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Last last Friday.. October 28th, 2005

Friday… Hurray… The highlight of the day I was hoping will be the MadTV taping…
The morning wasn’t fill with anything interesting. My older brother is back in town from Santa Cruz. Bummed it all morning until around 2ish. My class was leaving at 3. My Cinema professor is friends with the Mad TV Talent casting director. I was game to go with, since it was some sort of VIP access.
However I had to get a book at the bookstore for my history class. I’ve been putting it off for awhile and been doing decent without it, however I’ve been a lazy ass to go to the library and finish work. I was pretty much ready to go but the plumber came to fix my sink. First it was leaking, then the temperatures were switch, and then the sink seemed clogged.
After that was done being fixed, headed off to the school. Bookstore was still open however they didn’t have any more used book and the new book was too expensive. Oh well…
Headed off to meet with the class. It was 3:03 and looks like im the last one there. There was about 9 of us. Exciting!
The drive there was boring.. No one was really talking and I wasn’t feeling my outgoing self since I was feeling under the weather. I did learn a new route to Hollywood. We were averaging about 60 to 70 miles per hour and got into LA in 40 mins. Next time imma take the 210 to 134 to 5. I usually drive 80, so ill be there in 20 mins. Haha.
The way we took gave me a new way to get to the Greek Theatre. I’ve been to so many concerts there but man only distinct experiences stick out in my mind and not really privy to it. Sucks.
I love going a different route to places around Hollywood. I always see the same things because I take the same routes.
Made it to the Hollywood Center Studios. Parked it up in the D Lot and walked to the studios. I love being in studio back lots. I feel like a kid in a candy store. You don’t know what shows are being filmed, what big names are walking around. I just love it. I would take the backlot tour at Universal Studios nonstop if I could. I mean I could but people I am with might not like it.
We head to studio 8 which is the Mad Tv filming studio. Pretty much just hang out. We were led in and saw a little of the rehearsals. I see a Wheel of Fortune set and I noticed someone that looks like Pamela Anderson. Dude it was her. I was like wow, she’s pretty hott in person. However we had to leave because it was a close rehearsals.
Headed off outside, and just chilled out. I get on the phone to talk to Ben about some business. Couple events were coming up and we had to set some stuff up.
I noticed a guy that looks familiar. I used to be a Jimmy Kimmel show whore, attending and always watching. Im going to attend again next week to see Dane Cook. Whoop whoop!
Anyways.. He’s the germen dude that wears glasses and always seems to be in a tank top and shorts.
Other people we saw were Frank Caliendo, Daniele Gaither. The class took pictures with them however again, not really big on pictures with celebs. Just not a thing. Im sure it came off as me being some snotty dude.
Pam came out and looks like she went to her dressing room. One of the PA told us we shouldn’t even try to ask to take a pic because she feels all awkward. Oh well..
I just walked around and tried to take in the lot. I honestly just love back lots. So much action, celebs, Hollywood business goes on.
Professor Hill’s friend came out to chatter with us. I totally can’t recall her name, Kim comes to mind. She’s the Talent director, who books the celebs and im thinking the musical acts too. Chatting up some stuff about that, she was really really mellow. I learned a few things but knew of what she told us. Then we got led back in..
At this point audience members were getting seated. Anyways. Ill give the cliff notes.. Don’t really want to describe everything. If you are an avid madtv viewer and don’t want to know about the skits then don’t read on…
250th episode… 11th season… So it was a pretty big deal.. Wheel of Fortune sketch where “Pat Sejack” does things to have Pam bounce, shake, and jirate so her boobs would react. She was wearing this purplely blue cat suit. To be honest her boobs didn’t move much since they are pretty umm fake and large.
Next was a summer camp thing. Pretty much worked the angle the head camp conseuler in this all girl camp was a lesbian. Had one black camper and pretty much did the racial black person in an all white surroundings.
Oh yeah… They had pre recorded video to show the audience to laugh to. Had a snoop dogg and pharrell drop it like its hot parody with the song called smoking too much pot. If you asked me, it felt kinda late. The video is like done and over with.
Other skits they showed I don’t remember much.
Next… Had the opening skit with introductions. Played the angle one of the actors on the show grandmother was coming. Which was Pam Anderson with a walker and gray hair. Called her a GILF. They made use of the camera phones which will look pretty funny.
Next.. President Bush with a talk show. Enough said.. Typical playing off his stupidity and some scandals going on.
Last skit.. A real lame one about this chick who can’t have a guy and their convo. All done in a cafeteria. Totally lame. Oh soo long..
Now for all the stuff in between. Mind you this took 4 hours for all this. Usually at show tapings there a funny guy to direct the crowd and such. Funny guy somewhat. Anyways.. They had a singing contest and this chick who was singing. Before she sang she had to announce she was jail bait.. Umm ok? They had some cheerleaders do a small tumble. Oh so entertaining. So that dude was passing out candy, hats, and shirt. Something he said that I’ve believe for the longest times. “Guys don’t eat lollipops” haha im sorry.. You just don’t.. If you do, do it not in public.
Anyways.. The thing ended at 10ish.. They had vip people say and the others go. Dude I thought it was gonna be like a little set tour after show wrap up party. No. It was to bring in another audience to be seat. Oh heck no. Im not gonna be sitting in here for who knows how long. Booked it outta there quick.
Left the way we came in. We were all standing around. I notice Bobby Lee in a Turkey outfit and point him out to my professor. He walks over and ask for a photo with the class. He was cool with it. I told him what’s up when I saw him last week. Of course he was like who are you? Haha.. Again I wasnt into the photo. However Bobby was like we gotta get the asian guy in here. Professor was like now you wanna be in it now. I was like nah its cool. Again didn’t want to seem like an asian nob. I ended up getting in standing right next to him. Took the pictures and what not… Sidenote… So im reading Bobby’s bio on and it mention him being in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.. Then it rang a bell, he was the Korean student asking John Cho’s character about being a bank inventor or something.. That was funny and a couple scenes later you see him with his shirt off with weed.. haha. funny stuff..
Now off to the Van and to get some friggin food. I throw out the idea to go see Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory. Anyways, went to go El Pollo Loco. I actually never been so I was semi ecstatic. I saw the commercial for the tortilla soup and wanted to try. I’ve been addicted ever since Leslie made it for me.
Again it was whatever. Here’s the funny thing. One of the chicks was sitting across from me. She got a phone call, hey I wasn’t ease dropping. It was the typical call, pretty much an update on the night. She said something that made me laugh. Here it is.. “Uhh no” then a giggle. Ok it doesn’t make sense and no you don’t have to be there to get it. I can bet a million dollars what the person on the phone ask. You ready?… “Are there any cute people in your class” and again her answer, “uhh no” giggle… Hahaha why do I think this? Dude everyone asks this, EVERYONE. I get calls and people ask me. I wouldn’t be on the phone with them if there were. Trust me. I just found that rather humorous.
Then the ride on home… I felt a little more outgoing and talked a bit more. Other than that. Pretty much a whatever ride home. I nodded off… Hope I didn’t snore, but I felt awake..
Tortilla Soup…. yum..

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