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The image to the right is the sky line of Tokyo. How would you like to see this for over a year?? I run across this posting on Craigslist. Looking at the nature of this job, its seems totally awesome.. I mean you get to teach kids, only a class of 7 kids which is nothing. You get to effin live in JAPAN!! You only live once and 13 months of your life isnt much of it. You get to learn a new culture, explore a new land, eat REAL sushi!! I am considering this however i dont have a degree much yet. I would love to go on a journey and just take photos of this magical place.. Everything is pretty covered plus i did the conversion of the Yen and its a little over 2100 U.S. Dollars.. Who knows.. maybe youll start seeing me posting from Japan.. If you are interested… read the post below for the information that was posted and heres the contact email…

Peppy Kids Club managed by the KTC Foreign Language Institute. Teach children between the ages of 2.5 to 14 years old. Average class size of seven students. Presently over 1,000 classrooms with more than 80,000 students in over 40 prefectures throughout Japan. -Two week training program. -Housing available – Company related transportation costs covered
Job Qualification
1. Must have a work visa to be employed in Japan (the company will sponsor hired teachers)
2. Must be a native English speaker
3. Bachelor’s degree in any field
4. No age restrictions
5. 13 month contract
* Job location is Japan
* Compensation: 250,000 JYN(Japanese Yen) / month

I think im turning Japanese.. I think im turning Japanese


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