Scrubs 100th episode celebration..

I like to start of saying i have never watched the show but im going to start. Scrubs that is. I did watch the premiere, which was hilarious!! I have 5 seasons to catch up with the show, which isn’t so bad. With the internet and TV Shows on DVD. I’ll be fine. I mean im on the third season of the Sopranos, which doesn’t mean anything since there is 10 seasons I think.
Off to LA once again… to the Cabana Club.. I looked up the site before I headed over there and wow this place is really really nice. It’s right off at Ivar next to the Arclight Cinema. I have been there 100s of times at the Arclight and didn’t even know the club was right there.

Checked in and hung out at the red carpet. They placed me right next to the reporters, but i was here to shoot the carpet. There was a photographer area and i noticed 2 photographers. I gave them the peace sign, well the peace sign was to the dude out of the group. I saw both of them earlier in the week at the Miss America thing. I guess the dude didn’t noticed and the heavy set dude next to him thought i was saying what’s up to him. Ehh whatever.
I was glad I was away from them, since there were over 10 photogs over there, which will all get the same shot. I’m trying to have the mentality of taking a different shot and taking another angle. But for whatever reason, me standing away from them, in a sense better position on the carpet. I felt that they felt i was getting special treatment and they were a little pissed about it. I mean i was standing right next to the house photographer who was shooting from NBC/Touchtone Entertainment. A house photog ALWAYS gets a hand up on the other photographers. Location, access and of course treatment. Ehhh whatever.. It sorta bothered me, them looking over at my general direction. I didn’t care. I’m glad I didn’t have to yell with the other photographers. When the cast walked by, I asked nicely for them to back up to the poster and i shoot their photo and the house photog would then also. We had a great routine working for us before they were attacked by the mob at the photo area.
I had a buddy there, well a buddy just met. Jolie reporting for a British music magazine called MMC or NNC or something. She was awesome, we exchanged thoughts
Everyone from the cast was great. Donald is as charismatic as you would think. I wanted to challenge him in some XBOX since he’s an avid gamer. John C. McGinley was funny talking about how he wanted to have Elle McPherson as a guest star as his forbidden lover. The people with Judy Reyes was very very nice and loved talking to them. Rather I don’t want to be here type mood was Zach Braff. Barely did the press line and or photos. Sarah Chalke publicist seemed like she was either drunk or on pain killers by the way she was slurring her words and making comments about Sarah telling long stories.

Samantha Harris from E! was chillin. Looking decently cute. Wanted to say hi and ask about Vegas when she was doing the Comedy Festival. I was already caught up in my own thing. Oh mainly it was the cast who were the celebrities who attended but Mandy Moore was in the house. She is really really cute. I asked her publicist if she was doing Entourage this season but she didn’t know and after I took photos of Mandy I asked her. She was confused and said not that she knows of. Dude it was a valid question since they sorta left her in the air last season.

I was surprised the wait wasn’t too bad and everyone seems to come in an orderly fashion. After all the red carpet people arrived, everyone left. Press people I mean. I decided to stay around and wondered if I wanted to actually stay at the party. After the photographers left, the house photog hung around to shoot one last group shot. I was glad I stayed back since only 3 photographers actually got this shot.
Chatted a bit a little with the cast members but decided to leave. Only why I would stay was to check out the open bar and the food. But I took in the ambience of the club and headed back home… First thing on the agenda once I get home is to purchase whatever seasons they have available.
I like to state before I end this post… Garden State wasnt all that great of a movie.. Direction and Cinematography was great hands down. Story and mood of the film was way too EMO!!! Thats all im going to say, i could really rant on and rant but i wont…

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Sucks the show is going to end this season… i think. thats what i hear..

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