Video On Demand Rules!!!

The title says it all. Its a little better than downloading tv shows yourself. I mean the downloads i get are in High Definition and no commericial. But i am pretty much stuck on the computer, and my little 19 inch screen. On Demand, you can stop pause and play it all and such. Whats even better is that you get On Demand for the cable movie channels you subscribe to. So i get HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime all on demand. Which means, the series they air i can watch.
I never got into Sopranos, especially since i was like 15 when it came out. Watched the first season, LOVE THE SHOW!! I soo need to get the other season DVDs. Entourage is on there, first season. The current season of Curb Your Enthsiasum is on, and its sooo FUNNY. Watch the episode about the Korean Bookie and the missing dog. ITS SOO FUNNY!! Showtime has their mini series, Sleeper Cell. So awesome!! Weeds was on there but i missed it when i wanted to watch it. Not only series are on demand. Movies, specials, documentaries and the late night wack adult movies are on to. I just cant wait until Real Time with Bill Maher and Entourage comes back. I never have to worry about missing it, just pull it up on demand and watch it over and over.
MTV has a little on demand for there shows, all the After Show for Laguna Beach is on. Kinda weird to watch it now, after meeting the cast and finally going to the actual place.
On Demand rules!! Im sure most of you guys dont even know you have it or know that its free. For Charter users, its channell 999. Remember to get it, you gotta be a subscriber to the channel!! HAVE FUN!! I know i do!!

About Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.