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Last Wednesday November 30th, 2005
Notary Seminar and Exam today.. Hurray!! Last night, wasnt feeling all too well. I felt either the cold or flu coming on. Well i mean i felt it coming on the days before but this was the day i hit me like a ton of bricks. Illness for me usually builds up to the actual day i wish i was dead and in bed. Yesterday was the day, however when i woke up this morning, i was feeling real good. Up at 7am however bed at 2. Who knows.. Either i have a really good immune system or the multi vitamin, fish oil pill, vitamin c crewable, 3 cups of green tea, and the pomagrated juice.
Head on over to the Ontario Hilton. There were lots of people. About 100 or so people. I learn lots about being a notary but as i was taking the class. The most you could charge for lots of the services were about 10 bucks. That’s beside the point, i was only there to get my license so i can do loan signings. That’s where the money is at.
Of course there were a few cute chicks and there, but mainly older folks. And then there were older older folks..
Not to be an ignorant person or whatever. But you know how they say that life comes full circle? When you are born you are in a diaper, and when you get older you whine up in a diaper too? Well like some of the adults in this class need things repeated and ask obvious questions and so on. Ehh who am i to judge? Education, well retaining it as you get older is a lot more difficult. So maybe that’s why.
Totally over looked there was a state fee to take the test. A check or money order was needed, so my butt had to go home to get it. I thought it was bad for me, but the cute woman in front of me lived an hour away. There was some lunch feast thing at the cafe, and i wanted to try it out. Oh well.
Headed on home, got the check during the lunch break. Thought to go to Rubios for some fish tacos since it was near by. Haven’t had them in awhile and its a pretty good deal.
Back to class for the last few hours. The 8 hours is going by quick since i am hella interested in this and learning something new that will be give a better income. I am all for it!!
A few more hours, and we are done. Had to go ahead and take the exam. Took about a friggin hour to register everyone. I was going to complain about the wait, well you know what i should. It took me like 2 minutes extra to register because i wanted to have my commission county be associated with Los Angeles rather than San Bernardino. I kinda made up a address area but i just got the office of the main person i was going to work for in Covina. It looked like the Hilton was having some banquet in the hall, and they were setting up. FUN!!
The exam wasn’t too hard. 30 multiple choice questions after learning about it all in 8 hours prior. Shouldn’t be too hard. I mean i had a few questions that took more thinking, got stumped on a few and i know i read a few wrong. However i know i passed, i mean cmon now. If i don’t, i have some really bad learning disabilities, like forreals!!
After the exam, compared some notes on the test with this dude that sate behind me renewing his commission, and this other chick who sat by him. I now know i have a really bad short term memory, i was trying to remember questions so i can ask them over to get an opinion. Took me awhile to recall my second one. Something about making a notarizing a college degree or whatever.
Anywho, off to Leslies to hang out. Got some dinner at Quiznos. Yum. That’s some good ass sandwiches. All toasty and such. All about the chicken club or turkey or whatever else.
A good night for television if you ask me. One Tree Hill and Lost. Oh last night, i got the Ryan Cabrera Live at the Wiltern DVD i was at back in March and watched it. Like dude look for my ass walking up and down the ramp behind the pit in the first 3 songs. I’ve noticed, really recently i been working a lot of concerts going to DVD. I love it. Mad, i missed the Michael Buble one thought.
Anyways, One Tree Hill was a good episode. Doesn’t look like its getting teen cheesy much or the story line has been done before. The new chick who plays Rachel the cheerleader is really hot. Then of course there is Lost. I ALWAYS effin scream at the end of the episode because its cliffhanger galore!! Dane Cook feels the same too and man oh man. Love it!! This episode, they found another piece of the Darpa reel where it skips in the one in the hatch. The added frames said that the computer shouldn’t be used for anything else but inputting the code. Of course when Michael is around the computer, which seems to be right after the video is showed again, the computer is operation to be typed on. Dude he talks on it, and it appears to be his son, Walt on the other end. CRAZY!! I can’t wait to see next week, and 24 is coming back and that’s going to be awesome!!
Enough of that, tomorrow. Long day with a little Chris Botti!!!

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