Time to mix your red and your whites…

Sunday November 6th, 2005
This entry is going to be a little short since i been taking forever to post. I should really do it after the event or should i say the day. But what can you do. Going to be a very very cliff noted entry.
Had class at 6 which i went to but only planned on staying for a little bit. Had a little quiz in the class that took around 30 minutes to finish. The movie for the day was The French Connection. I’ve never seen it and the day where the teacher tells us we are going to have a discussion the class was going to lead, i had to go. Totally sucked but what are you going to do?
Left around 7, to make sure i made it down to the Wiltern by 8ish since doors opened at 7:30 and Jason Mraz doesn’t perform until later from past experiences.
Didn’t take too long to get down to Los Angeles, a little nder an hour. Made it into a the Wiltern which is pretty much alotta Korean type stuff around. Of course one of my favorite restaurants, BCD Tofu House, good stuff there. Healthy high in protein tofu and all that stuff… No comment on the Kim Chee… hahahaha….
Went to the usual parking complex next to the Wiltern and it was sold out. Had to go across the street where it was pretty packed to where they had to pretty in a since valet it for you. I say in a since because they just parked it but you don’t pay the valet charge..
Made it to the blockages at the Wiltern and they were trying to be all high security and crap. I told them i had a digital camera and a photo pass which was at the will call. They had someone escort me to make sure i got it, or should i say i had one. Give me a break!
Headed up the Will Call, got my tickets. Headed right on in. Wow it was way packed tonight. I’ve never gone here when it was packed, then again i haven’t done many things here except Ryan Cabrera and the Insomanic Comedy Tour. I was suppose to be here when Michael Buble was, but im not going to get into that. I missed out on a special appearance by Josh Groban during Buble concert. Aint that some shit??
James Blunt was on stage, never heard of him to be honest. However it sounds like he had a pretty big following hear the crowd cheer and stuff. I wasn’t sure if there was an escort to take the photographers to the front to take photos, i was there rather late. I headed to the operations office and tried to get some info. Photo opts for James Blunt was over, i had to check in my camera to go back to check out James. I was pretty much whatevers and just tried to kill sometime.
Did i say how crowded it was? Man it was pretty happening with people all over the place. Eventually Jason was hitting the stage at 8:45 and i headed back to the office to get my camera and be escorted. PJ who worked for the Wiltern escorted me up. Looks like i was the only photographer tonight. This was his second show and im sure most of the photogs shot last night at his first show.
Walked to the handicap walkway thing behind the pit area and in front of the first level of the place. Pretty much hung out before Jason got up on the stage..
Ran and down the ramp shooting photos. The usual 3 photo limit. More and more i been quite liberal when I shoot., ive shot over 270 photos which is good for safety since i will weed out the rest and generally get 10 good shots.
Jason came on stage alone with just a guitar, solo mic, and a rug on the floor. He was dressed in a backwards hat, pink t shirt, and jeans.

He sang two songs with just himself acoustically. The band finally hit the stage during his third song, “Life is Beautiful.” In the middle of the song where it hits a downbeat and picks up. The curtain raised up showing 2 other guitars, bass and electric im assuming. A drummer, percussion, and a piano/electric piano looking dude. Jason switched out guitars a few times.
Before the end of the third song, i ran out of there because i shot a full 1 gb of photos. Checked in my camera again. Headed off up to the lodge to get into my seat. Ive never been up here and was looking forward checking it out. Was in the CC row, and the view was different than the one i an used to being here and i liked it. The view wasn’t bad and at least it was seated.
He did a little freeflowing set for awhile. I wasn’t too sure if it was a song or not but it was pretty tight. Next was “Did you get my Message,” the Wiltern was sold out which is pretty good, especially the Rolling Stones also playing in town. Other songs… Bella Luna, The Remedy where he sang the second verse in frned, Plane, Mr. Curiousity, Please don’t tell her, and Clockwatching.
Ran out of there after he performed “Geek in the Pink” right in the middle. Flipped the hat back and it was funny when he asked what day it was. He does that on the song and then he answers laundry day. I didn’t get it until he explain it and he meant that because he wanted to mix red clothes with whites and we all know when you do that, your clothes is dyed red or usually pink and then there you have the song. I didn’t want to get into the mix of the people leaving and crossing the street getting into the complex i was in. Too bad i walked across the wrong street and dude honestly i was semi lost. It took me a good 5 mins to recall the bank i walked by earlier and made it back to my car. Left LA, i wanted to hit up the tofu house to get something eat.. Decided not too, the last time i was there i was getting some looks and comments from the Korean people waiting there.. Man i wished i had someone Korean with me, but most of you know I don’t associate with many. Im not going to get into that, but don’t think im prejudice or something, i just have my preferences. All and all a good day.. I missed Desperate Housewives…. good thing it was a rerun which i learned after the fact…
Pink.. the new black…

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