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Wednesday November 16th, 2005
Today… Nothing much of anything besides leading up to my vegas trip tomorrow. First trip just going without family and of legal drinking and gambling age. Its for work in a since of course, but lotta fun though. That’s the beauty of my job. Soo much fun!
Why am I going? Ill be shooting the Comedy Festival in Vegas. The first one of many I hope. Just a 3 day festival of celebrating comedy with performances from Dane Cook. George Lopez, Jerry Sienfied, Dave Chappelle, Best Week Ever people, and so much more. Its just going to be loads of fun!
They are televising the Earth to America show. To the best of my knowlegde from some online info and tv commericals, just a bunch a comedians bringing awareness to global warming. Yes many comedians are librerals, get over it. Hahaha…
Oh! So I sealed the deal with illusionblue. A computer consultanting firm headed by an old classmate back in middle school. I was surfing craigslist a few weeks ago and saw an ad for technicians. Checked it out last week, met with the CEO who I knew back in the middle school days as the goto computer guy. it was pretty cool. Here’s the catch, in a since I work for them but work for myself. Im renting out the desk, computer and other office amendities for $150 bucks a month. Im sure you are asking why are you paying to work. In my mind I am considering this an investment. I will be sent out on trouble tickets where I do make a good amount an hour plus mileage but the true benefit is another desk, office, computer to go to. The experience I will recieve and can be added to my resume, and dude he has every damn microsoft title among others.. Here’s the thing, legally. I need a clean install of windows xp pro, I have the bootleg of windows 2k pro and it doesn’t like me. So 150 is a small amount to pay for things invested that will be beneficial in the long run.
Anyways back to today. Went to class, and students are dropping like flies. Its funny, not the class is hard, just people not showing up. I spend most of my time trying to finish off reading books I haven’t yet and im currently on michael moores dude where’s my country. WOW!. I have farenhiet 9/11 and that got me so angry, and reading into this. The movie was soo watered down compared to the book. Just all the bullshit and lies, makes me mad. However, I do take it with a grain of salt, just bc its written doesn’t make it true. Moore does quote other sources which make it a powerful written word. Just the lies, excuses, and just making the american people look a damn fool. I do admit, I supported the war, watching the news, hearing bush, so on and so forth I was for the war, I was for bush, I affliated with the republicians. I ordered the freedom fries. But cmon! Still no sign of weapons of mass distruction. Yes saddam is evil but america has a long reputation for putting dictators to power and supporting them. France supported us since the war of independance, and first to come after septeber 11th. Screw it, im not going to get into it. I do support the rich getting richer, I mean my dad worked his ass off to be where we are. If I stood back as an outsider looking in, we, when I say we, I mean my brothers and mom. Outsider looking in, I have it fuckin made. Beautiful house, food on the table, a working car, and all these luxuries. I take it for granted because im a ungrateful son, anyways more rambling. Yes rich getting richer… But I do have a heart. Yes I know due to popular belief I do have one. Im just not a fan of lies and deciet, a war based on it with american and innocent causalities. I have ben called liberal as an insult, like being on the school yard and caling little Billy fag or as adults whatever insult you can use. I do get angry when called that, but I shouldn’t. It means I have a mind of my own to question things and not go with certain ideals because you belong to whatever party. I know someone where they wouldn’t even watch a movie, day after tomorrow, because it was propaganda ridden about global warming. Give me a break. I watched it purely based on entertainment, I didn’t believe it could happen and I didn’t come away thinking dude, I better start hugging trees or the earth is going to freeze over and dennis quiad is going to have to travel from washington to new york to have jake gheyyhal. Ok enough of that…. Watch bill maher, my views are generally paralell to his.
Class finished. Went home. Tried to finish up some errands. Oh so I looked through this folder. Folder that held all my notes, iternary, info sheets and other stuff for my vegas tripped I planned out last march. Where I was going to see josh groban at manadalay bay. Looking through this, got me upset, then sad, then annoyed, lastly relieved. I had this whole trip planned for someone I cared about deeply, eehh unno. Im just happy its over, that feeling you have in your chest that you feel would never go away. However I do believe my plans will be carried out sometime in the future. You can only hope, but what I’ve said before.. Hope is just blind faith. But I do wonder…..
Hung out at home a little. Left to school to drop classes… Don’t ask… Deposited a check at the bank, headed to the victoria gardens to buy another memory card for the fesitval just in case I couldn’t dump the photos I take to my laptop. Decided not to, im pretty much a regular at ritz camera. One of the employees, jennifer. Such a cutie, has this punk rock vibe to her but really plain jane. Its really attractive to me. And I recalled her going to high school with me and I just came up with an apifany. In my mind, I recall this like rockablity girl in high school who wore this red dress, something you see back in the day, like 50s. Omg I think its her, she dated this guy. It HAS to be her, I keep seeing this lady in red in my head and it has to be her! Im soo going to ask her next I see her… Oh guys, if you know what a microdrive is, they are coming out with a better model, so make sure you get that instead of the older one.
Alex and derek were at the mall, so I met up with them for 5 minutes. They headed off to Active and I took derek with me because I was heading that way to Leslies house. Went there and left to Pei Wei to get dinner for me and her.
This place totally rules! Best “fast food” chinese food! They actually cook the stuf! Got me orange peel beef with brown rice and Leslie got the Spicy korean chicken with brown rice.
Off to house to hang a little. Oh, Ben hit me up at 7ish when I was at Ritz head over to my house. He was staying over since im right off the 15 freeway to Vegas and we were leaving in the morning.
So I still with Leslie for like 10 mins and I get a call and Ben is over already. It was barely an hour that past and I was figuring 30 more mins. Rushed on home and just chilled out. Went over a few things and yeahh.. I still gotta pack… We headed off to give a tour of my little town. Looks like Johnny Rockets is going to serve breakfast soon.. I wanna how that’s going to be like…
Its 3.. And im trying to finish up this entry along with the last 3 you see and update the featured albums, Fort Minor and Michael Buble, before I get to Vegas for your pleasure! Hopefully I will, and hopefully I can blog while im over there with daily updates… If I don’t, im either being robbed at the tables, pissed drunk peeing in the belliegio lake, or maybe, just maybe on a hotstreak. Wish me luck.. Don’t forget, that’s when preparation meets oppotunity. My money is prepped and my butt is opputune on that chair.
Things ill be saying.. HIT ME!!! & ALL IN!!!

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