Education.. a Multi-Billion industry.. i think..?

Hurray the Fall semester is here again for the ____ time… It’s blank not because I am omitting the number. At this point I have lost track.
Parking is unbelievable. I think its because its the first week where everyone is trying to get classes or act like they are going class. After a few weeks, it dies down. Also permits arent required just of yet. However I think i came to school an hour earlier just to get a spot which is totally ridiculous.
Now the run down of my classes. Mass Communications and Society with Kipp Preble. Oh what made me pick my professors was Rate My and of course the requirements i had to fulfill. Rate My Professor is a very very handy tool to get a feel of the class and professor. Anyways.. So Preble, it says that he’s a sexist and if you are a chick, you wont get a good grade. Well since im a dude, ill be fine. The class seems very interesting; however our first project is a media sobriety test. Testing if we are either addicted or just habitual users of media. Of course its self tested and self discipline to actually do it for 72 hours.
OH! If you didn’t know. The measure how interesting and good your class is, depends on how many attractive members of the opposite sex there is. In that case, my Communications class is great. There’s one cute girl who has really cute eyes and lips and her hair looks good done up and down. Anyways. Looking forward to the class, and she walks my way to my next class, so a chatter session will be fun.
Macroeconomics with Kimberly Edgcomb. The class is totally packed but im glad i didn’t need to try to add the class. Can’t really say much about this class. The professor seems really cool, time goes by quick. But i think its because i have a buddy in the class. I found that if I have a buddy in the class, i am prone to chatter and joke around way too much. In classes where I don’t know anyone yet. I just keep my mouth shut. Cute chicks? Just one.
Eastern Philosophy with Dr. Maura O’Neill, that’s with two “L” since she’s Irish, and will fail you if you don’t put 2 “L.” Rate My Professor says that you should open your mouth if you can’t back up your statement, because she will make you look stupid. Well no thoughts about this class at all. There this chick who has a staring problem foreals! It annoys yet makes me laugh cuz her and her friend aren’t so hot. Back to the professor, i got the vibe she has had a few run in with the Dean. Found it sort of funny but the class is interesting nonetheless. Covering Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Oh and Taoism is pronounced Daoism. So that new club in Vegas should really start educating their visitors.
Earth Science with Judy Lowman Wow, i think this is the first class fresh out of High School kids take. I mean i noticed a few football players and fellow wrestling teammates. What’s the thing is that most of these kids are annoying as heck, talking and talking and passing around notes. I mean dude is college and not high school. Grow the fuck up. The class is in a lecture hall with over 100 students. It just gets annoying. As for the professor, total hippie. Extra credit for doing homework on recycled paper, bringing toys for the chimps somewhere, towels for the human society, and picking up trash on field trips. The class isn’t too bad, the passing of the notes is annoying but one of the chicks, who do it, is very cute.
Last class, is Biology with Roseann Cobos. Class is again whatever’s, just another requirement. The professor isnt boring which is good. Her voice actually has some personality with it. What’s funny is when she states things, she shakes her head with a smile. There’s these two big girls who sit behind me and talk talk talk and laugh laugh laugh. I don’t know why but i got looks, smile, and comments when the teacher was talking about calories and ask about how many calories per gram for protein, fat, and carbohydrates (Protein and Carbs is 7 calories per gram and 9 for fat by the way). Who knows..
Now that’s the run down on my classes. I was going to add a Earth Science Lab, Real Estate, and Anthropology classes which would run the classes up to 8. Yeah, that would be over kill in credits and would kill me especially when events start coming again. Its pretty slow at the moment, but come over March, it will be out of hand. So 15 units with 5 classes will be fine for now. I shouldn’t even worry, and take my time and finish up classes. My friend at USC is paying 1000 dollars per unit taking classes he would have taking for 26 dollars per unit. Good luck to me finishing this crap up.
Oh click on the fellow link. I guess there are ways to “hack” a scantron. One of the first ideas was to put chapstick on it.. Interesting.. Well its a good read. If you didnt study for a test and in desire need. Try out a few of these tricks.
Hacking the Testing Scantrons
Conjunction junction whats your function??

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