Miss America.. eh…. nothing special…

Wednesday January 11th, 2005
Off to Hollywood to shoot the contestants of the Miss America 2006 pageant. Didn’t leave until 11ish after picking up Jesse. I figured I could use one of my gift cards from the dolce group to eat at Bella for lunch since it was right down the street.
The drive wasn’t bad but had this chick that cut me off going into the carpool lane. Sorry if I limit my speed to 80 which is already fast enough. I ended up going 90 to catch up with her to fuck with her. But I couldn’t catch up.
Got into Hollywood a little before 12 and parked in the complex and out of the car around 12:00. The photo opt started at 12 and check in was at 11:30. It was pretty much just the 52 contestants plus 2005’s Miss American and the honorary major of Hollywood, Johnny Grant.
When I got to the grand staircase, things looked done. Photographers were just standing around. I tried to find who I was supposed to check in with. Eventually found Brooke after going through some CMT reps and all the security giving me a hard time.
I was surprised things were over since it was barely 12:10 and with my experiences, things never start on time and Brooke herself seemed dumbfounded about it.
I agreed to shoot the 2005 Miss America with the president of the pageant. I was feeling rushed and didn’t get to set my camera up right. Photos came out over exposed and whatever. Wasn’t no point since I didn’t get the whole group.
As I stand there looking around, these girls aren’t all that cute. Yes they are tall and fit, but the face wasn’t doing much. Lots and lots of cake up. Even Miss California didn’t look all that great. I saw 2 other photographers I recognized but didn’t have time to say anything.
As I stand around, they all boarded onto the 3 tour buses back to wherever. The pageant is going on in Vegas and maybe I might go and cover it perhaps.
There’s something you always see when you come to Hollywood Blvd and hang out in front of the Mann’s theatre. You see the costume characters which are usually made up of Comic book characters.
All im going to say is that I know the Superman dude semi personally. Been to his house which was kind of scary and yeah. Its right on Franklin north of Hollywood Blvd where the place was a converted hotel into a apartment complex. Just think about that. Well its more of a motel than a hotel. For those who don’t know what the difference is, a motel has the doors opening outside as opposed to hotels where you are pretty much opening the door to your room inside, like a hall.
Talked to him a bit and headed off to lunch
2 blocks down I think…. on the corner of Las Palmas. Bella Cucina. The place is pretty small and homey. Took a seat down and checked out the menu. The menu wasn’t too loaded with items but what they had sounded good. Decided on the beef Carpaccio and spaghetti with seafood in a zesty tomato sauce. The seafood consisted of clams, calamari, mussels and shrimp. The Carpaccio was the normal with raw beef, arugula, and parmesan.
They had this bread that was soooo good! It was accompanied with this tomato salsa type thing and they put a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Lets just say I could have just the bread and only the bread.
Another good thing about the place is that the hostess waitress… Well they have many different waiters that attend all of the tables. The only waitress there was a little cutie… Very nice complexion. It was nice when she came around and such.
The Carpaccio was good and so was the spaghetti. I didn’t get a spoon and asked for parmesan cheese. I would think its the norm.
Noticed a lot of rocker looking types walking around and joked around must have been some rock thing going on.
Got out of the restaurant and headed back. The weather was amazing today.. Totally loved it.
Had to find somewhere at the complex to validate the parking. Its only 2 bucks if you have it validated so yeah. There was this place that used to be in the place of Tonic. Mr. Beard Bake shop or whatever. They sell éclairs, cream puffs and that sort of stuff. Got the original cream puff and that was hella good. Not really sweet. Got my parking stub validated.
Headed back home and that was that. Later on the night I was working on updating my computer. Recently put on Windows XP and to my dismay, the place I put all my music is gone. All 9000 songs are gone. More to come…
Chicks are SUPPOSE to not be on time!!!!


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