Dada Life’s Dada Land:The Voyage..

dada1Dada Life, the Swedish electronic music duo, headlined their largest show ever, transforming the San Manual Amphitheater in Devore into Dada Land on July 19. Fans spent the night prior on the grounds camping with locations designated “Banana and 3rd” while participating in scavenger hunts and splashing around in the waterpark.

While hundreds enjoyed the exclusive activities over the span of two nights, thousands dressed in various incarnations of bananas and champagne as well as in typical rave gear partied for nearly 12 hours. The flag of Dada — which consists of a top and bottom blue bar with a yellow one sandwiched in-between while the center has an opened champagne bottle surround by two peeled bananas — was clearly represented, waving in the air or as being caped around necks.

Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom of Dada Life based the idea of the hot air balloon voyage on Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” The Devore show was the kickoff to their world-wide tour of Dada Land: Voyage.

The boys did not have a chance to make their grand entrance via hot air balloon due to gusty wind conditions in the Glen Helen hills.

However, their first set of the night prior to sunset consisted of classic tracks such as their hugely popular remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” and Haycon and On & On’s “Orbital” pleased the crowd. They eventually made a tethered flight during Madeon’s set at dusk, making for a special backdrop to the stage of lasers lights every time the hot air balloon glowed with each flame burst.

Even though this was Dada Land, DJs AC Slater, Andybody, Brillz, Mercer, Morgan Page, Oliver Helden, and the aforementioned Madeon allowed attendees to fine-tune their fist-pimps and two-steps.

While Dada Life’s earlier set was quite tame and focused more on the music, their second set was what the majority of the Citizens of Dada Land came to experience.

The set began with the pronouncement of the Rules of Dada. The 17 rules include No. 7: “Stage Rhymes with Rage” and No. 13: “Arrive Beautiful, Leave Ugly.” The latter was waved around on signs among the crowd.

“Dada” and “Life” blow-up signs flanked the duo on each side of the stage while at times blow-up arms jumped out into the crowd like an IMAX 3D movie, bowing as though they were not worthy of Mike Myers’ Wayne Campbell.

Unlike the status quo of DJs today, who rely on the lasers, lights, and fireworks to do all the work in their shows, Dada Life tends to include as many props as they can.

Dozens of inflated 5-feet tall bananas and champagne bottles sailed into the wild crowd, while the vocals of “Boing Clash Boom” mashed up with Steve Angello vs. Dimtri Vangelis and Wyman’s “Payback.” The duo threw out masks modeled after Stefan’s smile into the crowd during their latest single “One Smile,” saying “All you need is one smile; we will give you all night.”

They often pull fans dressed up in banana suits to dance on stage. During their track “Rolling Stone T-Shirt,” they pulled up a fan and both Stefan and Olle sprayed him down with champagne.

However, the highlight of the night was a pillow flight during the drop of their song “Happy Violence.” The sight of cheap Ikea pillows spilling their contents into the air while the audience jumped up and down in unison made it hard to resist smiling from ear to ear.

If you missed out on the controlled chaos Dada Life brings, the duo has a residency at Hakkasan Nightclub and Wet Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Make sure you get your bananas before they come into town. Their rider requires 20 pounds of bananas for their shows. Banana shortage?

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