In this corner we have the Gilmore Girls.. In the other corner we have WWE Smackdown. FIGHT!!

You either caught the reference from my title or thought it was totally random. If you had the latter reaction, yours was the same as mine. If you haven’t heard yet, the WB and UPN networks have merged into a new entity, The CW Network. The end result network coming from the 2 parent companies, “C” as CBS and “W” as in Warner Bros.
Both networks started in the mid 90’s in 1995. The overall ratings from each network are usually on the bottom on the totem pole. The WB tried to shop to one of the top 4 network which declined, (I assume it was ABC since their sister network ABC family currently syndicates Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and 7th Heaven) and went for the sure thing, UPN.
This merge is a last ditch effort to try to turn a profit on these networks who main demographic is the diverse 18 – 34 males and females. Both will take their strengths and the weak will bite the dust.
The shows The WB is slating to keep Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural and Beauty and the Geek. The UPN has Everybody Hates Chris, Veronica Mars, and America’s Top Model. The WWE Smackdown will play an intricate part in the scheduling.
Those are the shows everyone is reporting that are apparently in The CW lineup. What about the other shows? Currently in limbo until the network makes their Fall Lineup announcements in May. The WB’s Everwood has been on the backburner as of November; however Entertainment Weekly reported that the network had the show featured in a clip reel shown during the press conference. That’s certainly a sigh of relief for me. This may seem like a surprise to the general audience of the networks but was much bigger surprise for the producers for the shows on each network. Apparently no one involved with the current shows lineup even had an any idea.
UPN is benefiting from this more than The WB in my eyes. UPN is currently in 75 percent of the markets where to The WB hit 95 percent markets.
Nothing will be for certain how this merger will result. Each network will respectively stay on their current lineup until September, and then the actual The CW will air. We can only hope all my shows will stay intact. However its been said if the two networks couldn’t get it right the last 11 years, the next 11 wouldn’t be any easier. Lets just hoep all the crap shows on UPN doesn’t manifest itself on the new network. There go all the random sitcoms on the UPN and a few on The WB.
Goodbye Michigan J. Frog, hello whatever the new logo will be.

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