Started 05 shitty but ended it much better!!!.. sorta

December 31st, 2005
You know… Rain sucks. I thought, hey no rain in December. I could deal with that since im not a fan of the rainy weather especially when im driving. I dont mind it if im home and all. Other than that, the only disadvantage of not having rain is not having snow in the mountains for snowboarding.
Here i am excited for the New Year Eve events. I had one already set up, Giant Village. Huge 6 block of downtown Los Angeles taken up, with 6 stages. On those stages were suppose to be Black Eyed Peas, Death Cab for Cutie, Flaming Lips, Christopher Lawerance, Junkie XL, Crystal Method and a lot more. I mean this was a party from 8 until 4am with 6 stages and lounges in the surrounding hotels. It the biggest 21 and over party in the World, why wouldnt it be the best New Years Event to hit up.
Story short.. Got down there. Event shut down. I mean i was hoping there wasnt any rain by the time i got down there and there wasnt. Semi clear skies, it was feeling like a great night for a party. It got canceled due to LAPD and the Fire Marshall shutting it down due to the safety of the people. I was like give me a break. However for some reason i was mad. I didnt even care. The three surrounding hotels from what i remeber the Westin Bonaventure, Sheraton and another were sold out. I can gurantee the only reason why it was sold out was because of this event. To add to the bullshit, im not big on caffene when i can help it. Most of the intake comes from tea however i figured i needed some Red Bull to prepare for this event. I downed one from the parking lot to the event and felt the effects rather quickly. My chest was not feeling all that great and so on. Thats what i get when i drink a can of liquid crack.
While walking back to the parking lot through the Sheraton. Saw Ben, the singer for Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service hanging around with his girl. Even the performers didnt even know the event was canceled until an hour prior. I did hit up the publicist who was handling the event, but i was sure she was getting calls. She was very apoligic and i reassured her it was ok. I guess they will produce another event that will have the tickets honored.
Heres the thing.. I was kicking myself for not backing up the events which i initially thought i should have done. There was a party Pamela Anderson was hosting on the Paramount Studios with a midnight performance from the Pussycat Dolls. I would so have loved to see that. I skipped a fashion show at the studios due to the fact i had a term paper due the next day which i didnt start. Here was my chance again to party there. I was in talked with the publicist of the event, which i called but was busy with an US Weekly photoshoot for the event. I didnt want to bother calling him back, wasting his time since i was pretty much set on Giant Village.
Whats event more ironic. The first event i wanted to cover that night was John Legend at the House of Blues but i didnt bother again because of Giant Village. Gridlock LA, the Pamela Anderson event, was also canceled i learned a few days later. Talk about crappy rain. I knew people came to Los Angeles just to celebrate New Years and 2 of the biggest events were shut down. How nice.
I ended up heading to Curtis’ place in Hollywood to hang out and figure out what was going to go down. The forsure opition was Together as One, a huge all ages rave party at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Sorry but i didnt have 60 dollars to spend on a party like that. Especially when i dont enjoy raves that much. Before that, Curtis wanted a boxspring to be disposed. Had to throw that thing off the second floor balcony. Fun. After Troy and I tossed that into the dumpster, a Russian dude from the adjacent buiding yelled at us, telling us it wasnt a public dumpster. Ehh, well its on a public street.
Curtis and Troy off to Together As One. And I going back home to rest before heading off to Laguna Beach. A friend wanted to hang out and I came with the idea of why not hanging on the beach and watch the first sunrise of 2006. She didnt get off work until 2 and hey it would be fun.
Got home.. and knocked out. I couldnt drive an hour over there and stay up until 6am. Screw that. I was home just doing a few things and i didnt even care. I wasnt disappointed or anything. Its somewhat of an overrated day but people choose to celebrate it. Oh well. I think the reason why i didnt care is that i spent last year in a much more worse state of mind. I was helping a friend move and we went and did the dinner thing. But during the move, i was talking to someone. Our relationship had been getting really blah and that day, December 31st of 2004, i reliezed something that I didnt want to. Talk about a low point. That put my head in a tail spin and was in a funk all that night. Ehh whatever. So lets just say, 2 canceled events and not spending time with a hot chick on the beach was much better than what i felt last year. Thats for sure.
Live and learn.. doing it big for sure NYE 2007

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