Welcome to Jamrock!!

Friday November 6th, 2005
After the portable media expo… Next Damian Marley concert… Decided to take Leslie since she wanted to see him and nobody else did. My tickets were sent to me and I hope they had to my house or I would have been screwed.
Got home from the conference and there was the fedex envelope.
Anyways got ready… And headed over to Leslies house. And off on our way. She made a comment that I don’t notice when her hair is different or something. I mean give me a break, if it looks nice it looks nice. Depending on the relationship, I’d most likely tell you when its mad. I prolly do make a mental note, but unno. I pay attention more to the 20th and 1st letter of the alphabet. Hahaha.. Sorry… Im a guy..
Got there in good time. About 50 mins. When I drove in the road leading to downtown Disney, Disneyland and California adventure. I got this nosgtala. Its Disneyland, happiest place on Earth and I do believe that to be true. I went to Walt Disney World when I was younger and I still remember things and the experience. It was amazing. I kinda dream for my honeymoon to be there or just someone I really enjoy their company to go.
Ok lets set it up. Leslie ALWAYS leaves my car door open for no reason. My car, 13 year old Toyota Camry with an effed up alarm system and a key that doesn’t open the car door. You combined them together? A car when the alarm is set and then the door closes, alarm key will not open. Pretty much locked out of my car. Nice huh? I was sooo pissed, I don’t have AAA and im already here to take photos and review the show. I didn’t want to go to the concert and worry about the car. So I tried to open the car with the key. No avail, I did it for so long a blister formed on my forefinger. I sometime leave the backseats unlock so if it would happen, I can crawl through and open the backdoor. Oh, yes this has happened before for years now but not often though. I open the truck and nope, nothing. I punched at the seats and even jumped in and kicked it. Nada. A Disney bike cop rode by once, and 10 mins later again and asked if we needed help. Sure did. He called someone in, I signed a waiver and off we went. Took 15 mins and before the bike dude arrived, I was deciding if I was going to go home after I get into my car, I was sooo heated.
Car eventually opened and we went on our marry way to the House of Blues. I haven’t been to Downtown Disney since the summer I graduated from high school. It looks soo cool and busy. The house of blues and Disneyland was sold out, so you can imagine the crowds. Headed off to the ticket window to pick up my photo pass, had to sign 2 releases and the weird thing. They gave me 2 more tickets. I was like uhh ok. I don’t need these. I noticed someone heard me. Walked over to the line to get a wristband and searched. The dude that heard me wanted to buy the ticket, I told him 15 but he really wanted to see Damian, and gave me 20.
Headed on upstairs and I had to hit up the bathroom. Leslie led the way, which seemed really mazy. Passed the coat check and made it. When I was done, I had to make my way downstairs. I saw the stairs and tried to go down and everyone was just standing around. I got up on this guy and tried to make my way down. He was being all stupid and said where you going. I told him I was press and had to go down and he didn’t say anything. Some chick next to me told me I could take the elevator. Man that guy thought he was all hard, I was gonna cuss him out but whatever. He could go downstairs because it overpacked. Effin loser.
Got down, well the elevator was guard by a big dude but he knew what was up when I flashed my photo pass. Dude can it get anymore crowded? Made it through the sea of people and got in front of the barricades. WOW. This is how you are supposed to do it. They had barricades where it was secured against the stage so you cannot push them forward and they have security chilling there. Really the Sunset Strip needs to a learn a little something from Anaheim.

Talked to a few people in the front who wanted photos. The show started kinda late, I say around 9:30 where it was suppose to start 9. There was another photographer there with me who was pretty cool. When we were taking pictures, he had to use his flash because it was way dark. Everytime I finished taking a picture and looked his way, his flash went off and got me hella blinded.
The stage, said Welcome to Jamaica with the aica taking off saying rock, so it said Welcome to Jamrock. The lighting was soo horrible that it was hard to take pictures. After the third song, I just left to the side and hung out at the bar. I was watching the rest of the concert on the monitor because there was no way in hell I was going to move to another location to watch the show… It was chill hanging at the bar, but its all good. I cant really tell you what songs we played, I know most of them was on his latest album, it was tight hearing it live, and the house was just crazy!!
Pass over that duby!! jk

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