Quarter Life Crisis… Im getting old…

Last Thursday December 8th, 2005
Happy Birthday to me!! Hurray!! 22 years ago I was born and 22 years later I am here mistakenly (not getting into that today). Birthdays aren’t a big deal to me because it’s just another day. I wanted to just lay low and not announce it really. How did I lay low?? Signed off my screen names on my PC and Sidekick, and pretty much had my cell phones off. i so didn’t want contact with anyone at all. It’s just a waste, and lotta of the happy birthday wishes feel so empty and such. Plus i didn’t want any presents or whatever. At least i know i wouldn’t be getting another Bible. Nothing says you need some salvation from our holy savor than getting a Bible, especially on your birthday. Its likes getting something like gum or a gym membership, and the underlying reason is that your breath be kicking and your ass needs to get on a treadmill. And the only appropriate time to give it to you is on your birthday. Like any other time isn’t a good time, but you can put a facade of a gift on it. Goodness. it was even “A New Believers” Bible. Which means, cliff notes, breakdowns, highlights.. Pretty much a dumbbed down version. Ehhh enough of the ranting about that… So over it.
Headed off to the Pasadena Symphony Association to do an audit on their systems. Wasn’t too hard, had to keep track of their PC, Monitors, Printers, and Fax machines. Yesterday i had to go out to Redlands, to Redlands Aviations to install and configure a few things. The only highlight of the audit in Pasadena was that one of the chicks i was talking to have a nice behind.
Afterwards, headed to my dads work to get some lunch. Got some salad and trying to finish up reading “Kitchen Confidential.” Almost done, new thing… reading is fun!
Then off to LA Weekly, to hang out with Ben and regroup on certain things. More reading and what not. Wanted to hit up the Jimmy Kimmel show. Walked on over to Hollywood and Highland and there was already a mad mad line. The stage behind the El captain theatre had rehearsals for Fort Minor. Right then I really wanted to check it out. But it was barely 6 and the performance wouldn’t happen until 945 at the earliest.
Walked across the street to the newly opened Virgin Megastore. There’s one over here, and man its pretty overpriced media. What i found really interesting is that they had some UK magazines. Namely Arena, and Kelly Brook was on the cover pretty much naked. i remember doing a few episodes of Smallville, and that sparked my interest. Looked into her spread, and she was pretty much nude. i thought this was interesting, but then again the UK is open with their sexuality, and the US is uptight and conservative about it. i mean c’mon, look at the whole uproar about the Janet Jackson super bowl thing. Shows how really conservative America is on that matter. it doesn’t mean I think America is conservative on many other matters, if you looked at the polls, America is a more than half on many issues Liberal. Anyways, UK open on sex and not on violence, and America is open on Violence and close-minded on sex.

Left out of there after awhile and stood on Hollhwood Blvd wondering how we were going to kill time. Kill time to what? Well Paul Sheer and Aziz Ansari (make sure you go to Aziz site and download funny shorts entitled Shutterbugs)was doing a show at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre. A commentary on the R.Kelly Trapped in the Closet video. i had been talking to Paul here and there during the week and Aziz hit me up today. I really wanted to check it out and show our support and what not, but man we had no idea how to kill the time until the showing at 11. We thought of a movie, but couldn’t agree on one movie to watch, so that was out of the picture. Sitting in the middle of the Hollywood and Highland complex trying to figure out what to do. We left it up to fate, just flipped a coin weather or not we were going to wait and attend the show or not. Result? The head of that Indian chick on the 1 dollar coin. Off to dinner and then to home.

Decided to have some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. its a perfect day in Los Angeles, not a cloud in the sky with a light breeze. Perfect jacket weather. Since its such a nice night out, we decided to sit outside and have dinner there. Having some light conversation. Took me awhile to decide what I wanted. The menu doesn’t really offer much variety, i shouldn’t be surprise since I’ve been there about a thousand times. i really wanted s salad but i had one earlier so i got the typical thing i get there, the Fettuccine with Garlic Cream sauce with either Chicken and shrimp or both. This time i got it with the shrimp since Ben got it with the chicken.
Had a pretty good dinner, and off we go. Left the place and what not. I was deciding weather just to stay myself and sleep in my ride or whatever. But i didnt, i made it home way before the show would have started but i will be going to a future show of Pauls, since Aziz is out in New York. Cant wait. Over all, Operation Low Profile was a great success. Besides me bitchin’ at a select people who couldnt even say birthday wishes. Whatever..
Its my party and ill cry if i want to… if i want to…

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