My Thoughts on the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards..

…I am totally not feeling riri’s outfit however, she is making jealous of that least she isn’t talking to it..

…did she just walk out into the audience with no security?! this will be interesting..biggest pit I think the vma’s has ever had..usually it’s just a handful of people and the rest of the seats..

…there’s calvin harris!!! that dj booth is all cool and abstracty (is this a word?) but it is not really showcasing him..

…damn, there is 300 people in that crowd. I saw calvin tweet aBOUT looking for audience members..aww I kind of missed my seat filler days 7-8 years ago..300 people with no physical boundaries? I smell a lot of ballsy rule breakers for their 15 sec of fame and asfault tasting..aww snap!

…why is lil’ wayne wearing huge ass beats by dre?! I have had this thought..I wonder what is the percentage of current edm “fans” who just three years ago were massive lil wayne and drizzy drake fans? I can bet my life that it is over 50 percent..

…damn! staples center looks massive as all heck!!! I miss laker games there especially in row 9 of section 214..

…kevin hart is walking out with midget security with a president theme..oh look..a guy “ran out”..staged or not? granted average sized security hauled him out but they had a song cued up to contunie walking towards the stage..

…katy perry comes out to afrojack’s cant stop me now..lifted from the floor with her hand on her hip..I love that look when a girl pulls it off..imagine a veritcal line from the outside of your shoulder to the ground..if your hand is more towards the opposite side and passed that imaginary line, then you can pull it off..if not, stop posing that way in doesn’t make you look skinnier..quite opposite..thanks..

…calvin harris announced as house dj..I remember when deadmau5 was in the same position but it was on the brink of when the edm scene growing..hmm..I wonder who next year? I am sure it will be david guetta..I think he has done it already, I think?..first commercial..katy perry wide awake sounds sick..I know it isnt kaskade’s..must look up..

…dwight howard looks way happy to be a laker!!! cant wait for the season but my mind is obsessed with football, well more on my fantasy team!!!

…miley cyrus’ hair is not doing it for me at all..her ears are all out there..why do ears kill it for me sometimes? selena gomez and victoria justice’s ears kind of ehh to me..but good thing they normally always have their hair down..

…pink is the second performer of the night..she has the same hair-d0 as miley..might be the trend?..she sporting a thigh tat..I think she has had it forever..those are sexy but everyone has them now..not very original..censors missed a few “shits” in her song..

…frank ocean performing.. haven’t heard much of his stuff or even about him except he came out of the closet..he sounds damn good live..a little craig david voice with a killer falsetto..

…what the eff!? skyblu from lmfao cut his hair and it looks just like miley cyrus and pink’s..seriously?!

…love Love LOVE awooga!!!

…will always be a sucker for a good pop song..nsync reunion please!!!

…who is this chick with the wanted? she is not funny..

…taylor lautner is too pretty..

…love love bounce!!! going to be on calvin’s harris’ album, “18 months..”

…two chains? or is it 2 chainz? or, I seriously have not been listening to radio or watching mtv in months..

…emma watson has a sexy ass hell british accent..lotta brits in the house..I want a british girl..

…green day is back?..billie joe armstrong’s voice sounds so good! the strobe induced revolving shadows effect is awesome!

…rest in peace mca..

…why no kristen stewart? ha! not gonna lie..might be the first movie I see in theatres all year..

…ke$ha looks a little faded and way too giddy..

…alicia keys is still damn beautiful and lost her baby weight..what’s jessica simpson’s excuse?

…aww swizz beats and alicia keys his pop’s shoulders..

…uhh someone forgot to thank the guy who produced and wrote the song..

…taylor swift is the last performance and she is sporting bangs..bangs are so hit or miss..I cannot decide just yet if I like her with them..guess it covers her weird forward.. another piece of evidence to back up my girl hand on hip pose..

…taylor lautner has to be ackward watching this..and the producers knew that..showed him applauding the performing with a smug look on his face..


…a few thoughts..the performances were nothing least to me..I did enjoy the tracks calvin harris spinned but there wasn’t any dance performance from showmen like justin bieber and chris brown..speaking of chris brown..I guess before the show rihanna went up to chris brown and kissed him on the cheek..people should get over it..rihanna still loves the dude and if that photo of her face all beaten and battered didn’t leak..she would still be with for the show as a whole? seemed a lot shorter..I think it ran two hours..I am not sure because I just bit torrented it without the commercials and it ran for an hour and twenty it was soso, calvin harris, the set, and the production was the highlight..

  pretty much a celebrity and music artist circle jerk..





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