Paging Dr. McDreamy…

February 28th, 2006

If you don’t know what my title is referring too, you’re missing out on one of the best shows on television right now. I am talking about Grey’s Anatomy. At first I was apprehensive about watching this show because it booted my other show, Boston Legal, out of its timeslot on Sunday. I watched an episode here and there and resented the show for the longest time. I finally got into it the second season and loved the show. The week prior, I had a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, watching the first season over and the episodes to date. I thought I missed a lot, but the first season was only around 8 episodes. Anywho…
The show is apart of 2006 William S. Paley Festival. I look forward to this festival every year the Museum of TV and Radio puts on. Its just a great concept, its a rare chance to catch the creative minds and cast behind the show in one place talking about the show. Every year the festival brings in about 10 or more shows and people behind it in a panel format. A moderator asks questions and then opens the floor to the audience. In my past experience, the audiences ask questions that the panel cannot answer i.e. spoilers and arcs and/or make proposals to the cast. It wastes time for thoughtful questions and ends the panel usually on a sour note. Anywho!
Headed down to the Director Guild of America Complex, where the panel takes place. I got there pretty late since i tried to stay in the class I had before as long as i could. I made it down to the complex around 6 which was pretty much too late to arrive to shoot a red carpet. I checked in, was placed by the other photographers and I knew I was screwed. I couldn’t squeeze between anyone especially the rather large woman I have seen before. I noticed a few photogs I have seen at other events and this large woman I have to. I recall her being loud, annoying and way obnoxious. I was dead stuck behind her and her and another photog were being totally rude, acting like they are better than me. I took whatever they had to say because I was screwed either way and didn’t want to add another thorn in my side. Oh well, im here to shoot and that’s what I am going to try to do.

The whole cast eventually walked the carpet. Patrick Dempsey is a handsome dude in person weather than on the show. Sandra Oh had this totally elegant dress, Katherine Heigel was also gorgeous in her red dress. She had her boyfriend come out and pose with her. Her boyfriend? Recording artist Josh Kelly. I didn’t know she was with him and they look pretty good together. Somewhere between the first arrival and the last by Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight, the large woman, I think her name was Kathy and Bill the other photog in front of me engaged in an argument. One was talking about the other being condescending, arrogant and that sort of words. The other was saying how fat, bitchy, and so one the other was. I was just laughing to myself, these photogs shoot together everywhere and shit talking and so on will happen. If you think high school drama ends after high school, you’re dead wrong. I learn that the funny way when I was working with strictly other adults aging over 40. Shit talking and getting in other’s business will always occur.
I was just glad the tension I was feeling was off me and onto someone else. However next time they people try to talk down to me, I will open my mouth the next time. I ran out of the place, I didn’t check if I had a press ticket waiting or if one became available to sit in the panel. I had the Ice Cube listening party to hang out at afterwards.
Up Sunset to LA Weekly to meet Ben. Before I got there, I observed a crazy accident. Picture this, 2 lanes going East on Sunset with traffic with the far right lane fairly open due to street parking and such. Then imagine someone on the opposite side making a left turn, going right as I observe on my side. This truck who made a left was cautiously passing one lane, and then another, and then the final one because they were cleaned onto the turn street. Now here comes an 80’s Corolla zooming down the far lane, going about 40 MPH. The car hit dead on not before slamming on the brakes and T-Boned the truck. After that impact, it made the truck pretty much go in a semi circle. Like say you make a left turn and after the car hit it, it kept on making a turn. I thought that was kind of interesting and the Corolla didn’t seem too messed up. Ehh, drove along and off I go.
Met up with Ben at the Weekly and walked down to the place. I don’t recall the name of the place, ATG or something we will say. It was a pretty old school place that looked like a place with a few recording studios. Checked on in and headed straight to the food. There was a buffet with 2 open bars. I didn’t feel like attacking the bars since I was already a little pissed of the events prior. Its not that I cared these people were talking shit, but I cared about the results of my photos.
The buffet consisted of fried chicken, rice with beans, collard greens, mac and cheese and corn bread. The food was sooo bland; the stuff didn’t even taste like anything. The fried chicken didn’t taste fried, the rice and beans needed salt, the greens was cold, mac and cheese tasted like macaroni pasta with orange food coloring, but the corn bread was BOMB! I haven’t had that in ages and you can’t really mess that up. I didn’t care much about the food since it was around 8 and the only meal I had all day.
Hung out in the room where the music was playing. Ice Cube’s new album, Laugh Now, Cry Later. It hits the stores June 6th, 2006. Yes, 06/06/06. Talk about a statement huh? Anyways, seems like he is doing heavy promotion with a listening party 4 months before the actual album drops, but I am not complaining, Listening to the album blaring over the speakers, the album isn’t too bad.
Here I am grubbing away on the photo, chilling out. Nate Dogg is chillin next to me with his bodyguard and girl. Bob from Vibe is all over the place. We didn’t this for about two hours before we left. Ice Cube showed up around 9ish and took photos. It was said he was going to perform, but maybe not. I didn’t catch it if he did.
Adding to the highlight of that day, I received an email that at first made me angry and kinda shocked me, but I found it way amusing afterwards. What did it say? I wont go into it, but I do have a statement for visitors. This is my blog, a blog is short for web log. A log is another word for journal. Result? An internet journal. I will not censor myself on my own website, and will be very opinionated and blunt about the on goings that take place in my life. If you have a problem, don’t read it. No one forced you to. You choose to type in the url and proceed to read. But I digress. There are other panels in the festival and hopefully I will be attending and shooting.
I love McGrey’s McAnatomy

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