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On May 31st, the world’s largest site that provides tracker links for media, .The Pirate Bay was taken offline. A tracker for bittorrent programs is like a map and hence the word tracker. A click on a link that is posted on a bittorrent tracker site and it links you to other peers who are downloading and sharing the file. The actual sites do not have any actual music or movies located anywhere on their servers. The reason why Napster in its hay day was easily taken down was the fact Napster servers were hosting music files.
In the press release released by MPAA, they seem pretty ecstatic that they are following the very reason why Americans are hated aboard. We enforced our beliefs and laws on countries out of our authority and bitch and moan until we get what we want. Awesome!!
However, I believe the site will be back up again. The site that has been shut down with a notice explaining the situation also states they will be back up in a few days. In the MPAA release, they also state how the Pirate Bay posted up cease-and desist letters where the site made fun of various companies (Microsoft, Warner Bros, EA) with their responses. I have read a few of these and they are quite funny. In one of the letters, the lawyer representing a company even admitted that he had no power since copyright laws in the USA does not apply all over the world especially in Sweden, where the Pirate Bay servers are located.
Basically the MPAA is gloating about the take down and is presenting incorrect facts. They are claiming banner ads on the site are profiting the administrators to the site where I am sure they are and the argument is that they are doing this by illegal operations. However as far as I know its not illegal to host simple links. You also have to keep in mind that current copyright laws pertaining to digital media is not cut and dry or even logical. Recently the people behind the Digital Millennium Copyright Act deemed ripping music off CDs and putting it on your computer or digital device is illegal. The whole debate that President Bush broke this law when it was shown he had Beatles music on his iPod. Currently the Beatles catalog cannot be purchased anywhere such as iTunes, Rhapsphy and so on. Basically our president broke the law…. Again.. but funny how it was changed it is legal now TO RIP YOUR OWN MUSIC. When dealing with the internet and technology, things are never cut and dry and will never be if we have state representatives pushing 80 and not know what an iPod is.
It will be pretty funny when the site is back up and running. What will also be a stinger is that if the Pirates Bay is deemed legal in Sweden, the government will have to compensate the site with damages…
No Comment… if i use tracker sites…. 😛

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