Vegas Trip Day 1

4:36PM Update

Here I am in the the shitty Golden Palm hotel and casino. Winding down and giving an update.
Went to bed effin at 4 still trying to catch up on the updates to my site, as you can see. Anyways. I didn’t leave the house until 10:30. From still updating, and packing. Hit up bank, gas station, and Denny’s.
Got up on the road at 11:30ish and made it to Vegas in no time. We got into Vegas around 2. The drive was whatever, and was listening to Dane Cook’s comedy albums all the way down which made it nothing, since I didn’t drive.
Headed straight to the Caesar palace, and tried to find the press check in area. It was in the Palace Tower on the Emperor’s floor. Took awhile to get there but I was taking it all in.
Eventually found the Salon I place, and picked up our credentials. Got ours to badges and good thing we got our Earth to America credentials. Problem is we didn’t get all the shows we want, only Dane Cook and George Lopez. I mean there were other tickets but whatever…
So we left to figured out we had to regroup and figure some things. Some dude came up and started talking to us and was hella cool. Talked about how he got into the rehearsals of the Earth to America event. He left to play the piano and was pretty cool. Ben and I was still figuring things out and stuff.
We headed off to the piano to chat some more and he told us he was singing with some famous singer. He didn’t know who it was, but she had 2 security guards with her. They sang Midnight Train to Georgia, and I instantly thought Gladys Knight but didn’t say anything. Talked about the hot after party at Pure, the club in Caesar palace.. Anyways…
Headed off to the Colosseum to see the rehearsals, wasn’t too sure if we were permitted to go in but we tried and got in. And took a seat and watched away. Nothing really was going on besides the set being set up and Larry David chilling around. I think he is executive producing this event since his wife Laurie is the one who created this Comedy Festival. Sat and chill for a few minutes and work on our attack plan for the night and rest of the festival.

Headed on out and saw someone who looked familiar and someone yelled out Tom. I figured it was Tom Hanks. He was barely 3 feet away from me and I saw his face and hair. His face looks really young, botox perhaps? His hair was longer, and his clothes were really trendy and in style. The blazer jeans combo. He looked really good if you asked me. REAL good. I wanted to take a photo with my cell but im trying to not be a dumb fan or an intrusive journalist.
Left the place and went to our hotel. Dude its hot top of the line, but its not that ghetto. Im really whatevers when it comes to it, I had worse in Manhattan. Where the room smell nothing but smoking odors everywhere! Anyways…
Just trying to prepare for the green carpet for the Earth to America event and then from there. Don’t know.. Trying to get into the the Pure night club. I wanna party it up with Leo Dicapro, who I was told was staying at the Hard Rock in the bowling room. Until later.. Imma update when I have down time, and add pictures when I get home. If you want pictures, imma take as much with my cell phone and you can see the photos on the right panel…
Im typing here sitting in club Pure in the Caesar Palace which is connect to the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. Im just chillin out grubbing on the extravagant buffet food where I turned, and said something I heard on an episode of Entourage where Jeremy Piven’s character told the guys, “Today we eat like kings…” I didn’t look much at the food but right now im hanging out in the vip section of the club with Faith Hill and Toby Keith awhile Larry David is walking around as is Jeffery Ross.
Let me explain a little of the ambience of the club. You walk in and they have a pad that lights up until the end of the hall. Then you turn left and then a right. A little down you see a doorway which I assume is the entrance to the Pussycat doll lounge! Just bars on each side when you finally get inside and straight ahead is the vip section where its somewhat like a canopy with a similar area towards the left.. Hard to explain but you just have to be here… Anyways. Wrapping up from before… But I think ill do that later.. Hahaha I gotta drink and mingle…

Wow… Im sooo tired and blah right now.. But imma update so I can get it over with.
From the hotel, left to the Caesars Palace. Headed off to the Colosseum to see if we could get access to the Earth to America event. Oh before I get into that, Celine Dion has her own store there. I mean I know she performs there a lot but man oh man a store with nothing but her merchandise. Crazy!
Anyways, then decided to go to see how Pure was looking. We passed by the Mesa Grill owned by Food Network’s Bobby Flay. I saw the special they aired about the whole process of conception and having the actual restaurant. It was pretty cool. The vibe of the place is really cool, the open huge bbq on the second floor wasn’t operating. I wanted to see it.
Nothing was really cracking at Pure besides backdrop red carpet set ups. I noticed it right next to the Pussycat Doll Lounge, well pretty much connected. That’s so rad!
Back to check in to the Earth to America event. Checked in and headed off to the press tent. Before you headed to the tent there was a little condiments area. Filled with the usual coffee, tea, water, and soda. They had a fruit plate, these little sandwiches, and assortment of cookies. I assumed Wolfgang Punk catered this cuz the water had his signature on it. Those sandwiches were pretty good, mini gourmet ones. Yum!
Check out the tent. First section had a mic and the backdrop with Earth to America/TBS on it for reporters and news crew. Next, photographers after a small section with a tv. Then the one on one booths, saw Entertainment Tonight, CNN, E!, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Extra, and the Insider. Pretty cool to see the set up. Since there wasn’t much going on until 8ish. Left on to grab something to eat.
Off to Mesa Grill, I wanted to try the food there. I heard Bobby Flay is famous for his Crab cakes..
The wait there was crazy. For 2 people it would be until 8:30. Screw that, we waited around the bar to grab a seat. You had to jock for position to get one. After a short while, someone was leaving.
Ordered a vodka tonic for me and a Sierra Nevada for Ben. Looked at the menu and wasn’t too sure if I was thinking the right thing about the crabcakes. It was the tamales. Tiger shrimp and blue corn. Yum!
So chillin and I swear the dude was staring man at me but whatever. The food came out quick is wonderful. Grubbed on the food and it was amazing! It better be for 15 bucks where normal tamales are like .99 cents at Albertsons. Finished that up and headed out. I would love to check out more but im keeping the expenses to a minimum. When I got the check, I made a funny face and the guy staring at me made a comment and laugh. I started joking with him and was being whatever. I didn’t mind the total it was expected.
Off to the tent. Nothing was going on still. Celebrities were making there way to the backstage. Larry David, Bill Maher, Steve Martin, Cedric the Entertainer, Jeffery Mandor, and a few others.
We started a conversation with one of the security guards. Found out his first gig is security at Light in Bellagio. Another club. At least we had a backup plan if didn’t scam our way into Pure.
Saw Pat O’Brien formally of Access Hollywood and now the Insider. I introduced myself to him and say hi. He’s looking kinda bad, really old and what not. However I wish I could interview like him. Such a genius at what he does even though he a perverted dude and a rehabbing alcoholic.
It was pretty rad. I saw these correspondents I always see on tv on a daily bases. Samantha Harris from E!, Tony Potts from Access Hollywood, and Pat O’Brien from the Insider. Its weird to think these guys are my colleagues. I mean we basically do the same thing but they are just wider known to the public and the celebrities.
People that came in the tent were Larry David, Tom Hanks, Cedric, Jason Alexander, Julia Lewis Dryfus, and many others. A random appearance by Robin Leach. He’s looking old and pretty big. He was really friendly with a photographer who has a HUGE rack. I talked to her a little didn’t bother to catch her name though. She kept on commenting how her boobs might get in the way. Well they kinda do when they are like 36E and maybe even bigger.
At a point we decided to walk through the one on one booths and chill on the other side. We noticed a man putting wristband on a handful of people and stamping their hand after checking their ids. We just got in line and tried to look we belong their. Fake it to make it… Ben went up, showed his id. The man proceeded to stamping his hand and put the wristband on. I hear Ben asked him if this was for Pure, and he said yes and for the vip section. In my head, I was thinking I hope this works, I hope this works. Stay calm. My turn was up and I introduced myself, and his name was Tom. Told him thank you after getting the stamp and wristband. And just walked off and tried to stay calm. We were in! The Afterparty of the year! At the hottest club! Yes!
Hung out with Tony and Samantha during down time watching the show. The show was funny here and there. Don’t wanna comment on the show because it got interrupted so many times. The funny shit I recalled was only Triumph and Will Ferrell’s Impersonation of George W. Bush.

Left the tent area around 1030 since the show was winding down. Headed back to the car and put away my camera and got ready for the party. Before we headed to the car, we walked to Pure to see how it was. Ray Romano was right in front of me trying to get in. On the way back, the bar Shadow, was bumping! They were playing some Justin Timberlake, and it got me so ampd! The shadow dancers behind the bar was shaking their booties. The screen had a pinkish purple vibe with the dancers projected on it. Hot! When I came back from dropping off the camera they were playing Britney Spears and it made me laugh. Not going to say why, its not as straight forward as obvious as you maybe think…
Into the club, flashed the vip status and they know what’s up.
Walked in and the place is nice. Im horrible at discribing so im not going tell how the club is. Come to Vegas and find out. If you stay at Caesars you get in free unless its a private event like tonight.
They had food that was sooo friggin like high glass. Before the food, we headed off to the bathroom where we struck up a conversation with the attendant. George Wallace was up in there. I wanted to take a hit of some cologne. They didn’t have any familiar ones and the Dolce and Gabbana caught my eye. That stuff smells sooo good.
The food, I saw a guy look at the food and I said something to him. Something that recalled from Entourage on an episode where Jermery Priven chracters daughter was having her Batz Mizva. He said, “Tonight boys, we eat like kings” and yes we did. We found it late but there were so much tiger shrimp for your guiltiness pleasure. Where else to do it? But Sin City. Open bar all over the club. Got a few pineapple rum, vodka tonics and this water. Voss, this artesian water from Norway. I wanted to check it out. Its not as good as Fiji.
Some people who were mingling around the place. Larry David, Bill Maher, Tom Leykis, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Ariana Huffinton, Bobby Flay, Ray Romano, Ben Stiller, David Copperfield, Paul Schier, Doug Benson, and Aziz from Best Week Ever, one of the Blue Man Group, Dave Attel, Jeffery Ross, and lotta more i cant remember.
We chatted it up. Talked to Jeffery Ross who is friends with Paul Rodriguez, who Ben is cool with. Hung with the Best Week Ever guys, gonna try to get a private poker game with them, maybe check them out in la when they do a commentary for R.Kelly’s trapped in the closet. Doug Benson came up and I guess he was at a poker tournament.
Just chatted it up all over the place and just chilled it out.. Didn’t leave until 2ish. The club was a really nice place and I guess its rated number 1 from E! If that really means anything. That’s it for now, not really through due to me being busy..
Trying my best to keep the update while being drunk. Haha

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