The Semi-Finals…

Thursday February 17th, 2006

Ballroom dancing.. who does that? Really old people and gays right? I’m just stating the stereotypes. I guess last year top rating show in the summer, Dancing with the Stars, changed it all up. They use the word, “Stars” very loosely, what can you do? The word celebrity is such a general title.
Enough of that ranting, and with that, I still decided to attend a taping of Dancing with the Stars. I decide to go due to 2 reasons. Michael Bublé was performing and i had VIP seating and access. Some might know, some might, but all shows with studio audiences have some outside service that fills the seats in for them. Most of the time it’s open to whoever knows of this service and get tickets to sitcoms and such. If you know this route, you are usually showing up early and waiting in line for hours. If it’s a taped show, you will be waiting longer since production can take their sweet time unlike live shows that have to go live at a set time. Anyways, bottom-line I already stated the reasons why I’m going to see some dancing.
Drive wasn’t bad.. The bad thing that had to deal with the driving was actually getting into the studio lot. The turn into the studio, Genesee Ave. The light doesn’t have a turn signal, so you have to wait and wait until no cars are coming or steal a yellow. One light passed and I couldn’t squeeze in since there was no room to enter, second light i get rear ended.. You never expect to feel the thud of someone hitting you but when it happens of course you think what the fuck. I look in my rear view mirror and see the lady in the truck say, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I jump out looked, nothing, she asked if there was damage, i said no and got back into my car. At this point the general audience was lining up outside the gates of CBS Television City, they were all looking and I missed my second light. Third times the charm as always.
Check in with the guard, and parked.. I got there around 2:50ish. Check in with the VIP entrance and they weren’t letting people in until 3:20ish. Just hung out, walking around a little bit and hanging out in my car. At one point I wanted to use the restroom just so i don’t have to do it later. I went into this hanger looking place right before the main entrance for VIPs. Pretty much the backstage area of the studio and i asked the security lady where the bathroom was. She just pointed and said around the corner. Too bad there were 3 entrance type things and no corners. I asked her again like twice and same answer, all while i was walk towards the entrances. I like did a minny mynny mo while still asking and still nothing. Eventually just walked towards the exit door and made my way. I see a line with mostly woman and a few men. But we all know, woman restroom lines are really long and there’s usually never a line at the men’s. I looked up at the signs and made sure it was the men’s. Open the door and walked in briefly and saw an old woman drying her hands with a paper towel and backed up out of there. There was a man who was saying both were only open to women only and if i needed to id have wait. There were a few laughs from the women, but I didn’t even feel embarrassed at all. Honest mistake and they saw me coming and didn’t say anything. Whatever. I just backed on up out of there and headed back.
After some more waiting.. We were led into the studios. We had our names on the seats reserved for us. My seat was at stage right, third row of seats. Sat down, waited for everyone else to filter in before the general audience were seated. Of course the studio and stage looked smaller in person than on television. It’s just funny on how the difference is.
Eventually people were seated and a pre show warming up dude came out. He had various competitions with each side. Dancing, singing, and more random dancing. The dancing was quite funny. There weird 80s old old chicks with feather boas and big hair came and sang locomotion. It was ironically, a train wreck.
After a few games, Michael Bublé recorded his performances.. First song was Moondance with the professional dancers. The female dancer’s grand parents were in front of me. Very cute if you asked me, the granddaughter that is. Next song was Save the Last Dance For Me. Max Chmerkovskiy and Edyta Sliwinska danced that song, and that was a hot number. That was pretty much it for the taped performances and off to the live stuff. Nothing special, just a lot of filler recorded stuff. The only dancing I saw live were the professional stuff and the host, Tom Bergeron. His partner was Ashly DelGrosso, she is a cutie.
Enough of that. I was looking about for Nick Lachey which he wasn’t there nor Drew’s wife. Mark Hamil was there, a row in front of me to my left. I remember talking to his a few years about at The Last Samurai premiere I think.

Now for the results. Drew Lachey was the obvious one and then the surprise was Jerry Rice. I was totally shocked and started the Jerry chant which echoes all over the studio. You knew at that point Lisa Rinna was going to the finals since the last two was her and Stacey Keibler. Of course it went to commercial break and back from it, got the result. That was that. Lisa made a comment about only having a few soul mates in life and her partner, Louis was one of them. I don’t know how I would feel if this dude is all over my wife, dancing and otherwise. I caught a little weird vibe myself but what you gonna do.
Audience was ushered out of the studio. I hung out and noticed Stacy went to say hi to Torrie Wilson. I didn’t even know she was there. I remembered her from when I used to watch wrestling. Media interviews were done on the dance floor with all the usual suspects, Access Hollywood, The Insider and so on. Hung out to check out the dancers and such but left. There was an after show party thing, but it was raining and didn’t want to deal with traffic. Too bad I was stuck in it for 2 hours. Good way to spend my Friday.
I wouldnt be surprise if Jerry Rice takes it all

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