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Last Saturday October 22, 2005
Hurray!!! Highlight of the Day will be the Dane cook comedy show tonight.. Earlier in the week, on Monday.. I was wanting to go to the Katrina Comedy Benefit with him, Jay Mohr, and a few other people. However the people running it wasnt looking for someone from a small media outlet. So this was going to make up for it.
Pretty another day of boredom!!!! Well it got better when it was the evening… Lame ass Nohemi had to go to the mall to get a gift and buy some perfume for the night.. I picked her up and we headed over there.. Wow it was soo crowded.. Then again.. There’s NEVER anything to do in Rancho… So they all come out to watering hole… The central effin watering hole.. Oh ok.. Heres my theory.. If you go to the mall, you are there for more than 30 mins and don’t shop and buy anything. Also if you don’t eat at a restaurant, the food court doesnt’t count.. You are a Mall rat.. No if and or buts about it..
After driving around like mad to find a parking spot. I just dropped Nohemi off at Yard House.. Found a parking spot. Headed off to Coffee Bean to get a Strawberry and Cream Green Ice Tea. YUM!! Met Nohemi at Robinson May, where she got the Britney Spears Fantasy.. Im not a huge fan, i prefer Paris Hilton’s scent. I made sure we ran out of that place as fast as possible. So i just power walked it, while she just lagged behind. Cant blame her since she was in heels or whatever..
We made good time.. Whenever i head over to LA. I like to stick to a schedule and such so i don’t get effed over.. Left Rancho at 7.. OH!! While headed to the Victoria Gardens..Nohemi came on testing me and got on my nerve. Ive never felt someone so much on my nerve EVER!! Like i got sooo peeved that i just told her she better just chill the heck out, or i was going to just take her home.. I am usually a rational person, but when i get pushed too far.. Man O Man.. Well i know i calm down when i play some music and sing along. It relaxes me so dang much!! Just turned on the Ryan Cabrera, and we were on our way..
Got into Los Angeles around 8. I wasnt’t too sure where we were going to eat. I wanted to get into Beverly Hills to check out a few restaurants.. Time was a little strained, so i just rolled into Hollywood.. I wanted to check out Geisha House, but i wasnt’t too sure on the wait and we had to be at the Laugh Factory at 9:30 to pick up tickets and what not. I just exited Hollywood Blvd, if it was crowded, we could have headed off to Hollywood and Highland Complex to eat at California Pizza Kitchen or the Wolfgang Punk restaurant in the Renaissance Hotel…
Man i hate driving on Hollywood Blvd… Literally takes a good 20 mins when you exit the 101 to even get to the Kodak Theatre. BLAH!! Finally made it to Cherokee and parked right across the street. It was getting a little foggy over, i love it. Winter is coming!!
Headed on into the Geisha House.. I was hoping it wasnt too crowded since i didnt make any reservations and didnt have the number to call them. We were in luck. There was room at the Sushi bar. I would have preferred to sit in the dining room, since there is much more to see and observed. However we were in a hurry and beggars cant be choosers.

Geisha House Sushi Bar

Since i am the Geisha House conisuier. I ordered our dinner. I wanted to get some Sake and some raw fish. However Nohemi isnt really into it. So if any of you are out there that is into it.. Im soo down to roll.. So we get the Robata-Yaki beef skewers. Robata just means cooked in an open flame. It was Filet mignon, asparagus, salt, pepper with a Teriyaki glaze. That was some good stuff. Mixed Tempura.. Usually zucchini, shrimp, peppers, and sweet potatoes. Then some Calamari. The sushi.. Over the Rainbow Roll. which had Salmon, Yellowtail, tuna, albacore, and shrimp. Then the Hollywood roll. Crab tempura, avocado and cucumber. Nohemi asked for a California roll. That isnt sushi.. If you go to a sushi joint.. and get California roll.. Dont claim to eat sushi.. Speak the truth and say i got a California Roll at a Sushi place and not i went for sushi.. Just a peeve..
Ok ok.. So I figured out why the first time I went to the geisha house and didn’t like it. It was after the Alicia Keys at the Kodak theatre. I was feeling really sick all week long and after. I figured my taste buds were just screwed up. Why? When I ate the over the rainbow roll… Omg the fish just melted in my mouth… Its the best sushi I’ve had… I really wished I got some sashimi… Oh well! Even way better than Sakana in Upland… The best so far.. However I haven’t been to Koi, Katana or Sushi Roku…
Well it was around 9:40.. We were rushing out of there because we were told we had to be at the laugh factory at 930 to guarantee seating or whatever.. Towards the end of dinner, the Geishas were out walkign around. They were pretty tamed and clothed, not like the first time i was there when the house DJ had a see through nighty with her wearing a thong. =)
The Geisha House got hella crowded around the bar area. Hella grip of Asians standing around doing shit and not even holding a drink. I guess the tour bus just dropped them off… Just kidding.. Don’t be mad asian visitors… =)
It was sprinkling outside a little bit. It was soo nice… In the city of angels with the weather I love.
Got up onto Sunset Blvd, not daring to take Hollywood Blvd.. We made it to the Laugh Factory and dude!! There was soo many people outside.. Im not good with numbers but i say there was over 150 people chill outside in a line.
I was driving all over the place and neighborhood to find a parking spot. With luck, i ran across a valeted car being taking away and there opens a perfect parking spot. You are never that lucky.. Especially on the weekends in friggin West Hollywood…
Walked on over… to the long line.. I wasnt even sure why it was soo long.. Then again.. It is Dane Cook.. We walk to the back, and just stood there.. I was wondering, was this line for the Will Call, where my tickets were? Or just line of people.
Eventually i figured i had to go get my tickets at will call.. Which i did.. I had a vip ticket and a general admission ticket.. Great… The Vip ticket allowed me not to wait in that stupid line, but i couldnt leave Nohemi behind. I went back and gave her the choice of going in first or waiting… I mean cmon, its not a hard choice.. Though it did take her forever to decide.. She took the ticket and headed to the entrance.
While i was standing there.. These middle aged woman were bitching and moaning how they were waiting in a line. How they shouldnt be waiting in line because they had reservations. I catch wind that they didnt even have tickets. So i talked to one of them and gave them my best explaniation of the situation. I said even though you have reservation, it doesnt mean anything. You didnt come early enough, plus you dont have any tickets. So a few of them went to the front to go bitch some more. One chick who was holding a coke can, which i was sure filled with some whiskey, came up to me and said, thanks for fucking up my buzz.. WOW.. i was like.. i think yall stupidity and lameness fuck up your chance to get in. Of course i didnt say it outloud.. I am so passive aggresive sometimes, its horrible.. You are looking at a never honking or bird flipping California driver.. Isnt many of those..
After waiting inline a bit. Nohemi calls me and tells me they are letting people in with tickets. Shoot… I ran up to the front as fast as possible..
We got in pretty darn quick. The door dude was yelling out that people with tickets can go to the front. So i take it pretty much everyone who was out there didnt have a ticket to get in. I dont really get why they were waiting out there. Maybe a chance to purchase a ticket.
Went on into the place and wow it was small. However it was a little bit bigger than the Improv in Hollywood. Since we have one VIP ticket, the seat sat us in the front. Just about 4 rows of seats back. Good stuff!!
Tony Rock was the host of the night. Before i get to him. There was this chick sitting behind us. I SWEAR Ive seen her somewhere. She is soo pretty. Its like this white chick with wonderful eyes and full lips. Honestly i know ive seen her somewhere, and I was fighting every urge to talk to her. Asked her where ive seen her or something. The whole night i kept on looking back.. well not during Dane Cook’s set. But yeah.. So so pretty!!
Tony Rock.. Opening dude. He was a black dude and his jokes pretty much only consisted of racial jokes. Surprise? Not really. There were these two dudes in the front who was trying to hassle him. It was totally annoying. I get that you want to have fun and enjoy. But being stupid and dumb is just retarted. They were trying to get attention. There was a dude who just met some chicks there named Daniel. A politian from Washington, like a Young Replication type group i guess. Pimping the chicks. Another subject for Tony was some chicks birthday and her friend who had a boob reduction. Fun!!
First comic, Jo Koy. Funny guy. You might have seen him on VH1 I Love the 80s 3D. Hes the one with the blad head. Anywho.. He had some funny jokes about kids and screwing. What made me laugh the most of the jokes about Phlipinos, about how they speak. He had a joke about they are obsessed with Karoake. How his father cant speak English very well but when he sings hes speaks it perfect. I foudn it funny because i have a lot of Phlipino friends and ive experienced the parties and such..
Up next… Butch Bradley.. i didnt find him that funny, but Nohemi found him totally hilarious. He was joking about scary movies and such. Not too much to get me going. I was just waiting for the Dane Train!!
Dane Cook!!! First let me talk about the Dane Cook hoes. You know.. The chicks who jock Dane Cook because EVERYONE else is. I aint going to lie, hella hot but also rude. It was just kinda funny. So Dane comes out and i gave him a high five. He rocks!! Hes kinda bumming it recently. Saw him on Too Late with Adam Carolla the night before and hes just dressed up in sweats, t shirt, and hat. Tonight isnt any dif. Abercombie Sweats, Colbey T shirt and a Hat.
He had a long long set which i love. I was hoping he didnt do his material from Harmful if Swallowed or Retaliation. His comedy CDs. He didnt do any but like 3 minor snippits of jokes to segway into other jokes I love it!! Ive seen him before on the Dave Attel Insomniac tour! He was talking about relationships and movies which was totally funny!! Everything he said was just plain funny. You guys have to see him when you get a chance.. You just have too!! I am planning to go see him in Vegas at the huge ass Comedy Fesitival!! My title of this post wont make sense to most of you, however go to his show and youll know what im talking about!!
After Dane was done, the Dane groupies ran into where his dressing room was. Highly expected!! haha.. Dane came down the aisle and he shoulder blocked me.. ASS!!! haha jk.. He did though, but its all good!! I wanted to stick around because Dane stays back after his shows to hang with the fans and do the usual autographs and what not. I didnt want to seem like a huge groupie!!
Anyways.. Left.. I wanted to club it up afterwards. It was barely like 1130ish. Then i smelled the street hot dogs!! I was wanting it but my only rules for getting it is that you get a dog after a night of clubbing. You cant leave LA without it!
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