San Diego Street Scene Day One

August 4th, 2006

San Diego Street Scene.. I missed out on the event last year and wanted to see what it is all about.. The drive down wasn’t too bad since I wasn’t the one driving. The parking wasn’t a big deal either. When I entered into the festival area around the perimeter of the Qualcomm Stadium, Yellowcard was on stage and they are some pretty good performers. I say that’s saying a lot since I was about 1000 feet away from the stage or more. It was far but the music was loud enough to hear. After checking them out a little and made my way to the other main stage to see who was on.
The hike to the other side was crazy far. The first stage from he Captain Morgan stage, where Yellowcard was performing, was the Inferno stage. Every so often blast of fire would shoot into the air. You could feel the heat from quite a distance from the stage. On that stage were random dancing chicks with hula hoops with black lights illuminating the
paint they had on them.

There was a Captain Morgan tent with people leaving it with pirate foam hats. I wanted to check it out but my driver was 21. Oh well.
The place didn’t really look that crowded at all but then again I think this is the second year they had it at this larger venue.
Slightly Stoopid, which sounded like Sublime were at the other main stage. I checked them out a little and waited for Wu-Tang. As I went to the front of the pit area and waited for Wu-Tang to start. The stage was pretty damn high. I think it was about 7 feet up and kinda would be hard to shoot if someone on stage isn’t at the edge. That sucked. I am not a fan of Wu-Tang, but I knew I was going to be leaving Rock the Bells early, so I figure to get my shots now.
After shooting the first couple songs, I went back to the Yellowcard stage to see AFI. The whole time I was at the Wu-Tang Clan stage, it stated that AFI was getting on at at 10:46. That time was 30 minutes early and kinda ran into the Kanye West set time.

The photographers in the pit were getting warned that if the crowd got crazy, that the guards would kick us out. Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen but that the power of the AFI fans. The show started with “Prelude 1221.” Davey Havok came out in all white looking dolled up with fake lashes, pink eye shadow and lots of make up. I knew once I heard the first song I want to see them in an unstressed situation. It’s really hard to enjoy anything when you are worried about getting a shot.
I ran off to the Kanye West stage since he was getting on at 10:45. He had the orchestra set up with I think maybe 7 violinist? I couldn’t see everyone. I was excited to see him but I was whatever’s after he came out. I really wanted to get back to AFI. I hung around a little bit to listen to his songs and left. Listened to AFI a little bit more and left there. I didn’t to deal with people leaving and I had to get back to Rancho for something. Made it back in good time. I missed Snoop Dogg, and few other people on Saturday but I will be stuck at Rock the Bells all day.

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

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