to listen to.

Another Song, All Over Again

– A song that sounds like Brian McKnight or Musiq Soulchild would do.


– Guest vocals with Snoop and it is a half way decent song. The last few songs are disappointing with more than 75 percent of the CD hitting high notes.
All and all its a good album I don’t think its better than Jusfied but it is worth a listen to. I predict LoveSound will be there third single off the album. The cd hits stores on September 12th with an extra bonus song for iTune Pre-Order. The FutureSex/LoveSounds World Tour kicks off in January in Los Angeles.

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