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I liked to start out saying people do not know how to drive and that EVERYONE needs to take another driving exam!! See i dont mind if you have crappy driving skills, but when you inflict that on to others, that’s when i have a problem. When i say others, i mean me!! They should even invite sensors that know when there are other cars around and install cameras. If you you are a crappy driver, that footage gets sent to the DMV or police, and your license gets revoked. When i say crappy driver, i mean not following the little rules when driving.
Here i am driving south on Daycreek Ave. At the intersection of Daycreek and Foothill, its a 3 way left turn light. I usually like to be in the far right of the left turns because im eventually going to the far right lane to hope on the freeway. I have had experiences where the 4th lane turns left when it can only go straight and here i am trying to make a left getting cut off. Anyways, I’m making a left and the cars in front of me go into the 4th lane after you make the left. Last i recall, in whatever lane you are in, you end up in that lane when you finish your turn. Of course there are times when you can be get into another lane, but CMON there are other cars behind you, stay in your damn lane or if you want to change lanes at least there gotta be some damn space for the cars behind you to go somewhere.
Another thing, while i got past all that, i had to get into the 4th lane to get on the freeway. It was backed up due to some rubbernecking on the onramp. I was stuck again behind a car trying to get into the lane, i waiting and got out. Drove up more and try to get into the lane myself. Some stupid car behind me honked at me, i was like wtf.. I would understand if i cut you off or you were behind him, but they weren’t. They were trying to get into the 4th lane too. I need to start using my horn more to be honest. All this trying to get on the freeway to get to Laguna Beach..
Prior to this i had to take a final for my American Cinema class. I had to take it at 3 other than the normal 6 because i had an event to cover. Headed to school, and there was no parking lot. I thought my professor had a class, it sounded like that when he told me i could come in early. Took the test with someone else, took me about 30 mins. 30 mins to do a final consisting of 40 questions and an essay. Easy stuff..

Now off to Laguna.. Hurray.. I was covering an event from one of the cast members charity event. Member of the Laguna Beach show on MTV. Im not going to get all into it but you can read my article. I have never been there, and actually haven’t been around that area in a long long time. I do recall being around Dana Point and Laguna Nigel.
The drive wasn’t too bad, 15 to 91 to 241 or 261 and after its a blur. The 261 or 241 is a toll road into Irvine. Instead driving around Anaheim Hills and Orange, it just cuts right through. A good time saver. The tolls wasn’t too bad but here’s the thing. The sun was setting and in my eye like none other! I was getting really blinded by it and it look like i took the wrong interchange. It said either South Orange and Irvine. I took the Irvine route and according to the Mapquest it was the right way. It didn’t feel right. The freeway ended, and i was sooo off directions. I turned out to be on Jamboree, i just figured to go south until i hit Pacific Coast Highway and then take a left down to Laguna. This drive was forever!! Or at least it felt like it. You ALWAYS feel like it takes forever when you don’t know where you are going but in your gut you feel like you are going the right way, and you just doubt and doubt every block.
One benefit i found going this way?? At least i know where Fashion Island in Newport is. I never knew and it was pretty cool to see. Another plus? The air felt so much pure and cleaner. The sky was beautiful and soo clear. Living inland, the sky is always disgusting unless the wind is blowing a little, its not. I finally hit PCH, and they weren’t lying when they say PCH is a mess!! Once i got onto the highway, i know i was safe. If i could, id get a convertible and drive up and down the highway all day, minus the traffic.
I eventually got into Laguna. Saw Ocean Ave, and Laguna Ave. I couldn’t help but look to my right and see the ocean. I love it when you are there, and the ocean seems so high. Its true, this place is just a little town and people will talk. Then after i got into Laguna, i was hoping the Methodist church was on a main street, where they have the signal light signs. It was already dark and i didn’t want to go around looking at the little street signs.
Got to the church, and it seemed semi crowded but wasn’t. When i got into the place and nothing was going on but a raffle off. Everything was way too disorganized. Here i am walking around trying to see what the areas were and what was going on. Nothing!! Nothing at all, a outside area of nothing and an inside of people waiting for the Meet and Greets with the cast. One of the most unprofessional and pointless events. I mean, yes there is a point, this charity, but i mean at least produce a newsworthy event to attract more attention.
Here i am walking around like a chicken with its head cut off walking from the outside holding area and the inside place. I just decided to walk towards the back that lead around to the meet and greet area. You can see the church right before you enter the doorway. Its a pretty small church, i say you fit maybe around 100 people or so. I guess there isnt that much practicing Methodists in Laguna.
The only person i notice at the moment here was Trey, just hanging out. Eventually Stephen and Jessica came and they did a little meet and greet with them 3. Its not a surprise that every single breathing girl there, mainly under 18, wouldn’t be surprised if under 16, were there to meet Stephen. Very very brief thing there. They had to get everyone out to the streets to create a mock finish line for when Dieter arrives. A 120 Miles, that is amazing stuff, in one day. I gotta say that he is a machine.
Was pretty annoying out here. Little girls all gitty about the cast members of the show and so on. MTV had i think 3 camera guys all over the place just hogging up space to shoot any of the people. I was told the pr person who was handling this event was contact a lot of media to over. From what i noticed there was only 3 photographers counting me, and 1 writer for sure and maybe another. That’s it. I have been to whatever events with more coverage.
Whatever reason, 3 fire trucks came to do something up the street. Its a rather small codisack, didn’t know how they fit them in. Anyways, they had a check that Dieter was going to present to the SAVE organization, looks like so far they had raised a little over 43,000 dollars. Right on. So he came up, to a crowd less than enthused. I mean im sure they would be, but whoever was handling the audience sucked and it looked more like MTV was trying to do it, but we all know how lame they are.
Before Dieter came up, Alex Murrell and Alex H was dropped off, where What would Dieter Do? shirts. They are both really tall, well Alex H is much taller. Dieter came, and all sweaty fell on the floor semi jokingly and just hung out. After that, just a mad mob rage to show how unorganized this is. He left, while MTV and the check presentation didn’t even happen. Taylor and Morgan showed up outta nowhere, and WOW!!! I have to say that i think Taylor is the most beautiful chick on the whole dang cast. Kristin knows she has a nice body and she uses that too much. Lauren “LC” has an effortless beauty but that beauty isn’t always apparent all the time. Taylor?? Always pretty with minimal makeup. If you can look hot with only lip-gloss that is beauty without makeup. She was wearing this orange redish dress and was looking soooooo cute. Anyways.
Dieter came back, presented the check to the dude at SAVE, and was presented with a plaque. He was doing thank yous and someoen from the crowd had to mention LC for a thank you. I read in his journal about how shes whatever if she doesnt show, theres gotta be some reasoning behind that. Back to the little room for some more rabbed fans. I just hung out, take pictures where i could when they were just chillin. I decided to say hi to the KIIS DJ and the giveaway, make KIIS FM present be known guys. Introduced myself to them, dropping Manny wack butt name in it. HAHA… DJ Shy was really friendly, cool chick and new resident DJ at the radio station. Talked to the other KIIS FM people. One of the chicks was asking me about my jacket… i swear ive seen her somewhere and she was a little cutie..
More of the cast walking around and what not. You can totally tell that Jessica really didnt want to be there. She wasnt talking to no one and the other way around. I mean the fans were but other than that, not really. I noticed at a certain point she was signing the the flyers in mass production mode.
Enough of that, it was getting close to 7ish and off to the after party. At this point, was friendly with the DJ and her homie, Al. The name im assuming because i totally didnt hear it. I always try to make an effort to remember names.
Left the place, people were taking photos with Polster, and I didnt really noticed him until after that. Back to the car to head on over to the club. When i was walking back, these little girls were asking me where everyone was going and if i knew where to go. Of course, i did. They told me they didnt know where they were going because they lived in San Diego, and i was like oh wow. But then i thought about it, took me the same amount of time and distance to get there, so i shouldnt say anything.
When i hit PCH again, everyone looked like they were turning right and i was the only one turning left. Again, felt i was lost. But i got on my way there. Things looked familar since it was around the Spectrum.
Diablos… In Lake Forest was the location of the party. A week ago, it was only suppose to be 21 and over and a few days ago it changed to All Ages. I figured they did that because they werent going to get much 21 and over folks coming
The club, nothing special. One side with a stage the other side with a dj booth and a lower dance floor. I mean this place is totally dancable place. Anywho, hung around the DJ booth and just chilled with Al. Observing and drinking. I had a Vodka Tonic that tasted soo week, but man when i got a second one, i was out of it. When i left the house to Laguna, i was already thristy, which meant i was dehydrated already. That just ampped the effects of the vodka. I knew by my second drink, i had to take my time cuz me and Al were buying drinks for each other. There was a group of asian dudes filming the DJ. One of them came up to chatter saying how they are filming her for a profile on VHN network. A new asian channel on DirecTV. He was talking it up and saying how they are looking for people to maybe profile. I was like… uhhh… sure… Maybe? Let me hit the gym for umm maybe a year first, and then we could? HAHA.. So not camera ready…
Lets set up this up for yall. Next to the DJ booth was 2 boxes about 20 feet from each other. They had a pole on each, from the looks of it, to hold up signs and what not. A thought came to mind, hmmm maybe some chick could maybe use it like a stripper pole and just dance and what not around it. Maybe you can see where im going. Now here comes a chick that i saw at the church and chillin around the DJ booth here. I see her jump up the box with a look on her face like she got a bicycle on Christmas day. You know… that look..
Im not done.. another set up.. Usually when you introduce yourself, you tell your name first.. Ok keep that in mind. Here she is spinnning around the pole that wasnt really stable to do it. Hey the engine that could… I looked at her, and she came down to me. She explained to me why she couldnt do it, like i was her evaluater or something. Then she said, oh im a stripper and i dance go go. Like i was itnerviewing her for a job and she was giving me a verbal resume. I was like uhh ok, just go up and dance some more. FUN FUN!! Ok i have a photo of her somewhere on this post, not going to point it out though. She did tell me where she dances, and maybe, just maybe ill check it out.
Another thing, looks like a bunch of these girls were in the house. Representing a clothing brand. There were like 6 or so of them. All working for the stripper, fun. They were semi wild but not really. I saw 2 who werent doing anything. OK there was one chick, to me, the most attractive one, and she was fully clothed but her dancing, the sexuality just oozed out of her. Like she was covered, jeans, uggs, and like a weather type thing. anyways!
Nothing much really went on. There were bands and what not performing on the other side. Saw Nehemiah dancing and i went over and said whats up. Looking at MTV site, hes from Rancho Cucamonga. Man if i knew that, i would have talked up some shop about Rancho, but whatever. Talked to him cousin a little bit, who was pretty blingin it. Im assuming hes in the Slimeballs. Whatever that is.
Again nothing relaly going on, around 10ish, Alex Murrell went on stage. That was the other person I wanted to see perform. Her song, “Hello” i really like. Before she got some stage, Taylor was on stage hanging around and a guy in the crowd said, “Laguna Beach sucks.” She walked over to him and said, “Are you kidding? Seriously are you kidding?” Man shes a little firecracker. I totally dig that.
Morgan, Taylor and Alex were chillin on the otherside. Stephen came around to MC a little bit. Alex then performed. The first song i didnt know what it was, but i was busy taking photos. The lighting totally sucked and most of the photos came out orangy. Second song was “Best Friend,” which i assumed was about Taylor but i didnt catch the lyrics. She was tearing up all emotional, and that was hella cute. A girly girl with attiitude with a natural beauty. Perfect!! If you ask me. Totally perfect. Last song, “Hello” and it looked like myself, Morgan, and Taylor were the only ones who sung along. I like how she sings and how she sounds on this track. If you wanna hear it, go to her myspace at myspace.com/alexmmusic
I ended up going to the VIP area after that. Said whats up to Stephen. Wasnt much going down there. Some of the cast was chillin. I talked to Alex H. telling her she looked bored but she told me she was tired. Talked to her mom and little bit. Alex Murrel came by and i didnt expect a hug but i gave her one and said hi. Totally caught me off guard.
At this point i had a really bad headache, buzzing off my butt kinda hard to walk, and way too dehydated. It was around 1030, and i figured just to leave. The stripper and her posse was still running around taking photos, and dancing on poles. Other than that, the entertainment was quite minimal.
I had fun, and was totally glad i didnt have someone come along. I usually like to have someone come for the ride. But i knew i would have been whatevers if someone was with me and i was trippen out to myself about where i was going. Plus, its really hard to mingle and do your own thing when you are worrying about someone. Solo is usually the best way to go..
I really wanted to ask Alex H. about where Kristin was since they live together. I figure she was busy doing stuff cuz she doing a movie and in a show. (Actually found out that she was there supporting her boyfriend her band. Man was i not paying attention)Talan, im sure he was a little too big headed to be there now. Who knows. I love learning where to go out. I wanna go back to the beach area and just hang out and take photos. Its totally peaceful.
O.C. parties.. not like it is on TV…

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