Vegas Trip Day 2

Friday November 18th, 2005M

Day 2… Well actually kinda day 1 since I didn’t get into Vegas yesterday until 2ish or 3 or whatever. The top shows we had today were Dane Cook and George Lopez. Last night, didn’t go to bed until 4ish i think.
Got up around 10ish and got ready. OH!! Last night at Pure, i met a correspondent from People Magazine. He told me that Kimberly Stewart was rumored to come into Vegas at Midnight to elope. I remember reading something about her and Ryan Cabrera hanging out. But last night i saw a ticker on E! that she was engaged to Talan from Laguna Beach. They only have been dating for 2 weeks. CRAZY!! Talan has always been a pimp since he dated Lindsay Lohan and now marrying Kimberly Stewart. That’s pretty tight if you ask me.
Headed off to the Caesar Palace to drive and to walk the strip from there. I wanted to hit up Walgreen first because i had a little problem with something. I needed to have it handled cuz i mean im in Vegas and if you don’t have it handled.. Then the trip might turn out to be a bad one. Yes, very vague, gotta keep yall guessing. .
Walked there and bought a few things. Left outside and was bummed rush by a lady to take a small survey. After that, headed on over down the strip more to find something to eat. That survey lady recommended to check out the buffet at Excalibur or Mandalay Bay.. I say Mandalay Bay because ive been there for lunch and its pretty good. Its rated one of the best if not the best buffet in Vegas.
Walked on over there and hopped on the monorail at Excalibur that takes you into Mandalay Bay. Off to the buffet. Walked into the bay and it just gets me a little sadden that i was suppose to be here to see Josh Groban in March. I felt the vibe i should have been here for it. Oh well. Paid 16 bucks for the buffet, which was pretty expensive but it was too big of a deal. The food here is top of the line. You can’t get any better for gourmet food at this price, and for a dang buffet. I enjoyed it, not as much as i could cuz Ben was tired and wanted to go back and we still had the trek back to Caesars Palace.
Trekked it on back, and it seemed a lot quicker… Decided to hit up the media room to see if we could request tickets for other shows. Made our request for all the shows we could. Looks like Jamie Kennedy was request interviews with the comedians for his documentary. Hes a pretty talk guy and a slow talker. Put our request in and headed back to the crappy hell hole we were staying in. We passed by Mesa Grill and saw Bobby Flay hanging inside the restaurant speaking to a group of people.
Ben took his nap, and i just chilled to finish up my last post. Its really hard to keep entries updated on some sort of hour bases with a cell phone in Vegas. I mean the having time factor plays apart, and i rather some sort of Internet connection and hope on my laptop. I know i could hit up the media room and use there Internet access but im kinda stuck with whatever Ben wants to do since he was driving.
Chilled out until 6ish, got ready and headed off to the Palace to see Dane Cook and George Lopez. It was still early, so just hung out at a bar. Talked it up with the bartender. Got me a pineapple and Malibu since I didn’t really want to get buzzed or whatever. Ordered a slice of pizza and it looks like Ray ordered some pizza on the otherside of the place. Its crazy to see all these comedians all over the place in a central place.
Met this dude Vince, who was here to check out the shows. He needed to find out where the Palace Ballroom was, where Dane Cook was performing. We headed on over there and took the really high escalator to the third floor. The doors seemed to be opened for people to come in and take seats. I tried to find whoever was handling the escorting in for photographers and no one was there. Left on back to the media room, and got some help. They escorted us into the backstage area. The escort chick left us and we were free to walk around. I don’t think we were suppose to be back there but after going through a few curtains and seeing the back of the stage. We were in the green room.
The green room wasnt really green. It was pretty red, it had a red tint and the plush round booth looking seats were red. They had a HBO/AEG backdrop for the usual photo and electronic television cameras. I noticed i was the only photographer back there and quickly observed that the other photographers were in the audience shooting out there. Whatever, no one was going to kick us out and this was my chance to meet Dane officially. I saw Dane come from where i came and i saw him, i gave him the Super Finger and he gave it back and we shook hands. Just hung out some more, and took in the green room. I noticed someone that looked familiar, but i thought he was with the camera crew. He was actually opening up for Dane. Robert Kelly was his name, we chatted a few and talked some. He was cracking the jokes and pulled one on me. Im not going to say what he said, but lets just say its what i went to Walgreen earlier for.
Robert performed on stage, and Dane came out for interviews. I took some photos of him. I really wanted to interview him, but i wasn’t really prepared and didn’t have my iPod with the mic. Just took the photos and watched Robert on the monitor.
Dane went on afterwards and of course with rockstar status. The green room filled up with people who paid 1500 for the platinum package for the festival. If you asked me, they were hell rude bumping into me without saying excuse me or even a sorry. Whatever. Grubbed on the pizza they had out and they had some salsa. Drank down the beer and just chilled out, watched the monitor and see Dane performed. The jokes he choose wasn’t as funny as i thought he could have been that night. He did lotta jokes from his comedy albums that he has released. I really wanted to hear jokes where I didn’t know the punch line due to hearing it 100 times over. He did the movie one, which is hilarious. Other than that, it was just pretty rad hanging backstage with him and talking to him.

After the show, he came back to the green room where the people back there jumped him. I just stayed back and took it in. It died down a little bit and Ben wanted to take a picture with him. He went up and talked to him, i whipped out my camera and took it. I counted it off 1, 2, 3 with my left hand and took it. Dane came up to me after and said how he liked the count off. We gave each other the brother hug, and i told him, no cheese, no cheese man. Its a joke he has done before at a show at the Laugh Factory i saw him at. He then said, awww man!! I should have done that joke, lets go back on stage and do it. He held out his hand like what you would do when you go on a stroll up to grandma’s house. I said lets go!! Then that was it, i said take care and went on the marry way. Walked out tot he exit and i didn’t want to leave. I had this high of meeting Dane and wanted to just be in his presence. Ben left to go see George Lopez. I could care less, saw him once and its all good.
Went back to the green room and hung out. I wanted to give Dane my car or even his manager my card. He seemed quite busy, and they both were huddled away in the corner to chat. I decided to leave. Headed off to the Colosseum back area to see if they still were allowing photographers. Which they didn’t since it was about an hour into the performance. The door security told me that he was almost done, so i chilled at the steps in front of the Colosseum. Sat there for a effin hour!! That thing didn’t get out until 1ish. Man i was like, I could be doing other things and having adventures on my own somewhere. But I didn’t have the car, a room key and Ben didn’t have a cell. So im screwed!!
Finally the show let out, and tried to figure out what to do. I resisted hitting the tables or any sort of gambling. Checked out Pure, and lines like crazy. Screw that.. Sat down at a video slots. Didnt even know what the heck was going on. I came to the conclusion that junk is just mindless pressing of buttons and losing your money. Good thing it was only a penny slot, and i lost 1.98 dollars, cashed out with 2 cents. There was this chick sitting next to us. She struck up a conversation with Ben and i didn’t want to be affiliated with her in anyway. Her ass acted like she had my number and knew things about me. That annoyed me so bad, but i just ignored her. Noticed Tom Leykis at the bar talking to some chick, and took a few photos of her.

I didnt know what mine and Ben signal was to abort, but we eventually left that wack chick and her friend and took a walk around the Forum shops down to the end. Rather weird but i would also think a little scary, saw these 2 chicks passed out. They were sleeping at what looked like a aquarium at the end of the forum shops. Kinda odd, but then again this is Vegas. Looking at the shops, man i really wish i had some money to throw away!
After that, it was around 2:30 and left back to the hotel. Unwind, and I didn’t fall asleep until four. One more day to go, lets make it a good one. I missed Bill Maher which i wanted to see, and a few others.
Me and Dane have somewhat of an inside joke!!!

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