Wire: Bush is sticking it up our you know what again..

Electronic Frontier Foundation, who is the prime group who are protecting us against the govenerment stepping all over our digital right in this electronic age is at it again. Heres a little excerpt.
Washington, DC – Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FBI and other offices of the US Department of Justice, seeking the release of documents that would reveal whether the government has been using the USA PATRIOT Act to spy on Internet users’ reading habits without a search warrant.
Do they have to tell us anything? No. Why? Do to the Patriot Act that was passed shorty after September 11th, to “protect” the general people from terrorism. Which can also double as the government to watch our every move on the internet without proable cause or anything. Read more on the Patriot Act and after you are done reading it, tell me if that little thing this country was based upon, the Consitution cough means anything.
Read more about what the EFF and article stating how the DOJ and FBI will not answer a simple question, Can the FBI Monitor Your Web Browsing Without a Warrant?
Thats why i dont put my name below.

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