Wow.. Talk about a hiatus

Friday August 3rd, 2007

Ok ok I know.. It has been effin long as heck. My excuse? Been way way too hella busy. Why am I getting back to it now? Partly theres a fatty scholarship out there going to someone who can pull of a tight blog. i.e. me.. It is the exactly kick in the butt that I need to get back into blogging and getting people back here..
Now I do not know where to start with this blog again and I have so much to ramble about. I will track to back track to events I did a few months prior. I couple red carpets, concerts and you know the usual.. for those who used to read this thing.
I guess the main focus of this comeback post will have to do with school I suppose. So I basically got accepted to every school I applied to besides USC. USC was really where I wanted to go to, but I would have had to take a handful of more classes and I am ready for a major change. The last couple of semesters I have gotten 4.0 and straight A’s averaging about 17 units per. So yeah.. I decided to go to UCLA. I was hella surprised when I received the email saying I was accepted. It hit me for a split second, the excitement that is, but I was deflated after I remember I had three more classes to finish. If I kept the schedule I had in the Spring, with 24 units, I would not have to take them in the summer. I am saying this now as I have only one more week left and will be passing the classes. Anyways.. Let’s get into the meat of this post… Orientation… Oh sidenote.. I didn’t get parking.. BOO.. That is going to change my preference of where to live.
I had orientation last Friday on the 3rd of August. It began at 7:45am to 9pm, I was looking forward to it and not at the same time. I wanted to make sure all my questions were answered along with picking out my classes. I was not a fan of the early morning especially driving into the city with all the traffic. If I planned better, I would have had a hotel at a pretty good discount weeks in advance but when you use the family and friends rate, you need to plan at least 3 weeks in advance. That I did not do.
That night I was up until 2am and woke up at 5:30am and headed my way on over there. The traffic wasn’t too bad until I hit the 10. It was not horrible since I was just loving the drive and the music all together. Got into Westwood and had to figure out where I was suppose to park. There was absolutely no signs pointing to parking anywhere!! I would think it be planned a little bit better but whatever. No biggie parking, hopping out of the car and asking around. I would have been pissed if I got a parking ticket.. parking tickets in Los Angles as far as I know run like 45 bucks. That is crazy!!
Eventually found the where I had to park and took another 30 mins to find Royce Hall. I been there for a Jethro Tull concert but man its a lot different being dead center on campus and being all intimated by all the awesome buildings. I get to the check in and there I am sweating my ass off. I can feel the sweat bead off the back of my neck onto my back. It was bad.. this is what i get for wearing a blazer and shirt. I mean it was still pretty cold out but all that walking does not result in a dry Anh.
There I had to walk to another building that I forgot the name to, Kerchoff to pick up my Bruin card. A few weeks ago I sent in the photo to have my card made but the resolution of the photo was too small. This is what I get for taking the photo myself and having someone at Ritz camera handle it and print it out. When that was rejected, I had to go back and make some adjustments and the chick behind the counter was being a dick on how I had to pay 15 bucks for the print. First of all they didn’t take the photo, second I handle it myself and you’re not going to charge me 15 bucks for something you normally charge 24 cents for a 4×6. I had some drama with the Bruin card again, something about not sending in my terms and conditions but I guess they figured it out..
Headed off to some other place.. Man I need to learn the names of the places.. sat and listened to orientation.. Basically dont cheat.. drink much.. and some other stuff. Met up with my student adviser. Handled some stuff.. Eat.. Got like 8 bucks on the Bruincard.. Had a pretty bomb salad.. The chick in front of me acted like the cooks were stupid. She told them like no cheese or something but they were working on my salad and she repeated to them. Unno. Thats what gets people to spit in your food. Ate.. Met the other people in my major and orientation. Headed off to some other building. Killed like 3 hours in there before I talked to my adviser. Missed some workshops.. Dont remember much.. Headed to dinner in one of the halls. I was on my diet.. well lifestyle change of being better, so had a salad and chicken soup.. Left to register for classes in the very nice orientation person’s summer apartment. So nice! I kinda want to be an advisor. Signed up for 2 Philosophy classes and an Accounting course. Thats about it and left and went home. Waited with this chick for her ride. Im way too nice..
I am a Son of Westwood

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