Hilary Duff’s Older Sis Birthday Party…

Saturday February 18th, 2006

Hayls birthday. Her 21st, finally legal to drink. Hurrays! Her party was at Casablanca in Hollywood. I never heard of the place but when i got there, it was actually called White Lotus. I know that place, but not the other. I found out i guess the owners is changing the name to that or something. Not too sure. MTV was shooting a pilot there, something about C list stars and how they live their life or something. Haylie Duff’s boyfriend was hosting the show or whatever. He put on the birthday party too and his energy drink, “Freedom” was sponsoring the whole thing.
I got there around 8ish. I noticed that you can’t make left turns at the lights with no turn signals between certain times. That sucks but oh well. Got the car valet and headed across the street to the club. It started sprinkling, I had this energy and weakness at the same time. I was feeling still under the weather, but I never learn to stay home and relax.
Got over there and noticed right away Long. I met him back at the Laguna Beach thing, hes the owner of Belong Clothing. Chatted with him for a little and waited to get in a bit. I had to wait a little bit, talked to Nancy, who was one in charge. I noticed Mekenzie Rossam from 7th Heaven walk the carpet. I dont watch the show anymore, but when i catch it here and there, Ruthie has gotten older and discovered makeup. Its just kinda freaky to think about, and it doesnt help that this night she was wearing short shorts and had a little booty. Thats all I will say about that for now.
Not too many photographers there, I noticed Michael from Wireimage. He covered Christina Martins birthday party when i was there last year. Chatted with him and he was the buddy for the night on the carpet. Dont know why but they had aerial arts chicks hovering over the red carpet. I wanted to look up and check it out, but i dont wanna look at weird moments while the chick does something. I dont wanna look like some perv or something.
Haylie came and did the red carpet. I complimented her dress and little and took the pictures. Hilary came too but did do the carpet. She came and hit the red carpet with Haylie after awhile. Joel Madden from Good Charlotte said he was going to do the carpet but he didnt. It was quite annoying but he seem to not mind when it was the intouch interviewer. Oh well..

Rumors of certain people showing up, Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Simpson girls, Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Paris Lazeus or whatever. The Simpson girls werent there because their father was having a his birthday party. Jennifer Love Hewitt was having her own birthday party in Vegas. Why would Paris Hilton be here and so on.
Nancy and I chatted some more. I so recall her from somewhere and couldnt put a finger on it. Whats funny is that her ex-boyfriend is friends with one of my Editors. Small ass world if you ask me. She invited me to her birthday party and wanted me to cover some charity event she was doing in Diego. Im down, never done the theme party thing. Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes. We shall see if i can make it down to Diego.
After the carpet was dead, I finally had a chance to make it into the party. Before I went in, her cake came on in. It had a princess Barbie doll on top of it. Well its her birthday and party I suppose. Man the place was crowded as heck. There was an outside patio area that had a live band. As you walk in, you see the coat check and restrooms. The left side was the patio area along with the sushi restuarant looking place. The right side headed to the dance area and the vip room. Once you get into the area of the dance floor, you noticed the elevated vip section and then the long long club with the bar at the far end. The smoking area is towards your right once the turn right into the dance floor.
Headed onto the VIP area and they werent letting people in at the moment. They sang the happy birthday song when i was still outside, so Im assuming it was a little private time. I checked in my camera and made the way to the bar. Got a a vodka tonic, but not after a long wait. I didnt wait so i didnt mind. Long was there hanging out, and chatted with him and his chick he brought, Sabrina. He kept on trying to get me out to his birthday party. I think he asked me like 5 times to get a straight answer. I just told him id try to make it out and wanted to know where it would be. He party was Thursday and i had the Pharrell and Friends concert to cover.
After the DMV wait at the bar, headed back to the VIP area. The security dude was being a jerk still, saying how he reconigze me and the group. It was totally annoying. I tried to explain to him that I wasnt able to go in yet because I was outside shooting. One of the PR dudes was in there and i tried to tell him whats up. Eventually he told the security dude what was up. At that point, didnt want to stick much anymore. Feeling under the weather was still getting to me. I had a few cupcakes, and got my gift bag, and left out of there. I mean there were some real freaks in there dancing it up, but feeling ill is not a good thing to dance with.
Left the place, it was already dying down anyways. Decided to get some Roscoes’s Chicken and Waffles. I kinda wanted Pink’s. I usually never leave LA after a night of clubbing without one of them street hot dogs and I never had Pink’s, so i wanted it. Roscoe’s was just down the street and got that. Wait wasnt too bad. Just the typical waffles and chicken of course. I love it. Then headed on home. All and all a pretty cool night.

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