The New Ipod….??

The iPod… one of the trendiest thing EVER these pass couple of years next to pogs.. Remember them pogs?? Back to the iPod, after only a few years it has been one of the most advance devices we use in our daily lives. From something that use to resemble a white brick to not being bigger than a pack of cards to barely as big as a match box gum cases. While the casing gets smaller and the viewable screen gets bigger and adds the color.
Anywho, you may be wondering how this device can get better. What can Apple do to advance this product besides the usual capicity, black and white versions, longer battery life or bigger screen. Well here are some photos of a patent submission Apple sent on in. I heard about the idea a few weeks ago and it looks like a go. A touch screen ipod with its touch wheel that can be brought up anywhere on the screen AND the screen is possible to be viewed in wide screen. The widescreen will accomidate people ripping DVDS onto their iPod and not sure if the iTunes store offers widescreen format of the shows they have for sell. It also looks like iTunes is embedded into the new iPod. Anyways, here are the patent photos.. You be the judge… Im sure ill be getting one!!

Problem I found with the second image is that it makes it somewhat of a 2 handed iPod. The current iPods pretty much takes only one hand and a thumb. Looking at these photos, looks like there might be 2 new different iPods. The usual one hand one with a touch screen and the wide screen special video one. Is Apple releasing both? or one? Who knows.. Give it sometime and well see the next iPod craze!!!
With all the Apple advancements, why they charging 49 bucks to listen to radio??


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