Liberal Hollywood strikes again.. and i love it!!

Prankster, Romancer, Restaurant owner, whatever you want to call him. Ashton Kucher has done a lot. He has a new movie coming out staring Bernie Mac entitled Guess Who and even hosting Saturday Night Live with Gwen Steffani performing. I’ve hit up The Dolce Group restaurants and love them, however his Japanese fused Geisha House, which Ashton heads up, has left me rather disappointed. More to come..
Anyways, i am reading the April Interview and Ashton is on the cover and is being interview by Brad Pitt. The whole theme to this magazine is that celebrities interview each other and its a great concept. This is Ashton second interview in this magazine, his first was back in 2002 by David Spade. The interview over things as the usual small chat, whats going on, current projects, who to Punk’d and then it started going back to origins and Ashton hometown. That is went it got interesting.
Ashton was born and raise in a small town in Iowa. You know small towns in the mid west and subjects like religion and what not. After Brad asks Ashton about if his family was religious, they go into a conversation that i can relate to and express my views so much on the topic…

Brad: I think its amazing to be aware of that at that age [13]. My frustration with religion came from what i call the “safety mechanism” that asked you or told you that you needed to get God’s word out.

Ashton: In order to go to heaven. Yet there are all these kinds of safety caveats, like, you can do whatever you want, so long as you believe in this, I’m not a firm believer in that.
BP: Meaning its all forgiven in the end if you ask in His name.
AK: Ill be blunt about it. Where i grew up, so long as you believed in Jesus Christ and you asked for forgiveness, you could do whatever you wanted. That was pretty much the rule of thumb.
BP: Which amazed me that no one said, “Wait a second. I would never hang out with some guy who said, ‘You’ve got to say I’m the coolest or you get nothing from.’ Why would I want that from my God?”
AL: Or they never asked, “So, you’re telling me that there’s a tribe that lives in Australia that’s never heard of this guy God, but all of the people in it are going to hell no matter what?”
BP: These were my same questions at the age of 6 or 7.
AK: And nobody could answer. Eventually I got an answer.
BP: Which was?
AK: Especially when the golden rule is supposed to be “Love thy neighbor.”
BP: It sounds like you got out.
AK: I got out of religiosity and maintained spirituality.

I totally believe in what Ashton and Brad are saying. I find it so hypocritical that people lie, cheat, steal, use drugs, have sex knowing it is against their religion but just thinking going to church on Sundays and asking for forgiveness will allow all what you do wrong will be erased.
Hey, im not going to lie, im not perfect. I try not to lie, i know for sure i dont cheat. I havent cheated in high school as often as i think i would and other. Ive never had a concrete relationship to cheat. Stealing, i really really try not to do that. Drugs, well im young but we all know i dont do that. Sex… ok thats a no comment… Most of you already know my reputation on that level. Thats the very reason why i dont step inside a church or read the Bible. As for Church, im not going to go back until i can fully absorb everything that is being said. Reading the Bible, i had a recent brush in reading it. Why? I was observing myself and didnt like how i was treating this girl. Yes yes, its always about a girl, however i really wanted to gain some perspectives and i want to change for her. But i quickly learned that you cannot change someone without them wanting to. I needed to change for myself. So reading the Bible was a bust.. for now.. I dont want to get all religion up until i can into it and commitment to it and not do it half-ass. I was getting help with it, but thats over now… but i do thank her for helping me understand what i read when i was reading it. But what was wrong about that, was that i felt that i was just trying to keep some sort of line of communication with her and yeah….. more to come..
Final thought, religion has been the basic of genocide and murders and wars for way too long. Also i had someone who could have helped me get into that part that was missing in my life, someone who i would be willing to learn from. I had it, but i’ve lost it. Story of my life.. However, i am confident at the moment that i have only lost it…… for now….
Sundays?? Ill be at home playing Suzi homemaker or shopping…

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