Monday March 7th, 2006
I will keep this one short. Real short! Highlight of the day. How I Met Your Mother panel for the William S. Paley festival. This time I left extra early and made it to the Directors Guild of America complex in West Hollywood around 5.
Got there. Hung out, spoke to Christy. One of the friendly photogs I have seen before and the last time I was there. She was carrying a Star magazine and she told me how her photo of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas making a boo boo in her shorts made it in. If guys haven’t heard of the accident, from the general observer, she peed her pants. Fergie claimed it was sweat. Either way you put it, pee or highly concentrated sweat in that general area is bad. The photo Christy shot was the SECOND time it happened. SECOND!!! Anyways.


How I Met Your Mother Gallery
Shot the cast, when they came out. Neil Patrick Harris is getting old, but soo damn funny on the show. Josh Radnor is a riot, making jokes when Cobie Smulders was doing the line. Jason Segel was known for Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. Never watched those shows but would check them out. Alyson Hannigan, can’t help but think about her character throughout the American Pie movies.
The bitchy photogs I was around last time I was here for the Grey’s Anatomy thing, claimed out. One stayed away from me and the other was right next to me, trying to be really friendly and such. These guys work way too much with each other, some of the photogs were dishing out on each other behind the backs. As long as it gets off my shit, I am all good.
After the red carpet, then the actual panel. Watch the Pilot and the Pineapple episode. Two awesome episodes. Then to the moderated discussion and Q&A. What I found interesting about the show is that the show isn’t shot in front of a live audience like a typical sitcom. It is viewed in front of a live audience and the laughs recorded. All and all it seemed like a fun cast to work with and what not. Again, NPH is totally funny and steals the show.
Its all about the Barney-isms


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