Who the heck is the Carver??

So the third season of Nip/Tuck is coming to an end Tuesday. Finally we will find out who the Carver is. The person has been terrorizing Miami since second 2, mainly McNamara/Troy. I totally missed all of season two could i really couldn’t handle them surgery scenes but man did i get into it this season. Who do i think it is?? Let me go over some reasoning in my mind and yeah..
Everyone one thinks its Dr. Quentin Costa, played by Bruno Campos but that’s a little too obvious if you asked me. I have a theory that involves him but ill go over that later. Being a surgeon, he has access to all those numbing chemicals and of course being Bi. Christian Troy was rapped the finale of last season. But i don’t really think its Dr. Costa.
I really think its Matt McNamara (John Hensley). It’s been a crazy life for this kid, learning his dad isnt really his biological dad, but his real dad is the best friend of his mothers ex husband. Yeah i know crazy. Lotta drama with him and his former dad. Fights, retraining orders and what not. Matt ex girlfriend was actually a post opt transgender. He has had a messed up year and i mean dont you think being the Carver tops it off? Plus since this is Nip/Tuck and the show is ALWAYS pushing the buttons. That would mean he rapped his own father, his biological one that is. Not really that inappropriate for this show, and Matt did question his sexuality after his stint with Eva, the transgender chick, dude, whatever. Again with his real father, and father that raised him being surgeons, readily access to surgical knives.
Heres the kicker though.. I don’t think there’s just one Carver, i believe Matt McNamara and Dr. Quentin Costa are working together. Why? I just do. I kinda believe a son rapping the father is just a little too much. So in that case the Dr. did that. I haven’t gone back to look if Matt was at Christians wedding or not but i assumed. So in that case, Dr. Costa was the one who kidnapped Kimber. Heres a truly off the wall but don’t think it is, Matt and Quentin are lovers!! How about that for a must see 4th season?? Quentin is an open bisexual in the show, and Matt thinks he knows what his orientation is.
Maybe im right? Maybe im wrong?? I haven’t gone over this predication with anyone, but im going to stick to it. Check out the 2 hour season finale on Tuesday. I know i will… However hopefully at the Geisha House in Hollywood at the Season Finale party…


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