but your ratings are sooo low..

That is what generally was the mood all night. What am i talking about?? I am referring to the Jack & Bobby last Wednesday night at the DGA Theater complex in Hollywood.
Lets start off that i was sooo effin late. I left work around 5:20 and headed straight to LA. Dude the traffic was horrible and this was after work, so i was dead tired and everything. I got to the place at 6:58 and i was pretty much late for any interviews or photo opts. Just got to the press check-in and got my ticket and went right in. It wasnt too crowded, but i expected that because the show’s time slot has been moved all over the place on The WB which usually means poor ratings, so they move it around to see how the show would do against other shows, other time slots, or a strong lead in.

Anywho, to be totally honest, i did try to follow this show. I checked out the pilot before the show aired and thought it was a great concept. If you havent seen the show or heard of it, its about a boy who grows up to be president. Simple concept, however it is much deeper than that. It goes through how experiences and family and friends can influence a president’s decision 40 years down the line. The show has covered already topics such as gun control, sex, and usual dealings of everyday human emotions and politics. So i watched the show on and off, and to be honest i never found a great attachment to this show as i do with other shows such as Everwood because its so clever with human emotions. The OC, because its quite funny and i like to say i was into the show before anyone else was. The list goes on and on..
The panel started off with watching the show. The cast was in house in the front seats. Theres something about watching the show with the actors about 10 feet away from you. It gives an appreciation to their performance. In the house were, Greg Berlanti, Christine Lahti, Logan Lerman, Mickey Liddell, Matt Long, Jessica Pare, Edwin Hodge, Keri Lynn Pratt, and Vanessa Taylor. Greg Berlanti and Mickey Liddell are the creators for this show and also Everwood. That was enough for me, to hear the creators of one of my favorite shows talk and in person. I wished i had a chance to talk to them and tell them what a wonderful show they created. Christine Lahti, one of the premiere female actors in Hollywood right next to Joan Allen i would say. Logan Lerman, you may have seen him as the young Ashton Kucher in the Bufferfly Effect.
Anyways, the moderator, Susan Estrich who is some Law Professor and Political Science at USC was a horrible moderator. She started off the panel asking about the shows rating and why is it so slow. Greg Berlanti had to define the show and saying how it has great support and was not finding its audience, in which they are not. The show is kinda hard to digest because its on The WB which is pretty much teen dramas and what not. Jack & Bobby is a pretty serious show at heart on top of a teen drama, but what is still a political show. Pretty much the whole night revolved around this topic of ratings and nothing else. The audience, which was prodominitly the older folks made their comments known. I really like the show with its witty politcal references and the strongly liberal mom and the highly conservative college professor.

Sidenote.. is it me or am i a magnet for loud annoying people where i go? From my first Josh Groban concert, where the people who sat behind me had to have a loud conversation while he was on stage. Then to the second Josh Groban concert where one lady was conducting the concert with her glowsticks and the hamburger smelling lady. Like are you friggin kidding me?? Concerts, shows, events, anything that is in public. It really just is attracted to me and it sucks. Oh well..
As for the panel, i really wanted to hear more about how they were casted and what did they go through to have their part, but it was more and more about ratings, the show, and the audience defending the show. I found it really upsetting. However, what was good about the night is that i saw the Josh Groban concert billboard for the Vegas show, and thought that was pretty cool..
Jack & Bobby, Wednesdays at 9:00PM on The WB. Support the Show


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