Night of Celebration… and mourning… for Snoop Dogg that is…

Last Monday December 12th, 2005
I honestly don’t know how i got up this morning. I went to bed at 1 trying to catch up on sleep since i had a final and what i thought was going to be a long Monday night. All i recall was tossing and turning actually not falling asleep until 3 and waking up at 5am, 6am, and finally up at 9:30ish AM.
Had an econ final at 10:45PM. Id say a really easy one if you ask me. 30 questions multiple choice, if only all my classes were like this. Id be out of this black hole of community college. Head on over to class, and finished it in a good 20 mins.
Ran some errands all day. But not as much as i planned really. Went home to go over some things, and i really need to get my list together my Christmas cards. I decided to put some See’s candy in the cards, so that they don’t seem too boring with just a card. Figured See’s candy would be the best bet and i will have to go get that another day.
Headed on over to Target since i figured they would have some bulk Christmas cards. Made Alex drive because i was feeling way too lazy. When i got there, i saw a Hallmark and thought to go in there. Found a box of 32 cards for about 8 bucks, and they weren’t crappy ones either. Very elegant, detailed, and some had glittered up. Ok while i was there, an attractive lady, showed me a card and asked, “Does this look like a card a grandmother would send.” I told her no not really. After i paid for my cards and left. I thought to myself, was she a grandmother herself? She was a little too young looking and really hot to be one. Then i thought maybe she was getting it for a grandmother to send out or even she was making sure the cards she got didn’t make her look like a grandmother sending a card.
Off to get something to eat, went to Carls Jr and treated Alex. The chick that was taking our order, too cute to be working there at Fast Food. Man as i think about that, it is too and in our mentality, pretty people we think should be more privileged.
Got home and got ready. Off to LA once again!! The drive wasn’t too bad, i actually got pass the 110 Freeway before i hit any traffic. For some reason, it was really annoying to be in.
Arrived at LA Weekly for a few seconds then off to the Snoop movie premiere, for his straight to DVD release, Boss’n UP. The premiere was at the Silent Movie Theatre off of Fairfax. Wasn’t too far from the Weekly. Drove right by the place, saw the Marquee and the small front where the red carpet is.
Parked in the neighborhood in the back and walked on over. Saw Steve or Same, forgot his name from the publicity firm handling the premiere. I recall seeing him in the press tent in Vegas at the Comedy Festival and in the press room there. We were placed at the end of the red carpet, but it wasn’t even that long. I say i good 50 feet across, which was mostly occupied by huge security dudes and the 5 or so publicists.
Nothing really happend for an hour, from 7 to 8 nothing. We were promised that Snoop will be there by 8 so we just waited. UPN 13, FOX 11, MTV News, CNN were there. GMTV, Good Morning Television based out of the UK was also there. So all of us, just staring at each other, trying to make the time go by. Man i was blabbing about random things here and there. Saw some really hoochie girls, dress hella hoochie, and butts that you could actually put a drink on. That’s no exaggeration. And the girls weren’t even big in frame, i say fair petite if you asked me with butts that were whoa!!
Here’s an interesting thing, i’ve have talked to Snoop personal publicist here and there, dealing with events of his. I received quite sporadic responses and what not, even Ben has had the same experience. I overheard a conversation that pointed out Meredith, his publicist was there. Found it a surprised she didn’t even come to introduced herself to any of us. Whatever.
FINALLY! Snoop arrives around 7:50 in a dark van. He was just named the executive producer of XM Satellite Radio’s classic hip-hop channel. It took him quite awhile to get out of the van, not of course without having 3 huge security guard dudes and the entourage. An entourage that wasn’t as large as you would imagine, but then again this event isn’t that big.

First was the 3ft x 3ft section where Snoop posed for 2 seconds of photos. Dressed in a jacket with a black shirt that says “Save” Tonight at 12:05, Tookie Williams is slated for execution by lethal injection. Kinda trippy to see Snoop have this movie premiere while he was going to be executed a few hours later. I noticed his chain around his neck, 2 dogs on top of each other and it hit me that it meant a sexual act. Fun.
Shot pictures here and there where i could find some real estate on the sidewalk, most of the time hanging off it. Snoop was talking very very softly, it was really hard to hear. He did pull out a photo of him and Tookie which was shot December 2nd, when he went to support Williams’s clemency. Wasn’t too long of a red carpet. Saw Ryan from The Source magazine there, he’s the west coast editor for the mag and i met him a few months ago at the Alicia Keys concert. Chatted a little, looks like he’s working on a Tookie Williams piece and some quotes from Snoop would be a great add.
Had that party thing a little later, and right when we were leaving. Ben noticed one of Snoops’s guy Ted Sing, his right hand man hanging out. Talked to him a little bit, introduced us to his cousin and asked us if we were going. Wasn’t too sure if we could, but since like Snoops go to man, it wouldn’t have been a problem. I wouldn’t have mind to go in, but i wanted to see how that other event was. Ben talked it up to him to see if an interview was going to happen or not. Ted assure him that it was going to happen for sure, when the busyness dies down.
Off to Beverly Hills to the Camden House. Man, Beverly Hills looks a lot nicer than what i remember. Well the Beverly Hills area around Rodeo Drive and what not. Got into the place, this bar, lounge restaurant. I wanted to bring in my camera to take some pictures, but I didn’t want to shoot then go back to put it away and just left it. When i got into the place, wasn’t much of a red carpet. It was just a backdrop hanging next to the bathroom and the bar.
First sign it was going to be a whatever night at this place. Not an open bar, c’mon now, party and not an open bar? Then again it was a charity benefit and maybe the profits when to the charity. They did have a few charity things up in the silent auction. The only thing that was interesting was the Lawrence “LT” Taylor signed Helmet. I think it was an Eagles or Falcons helmet, i dont recall. As you can tell im not big on football really.

Nothing was going on really, i wouldn’t have mind going back to the movie to watch and then come back over here. I asked Ben, didn’t give a response, so i just hung out and chatted it up on my sidekick and observed the “red carpet.” I didn’t even know who anyone was getting their photos taken. Only person i noticed was Rex Lee from Entourage which i saw at the Tyra Banks party. I kinda wanted to talk to him and see if i could pull an interview and maybe a visit to a set filming. I did notice this short Asian chick but i couldn’t put my finger on it who she was. I just didn’t see anyone i wanted to shoot, i wouldn’t have mind shooting the cute chick who plays the daughter “War at Home” and i dont recall the rest on the tip sheet. Usually they dont show up anyways..
Since nothing was happening, no one really, music kinda sucked. Like it wasn’t really danceable, the food going around was minimum consisting on finger food versions of crab cakes, satay, and bake potatoes of what i saw. We decided to leave around 9:30. I wanted to maybe stay or go to that movie but whatever. The birthday girl, Christina Martin was in a pretty hot red dress, ones you might see in a ballroom dancing competition. All glammy and shiny!
Off we go, back to the Weekly to get my car. This was the second time where i left early to something i was planning to stay at, but i wasn’t driving. But I will be driving once i get back to my car. While warming up my car, i was deciding weather or not if i should go back to the party.. This time i wouldn’t have to worry about someone else… Did i go back?? Ill leave that up whoever might have talked to at the Camden House after getting my car..
Whats my mother effin name….??

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