Day 1: Dude the Time Difference be Sucking Hord..!

…I wonder how long I can keep this up during this trip. The blogging I mean but I figure its a good place to put my thoughts out and load some pics since Twitter is banned up over here.

More of that to come a little bit later.
…so where to begin where to begin. I’ll start with the packing. I lagged on that so bad. I basically waited until the last minute and had to load up the iPod and iPhone and handle my wedding gift for the wedding I hit up last weekend. I hope they come out pretty nice. I finally edited all my music as well. I am way too anal about how I like my music to look in the folders and on my Apple products. I also went and bought some frames from Michael’s. I finally decided to frame of my favorite photos I have taken over the years. I am getting them printed at They have some crazy deals. I think I had a coupon for a few 8×10 photos for free. I wasted more time at the library checking out books. I finally gave in and got some Poker books. I was totally against reading how to play but I am tired of the BS I go through playing. Even though the stakes are only $20 every 2 weeks but even when I play my A game, I get busted after playing two hands. There is a $500 stake game in La Verne that Christine told me about and I wanna prepare for that. Higher the stakes, the better the players. I prefer not to lose $20 bucks against crappy players and not learn anything.

…as I think about it, maybe I should start on the journalist five questions. I am going cause why not, and looking for a real job at this moment sucks. I’ve never been. Plus I am totally bored with the USA. Ehh really not reason but for the life experience and cause? Poor explanation but hey its my blog. ha!

…oh yeah, trying to unlock my iPhone took a lot of my time Thursday. Never really wanted to jailbreak or unlock my iPhone but I got ladies I need to available for or else they start trippin. haha.. jk.. sorta. Word of advice: Do not update your iPhone everytime you are allowed to. Things get updated and then it comes impossible to unlock/jailbreak until someone decides to or can, but that always takes time. However, I was able to jailbreak it with Blackra1n. The easiest jailbreak EVER! It literally took only 30 seconds. I have jailbroken the first gen iPhone and it was a biatch! The thing that made me even more ecstatic is that the controversial Google Voice app denied by AT&T and Apple is made available and I LOVE IT! I can make calls and initiate texts without having to call into my phone or using a browser. So it basically lets me make calls and receive texts through wifi and unlocking isn’t too much of a big deal. Too bad I still would need to find a wifi signal, more about that sorta later.

…anyways, I ended up packing three luggage bags and I may have over packed. I mean I do not need that many articles of clothing. I plan on doing some heavy shopping and hoping for some new tailored suits. I am only allowed 50 lbs per checked bag. I didn’t hit that weight but I don’t know how much I will accumulate during this trip. Gotta be prepared or I can go super asian style and pack boxes.This is my first time flying overseas and such a dramatic time difference.

…-just to put it out there but unreliable people are super lame. That’s is all I gotta say. Anywho, headed off to LAX. Got there way early and the flight ended up being delayed at least an hour due to some airport being closed or some gas leak. I really don’t know, there were a few conflicting stories but it did not really matter.

..killed time at the Micky Dees upstairs in the Bradley international terminal. Some douche knocked over my carry on and laptop bag. The laptop is obviously fine since I am on it right now but I am not sure about the camera yet. Man I am on this really old ’03 Dell laptop. It cost me like $1300 back in the day. I bought it for when I was in CT selling books door to door with Southwestern Book Company. I recently went on eBay to buy replacement batteries and an AC adapter. I boughtt two batteries for 15 each with free shipping along with $12 for the adapter with another battery coming for $13. I even found a parts laptop of the same model going for $10 bucks. I do not know if that’s saying something about the Dell or technology. Dell has a bomb warranty but once its out, you’re screwed. Battery, ac adapter, and the mouse are all screwed. I have a laptop mouse but some stupid chick left with my USB adapter and won’t give it back. Seriously though, I swear she is trying to hold me by the balls so she can keep me around but I am totally over that. If I was such a cheap ass, I wouldn’t care. But I bought it for $10 bucks and really don’t wanna spend to get another when I can just get it back. I am debating what I should do later.

…headed to gate 105. More waiting. I was getting antsy and I was pretty hungry. It was somewhere between 10-12 AM. The time was kinda of a blur. I was feeling real crappy. I went around the duty-free shops and thought they were suppose to sell cheaper items. Duty means no tax and as far as I know, shipping cost aren’t added to the final price. A lot of the stuff wasn’t not as cheap as I remember. Then again last time I really hit up a duty-free shop was a mini Mexico trip years ago and bought cologne and alcohol. Speaking of cologne, I think my new cologne will be the new Blurberry. It smells pretty bomb! I still do need to get Kenneth Cole “T-Shirt.” But then again, I don’t think I need more since I have a fairly large collection.

…-through out the waiting I was texting people and what not. It is kinda nice to have like someone text you before you leave but too bad no one really knew I was leaving. Well at least the ones I was texting. It seems lame but its kinda nice to be talk to someone before leave and on arrival. Only time I remember doing that was when i went to NYC for a charity Josh Groban concert thingy. Ehh but that was years ago. Miss that and all but kinda lame of me.

…12:10PM. We were allowed to board the plane. It ended up being a two story plane. I have never seen them in person and it was pretty cool. I was stuck on the first level in row 47. The plane was configured 3/4/3. That is a lot of persons per row. I needed up in the middle section, middle seat. I was glad that there was no one sitting to the left of me. The plane was way hot inside and the air wasn’t on. It kinda sucked for at least 30 mins. All the seats had a screen in front of it that gave details of the flight. After 15 mins of the flight, it ended up being a media center. It had TV shows, movies, games, and music player. It had some pretty good cds and I ended up making a pretty good play list with Josh Groban’s recent cd, Buble, Britney, Adele, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli and then some. The TV shows I watched were Entourage, House, Family Guy, Californication. I wanted to watch Mad Men and other shows but I don’t wanna start watching a series without starting from the beginning. They also had some new movies like Startrek, Hang Over, Hurt Locker and others but I didn’t watch any. I do not know why. Maybe I was saving them for the ride home. But I thought it was pretty neat. But then again I was wondering to myself why I brought the laptop with some shows but I guess its for the very situation right now. I just watched Modern Family and the recent episode was pretty damn hilarious.

…the flight attendants were pretty helpful. They had as many wardrobe changes as Lady Gaga did at the VMAs. The dinner was sweet and sour pork with steamed rice. Potato salad with smoked salmon and a roll. I totally forgot to take a picture to share but I couldn’t think cause I was pretty dang hungry by then. It tasted good then but as I think about it, it wasn’t all that great at all.

…the plane ride SUCKED! Taking off wasn’t too bad. A lot better than I have experienced and the turbulence was not that bad. I was freaking out more when it was minor but the worse period of it, I was pretty calm. I had intermittent periods of naps here and there. I do not know what I would do if I had someone sitting on both sides of me. I was sitting sideways to get comfortable. There were times where my head fell and hit the top of the arm rest right dab in the middle of my forehead. That shit hurt the three times I remembered. I went back and forth from music, games, tv shows. Time felt like it flew but was as slow at the same time. 15 hours in a plane is somewhat insane. There was a guy with a U$C alumni shirt. I wanted to say something to him but thought it was more amusing than anything. There were a few cute chicks on the plane. There was this latina chick with a Mexico passport. She reminded me of the ladies I used to be into back in high school. There was this white chick was went to the bathroom a lot and stared alot. Eventually she was going to the facilities with her boyfriend holding her hand. Co-dependency is a biatch and kinda annoying.

…the plane had snacks throughout the flight upon request. I had a few mini bags of peanuts. They were bomb! They were roasted but not salted. People were getting little cup of noodles as a snack. Of course they would on a Chinese plane heading to China. The programming said something about sandwiches and ice cream. I did not see anything of the sort. I had a decent tasting apple and was content until breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich, strawberry pudding that was suppose to be yogurt and a fruit cocktail. That fruit cocktail was SO BAD! All the fruit was picked way too early and was sour as all heck. I killed it cause I wanted to make sure I got me some fiber. Otherwise, I would have been cool of that.

…arrived in Hong Kong 6:30am or something, local time. Looked for the train to the immigration area. That train was hauling! It felt upwards seeming 80mph. We need more of these in LA. Headed there and had to fill out an immigration form and heath check form. Then off to baggage claim. There is always a period of time when that carousel goes around a certain number of times before you wonder if they lost your baggage. It is good to have designer luggage that all match.

…waited for my ride and headed off to Shenzhen. Man, it was bright out and man the time was trippen me out and I think people smoked in the van I was in. Did you know there is something called third hand smoke? It is when the residue of smoke lingers around in the air and porous things and people like me who are super sensitive to it, pick it up. At this point, I was feeling like crap and the drive was kinda blah. We hit up 3 check points. They crack down hord here. Be happy you live in a real free country where you don’t have heath check points, identity check points, temperature check points, car check points. It was wasn’t that bad but when you’re feeling blah. It sucks!

…headed to my hotel Luohu hotel. People here drive like they drive in NYC but here they have more grace. NYC, taxi drivers drive one inch from other cars and think they are the best drivers. Here, they do the same thing but its a lot more fluid. So maybe that stereotype isn’t as true as it is in the states. ha! Oh funny thing, in Hong Kong, they drive on the left side but herein Shenzhen its on the right. Things can get pretty confusing.

…checked into the hotel and went to the room. This room is small. The Crown Plaza is right next door and was thinking about checking into there inside. I have a discount but when I checked the price, it was around $150 a night. That’s Las Vegas prices on the weekend. Eff that. I plan on shopping and eating like 50 lbs of dim sum. At least the beds are firm and pretty comfortable. In order to use the power, you need to place your room key in a slot. That is pretty ingenious. You are force to turn the power off when you leave the room or else you don’t have a room key. The TV is an old school CRT and I had to check out the Lakers game. My goal this season was to watch all the games and knew that would not be possible when im over here. But I forgot the NBA is very popular in China and got the game. But before the game started, I hit up the breakfast here.

…the breakfast was kinda whatevers. They had pad thai, fried rice, seasoned fries, mini mini wieners, hard boiled eggs, duck and papaya, made to order eggs, custom made noodle bowls, random fruit and breads and rice porridge. I got down on the hard boil eggs, pad thai and friend rice. It was kinda whatever but I wanted to get my protein in. My body wants to be on local time but my mind is still got me on PST time. So I maybe having breakfast but it is some other time at home. I think it was 7PM PST. I was missing out on a Halloween party but no biggie. Just another excuse to have a party and for chicks to dress slutty. Totally not complaining about either but at what age is it lame to talk about being drunk and taking pics yourself with alcohol. I really do not get it.

…oh yeah. Some dude had a mean staring problem in a booth in front of me to the left. I am not really a paranoid person but I swear this guy was staring and aiming his phone at me in order to take pictures or something. I mean I know I am hot and all but cmon now! J/k. But be less creepy and douchy with it.

…after breakfast, I watched the Lakers game. Damn Mavericks are looking good again this season. When did they get Shawn Marion? Lakers almost lost by 25 at one point That is crazy. Good thing it was only 14 but still. Gasol needs to get his butt back on the floor. Why did Phil Jackson and/or Mitch Kupchak let him play in the summer with Spain? His hamstring is all messed. Oh well, I do not think its anything bad like Clipper’s Blake Griffin.

…I then proceeded to take a lot of naps. I tried to check out facebook and twitter but guess China blocked access to them cause of some riot. I still can get on Twitter through difference means but I like my Facebook. I will be working on that. However, you can still reach me via phone or text at 323-448-0264.

…something about the room has got me feeling blah. I swear its a smoking room or something. After each nap, my nose would be all stuffed. Not a good thing. I am trying not to get sick. But I think I basically chilled out from noon to 6 or 7 PM local time. It was cold in here cause of the A/C but I kept it on to vent the room.

…headed off to dinner to a hot pot place. It was effin 82 degrees outside in the evening. It is summertime up in this mug! The hot pot restaurant was real good. I got down on some Kobe beef(I think, it was pretty heavily marbled beef), fresh shrimp that was still moving, fish balls, shrimp wontons, fried rice, chicken, what tasted to be red snapper, some weird mushroom, oysters, water chestnuts I think or some potato. It was a big feast. You definitely go family style here. The waiters are really attentive and were always there to help but not enough to annoy like what I am used to in the states, rather Southern California. I actually drank the tea they served us. Usually at dim sum restaurants back home, I never like to drink that stuff. It just seemed a little unsanitary even though it was hot water in a pot. I should say something clever like Tony Bourdain would but its 12:13PM local tme and 9 back home. I am pretty tired but I wanna finish this post and uploading pics is taking forever. All I know is that it was good and I was hungry at that point after my naps.

…driving through the district, I wanna get my shop on!! Lotta clothing stores but not really looking for clothes, but I really don’t know what i am looking for. I will know when I see it. I think I am done with this post. I have a schedule massage in the morning. Last thought of the night, Happy Halloween, Go UCLA!!
Do you have to ask or is the happy ending a given here? =P

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