Well uhh the Dolce Group rules!!

Well thats all i gotta say. If you saw my Christmas List post.. I wanted some gift cards from the Dolce Group restuarants; Geisha House, Dolce, and Bella. To my suprise, the actual Dolce Group sent me gift cards to the three restuarants. Im not gonna state the amount, but lets just say, its enough for me to drive out an hour to go dine at either of the 3 restuarants.
Im still wondering how they knew where to sent the gift cards. Oh let me explain it first. Its like a sideways foldable card with 4 panels. The front says Happy Holidays while the first page of the inside says, Wishing you a tasty holiday season.. The Dolce Group. The next three pages has these business card sized cards with the name of the restuarant. Totally awesome!! I know Dolce had revamped their menu and i havent visited to try it out yet. They even offered 50 percent off Mondays and Tuesday to entice me to come in for dinner. Im soo going to go in and i havent tried Bella yet, and of course you all know i LOVE Geisha House.
The group will be opening their restuarants in Vegas, which i soo have to check out and the OC will be getting the restuarants. They will have lots of business but the flagship restuarants of the Dolce Group; Dolce and Geisha House, should really just be in Los Angeles and Vegas. Thats just my opnion. Other cities they are opening other restuarants are in Atlanta with Atlantic Station, Georgia with Geisha House, Dolce and King Pin, and then a sports bar in Dallas named Victory Park.
Genichi “Gen” Mizoguchi, the executive chef at Geisha House will be on the Iron Chef in January. I am assuming its the American Version on the Food Network challenging (im guessing) Masaharu Morimoto. 2 top Japanese chefs. Mizoguchi knows the art of the blowfish.. Maybe hell show off a little of that.. Be sure to check out the show or even better the Geisha House.
Once again… Thanks to the Dolce Group!! Ashton Kucher, Wilmer Vilderamma, Danny and Chris Masterson, Simon Rex, Jamie Kennedy, Dule Hill Lonnie Moore, Mike Malin, Shereen Arazm, Jessica Meisels and Marissa Knies. You guys rock!!
Anyone for dinner?? Its on me… =)’

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