Im a nerdy as they come, but so much cooler!!

November 18th, 2005
Portable Media Expo and Podcasting conference day is here. I’ve been receiving lots and lots of releases and requests from the exhibiters for a few weeks now to visit the booths. I didnt really plan on doing much on this event, however when i discovered Leo Laporte was the first keynote speaker. I had to go.
I can pretty say i grew up with him in my technology peak. I remember seeing Tech TV for the first time when i visited my uncle in Jersey and turned it on and saw the Screen Savers on Tech TV with Patrick Norton. I was sooo sucked, all the nerdy stuff i understood. I was disappointed when i got back home and didn’t have the channel. Years later, it finally got on Adelphia and yes. Hooked. However ever since Comcast, which in turn G4 bought and made it G4TECHTV. I went down hill, in a nut shell the network totally sucks now, and they dropped the TechTV, and now is only G4. Video game TV, whatever. I am bitter because some of my favorite television personalities, Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose weren’t on tv as much. I mean Kevin Rose still carried on The Screen Savers for awhile but he hightailed it out of there. The show change to Attack of the Show, they now have lame subjects and yeah. They even had a stint where the callers who called in were set up and were G4 employees calling. ANYWAY!! I am rambling. Leo, Patrick, Kevin among other TechTv alumni starting doing Podcasts.
If you didn’t know, Podcasts are basically a radio show in a since put online for you to download and listen on your computer and/or iPod. Subjects are various, name it and you will find it. Especially with the latest version of iTunes, 4.9, it makes them more readily available and showcase and puts them on the fore front. Still not catching a huge audience and with studies, 80 percent of podcasters and listeners are of the male gender, and in the 30-44 age range. As podcasting becomes more popular, it will be more known to the masses.
For myself, i listen to the tech podcasts, mainly this week in tech with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Robert Hurand, Roger Chang, and many more. Each week is differnt as the speakers, but its fun to listen to. I started listening to this from day one, and just love to hear the guys speak on subjects i was used to hearing from these guys. Another tech podcast, would be Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht Diggnation. is a social bookmarking website, dealing mainly of tech sorts. Diggers digg stories, the popular ones hit the home page for all to the read. Kevin and Alex each week review and talk about a handful of the top stories. Very fun to listen to. Other ones, Tips from the Top floor about Photography, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Roger and Ebert, and lately One Tree Hill Peytons. Even Josh Groban got in the podcasting on his members only club Friends of Josh Groban.
Wow,i am getting way into this and need to just talk more. I totally missed Leo Laportes Key Note since i couldn’t wake up for it at 8. I ws up way way too late the night before. I made it to the Ontario Convention Center at 11 when i finally woke up and got ready. Right when i entered the convention center, i see Alex Albrecht. I didn’t know why really he was there, then again he does have a podcast. I just found it so cool. I was thinking, like when i see him, my geeky side comes up and i do get instead of starstruck, i get nerd struck. I am more excited seeing my geek idols persay, but if i see another celeb, i could careless. i entered the hall, and picked up my badge.
Walked up and down the place. It not what i am used to. I am used to the massive scales of CES and Comic Con, that this was pretty tamed. I say maybe over 30 exhibiters were there. i just briefly walked up and down. I headed off to the Press Room to see what it was all about. Nothing too much. Had the usual coffees, and such. Just picked up a water and headed back out. Did some more walking around, checked out the schedule to see what conferences i wanted to check out. Off to the press room once again. this time they were serving lunch. Samwiches!! Picked a table, got some food and hung out. While hanging out and reading through the program booklet, i hear a familar voice and someone yell out Leo!
Another nerdstuck moment.. sorry. More and more he’s just so intelligent and his vast knowledge is amazing. On an episode of systm, Kevin Rose checks out Leo’s podcasting equipment, i didn’t know but he has years of experience in radio and more in computers. Anyways, i couldn’t help but looking back and seeing him, chatting and so on. He was getting interviews from someone there by a videocamera, i hung out and just listened to him talk. I missed the Keynote and i had to just stand there in awe and listen. Such a nerdy moment!
Brief and headed off to the key note.. Just talked about yahoo podcasting service, looks like they are jumping on the podcasting little red wagon. I say that because its not that big yet.. HAHA.. Then ran off to the conference entitled Secrets of iPod and Itunes with Leo Laporte, Paul Griffin, Chris Breen, and Dan Frakes. Again I was here to see Leo talk, and even Paul. Paul Griffin is the head of Griffin Technology where you get the iTalk and iTrip. The conferenece was prettty basic and fun and all i wanted to do was hear the guy. I wish i brought my camera to take photos, i didnt think to but oh well. The thing was done at 3. I wanted to talk to Leo a bit to see when and where he was filming this week in tech aka tWit.
Walked on over to the show floor again and i see a rushing dude, and it was friggin Patrick Norton. Another yet again nerd stuck moment. Just saw him, walked by and left. Pretty much it. Then day 2, i dont see anything of interest but i do wanna see Chris Parillo talk… He was on techtv for awhile when he was hosting Call for Help. I wanna see what he has to say…
Yes i know, i am a total nerd but what can i do??

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