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Wednesday October 19th, 2005
Long long day today… Tyra Banks Self Magazine Celebration party at The Lodge in Beverly Hills. The Lodge, apart of the Dolce Group. The group is own maybe from a few names you might have heard Ashton Kucher? Wilmer Valderrama? Chris Masterson? Danny Masterson??? Maybe you’ve heard of the restaurants? Dolce? Geisha house? There new little sister restaurant to Dolce… Bella? Well i think its called Bella Donna. Not too sure! Anywho. I was excited to go to the Lodge, since ive eaten at Dolce, which is Italian.. Geisha House, which is Japanese… and The Lodge is the steakhouse and what not. Anyways!! before I get into details.. Brief cliff notes of the events prior in the day…
Hit up the post office… then the bank to deposit a check. Decided to chill somewhere to kill time before i had to head off to Beverly Hills. I hit up Jesse, and off on our way to Henrys! The place i almost got rolled by the cops for dancing a week ago
.. We made a pit stop at Jesse bank, so he can deposit his check, the teller dude that was helping him seemed very interested in his state of health. Jesse was losing his voice from a cold or whatever and yeah.. i just found it really funny..
Anywho.. Headed on off to Henrys.. Picked up a few things. ALMOND BUTTER!!! If you love almonds, or just even like them.. You’ll love Almond Butter.. Just think Peanut Butter but with almonds instead of peanuts. However that junk is pretty expensive.. About 10 bucks a pound, and they home in like 8 to 9 bucks containers. Its really fresh with no preservatives and such… Well was there for over 30 mins and it was getting close to 5 and i got to be in Beverly Hills at 6ish.
The usual drive off to Los Angeles i always take week in and week out. However i often have a carpool dummy along with me, this time. Took the solo route since i was pretty much spending my whole evening down there at two events. Plus usually i do last minute things and its hard to find friends that flexible. I just throw it out there for someone to come with, if not whatever. I like it much better alone, since i only have to worry about myself and not making sure someone who is with me is having fun or not. And its a whole lot easier to meet people. People are a lot open to talking to you and i am open since i don’t have to focus on someone.
Traffic wasnt’t too bad. Took about an hour to get into Beverly Hills, and I just was listening to the new Ryan Cabrera. Wow Beverly Hills was soo crowded. I am use to just the streets where the houses are and Rodeo Drive. Not like the main streets where all the restaurants and stores were. There was just way way too many cars, and i passed the Lodge. I had to make a turn, which got me stuck into another turn and took me like 10 minutes to finally backtrack and get into the restaurant. Good Luck finding parking without valet. I was lucky and just parked at the Citibank ATM parking lot where there was only about 10 spots. At this point, it was 6:30 and i thought i missed the arrivals.
I went to the entrance, and i was on the list and they guided me in to the red carpet, which was inside. Pretty much nothing was even going on yet.. They just placed me in a random spot like they always do. I was standing next to Stanley from Shooting Star. Not too sure what they do, which I will have to look up and check out. Melissa from the PR Firm is pretty cute, I swear ive seen her somewhere besides events she puts on. While waiting, they brought around Hor D ‘orves. It was a little piece of steak with a creamy sauce. That sauce was sooo rich, and the steak was perfect.. You barely even had to crew. It was sooo good… Man i wonder how else the food is there. Imma go eat there pretty soon. Maybe after a day of shopping at the Beverly Center…
Constantine from American Idol was the first to show.. He is quite quite tall. Rex Lee from Entourage showed. He plays Ari Gold (Jeremy Priven) assistant. I love the show.. He was wearing a lime green shirt, I was thinking to myself. Good thing i didnt decide to wear the same shirt.. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Noah Tisby,Charity Shae,Chaz Brewer were some of the others. There were more, but i dont do good with no names really. Jennifer Finnigin, such a cutie. She was on the axed NBC show Committed. I really liked her in it. She had this cute little nasally voice. Haylie Duff.. kinda rude to be honest and soo not cute. Her and Hilary looks like they fell into the ugly tank recently..
Then finally Tyra Banks.. After like being told she showed up but was getting out of the limo.. She did the carpet.. Of course she had her camera crew from her television show follow along. By gosh, Tyra banks is tall!!! Said to be around 6 feet 2 inches or so. Dang is all I gots to say. No wonder she is a supermodel… She did the carpet very short, and ran to the Extra and E! correspondents to do questions on camera. During this, her camera crew was taking some B Roll of the place and had the camera around me and the other photographers. I really hope it doesnt air on her show.. If any of you guys saw her show at the Self Magazine party thing, saw a dude with a camera and a Beatles shirt.. That was me…
Anywho.. After they came.. The last couple of guests.. Lacey Chabert.. She is sooo adorable!! And a sex kitten at the same time.. While Lacey was doing the carpet.. I saw Allison Munn.. from What I Like About You. I like the show and i wanted to take a few photos of her. She was suppose to since she was on the Media Alert, but they didnt’t bring her over. Oh well…
The carpet was pretty much done.. And it was getting around 8 o clock.. I exchanged numbers with one of the dudes who was shooting for Power Magazine. He graduated from USC Art School which was impressive. I told him i wanted to go there, and she said i shouldn’t because its a waste of time. I wanted to stay there and check out the restaurant, mingle, and have a few drinks and more food. However i was pressed for time, since Ryan Cabrera was going on at 9, and Click 5 was playing at the moment. So i ran out of there as fast as i could. But not without rubbing up to Tyra Banks… I wanted to touch her.. Im sure you guys are thinking in a disturbing way, but in an appropriate manner… Again, can’t believe how tall she is. She is gorgeous.. As i was walking out… It was pretty hard to walk out of there, without rubbing some more elbows…. 🙁
Off to the House of Blues… Just a simple drive up La Cienaga.. I passed the Beverly Center.. I couldnt’t believe how BIG the place is. I’ve never been there to shop before and i most definitely will someday soon…
I made pretty good time. Got to the House of Blues around 20 minutes until 9. Parked over at the Hyatt, walked through the hotel, and outside. This time decided to take the crosswalk.. Since the last time id ran into the Sheriffs. Passed by one of my favorite restaurants.. Justin Timberlake’s CHI. I noticed the CHI sign wasn’t up there.. Hoodlums these days.. Got my tickets at the will call, walked on in. Click 5 was rocking out the place. The place wasn’t as crowded as it was when Ashlee Simpson was playing there… I have the Click 5 album, however didn’t listen to much of it yet. I do like the song, “Pop Princess.” I proceed to pull out my camera and take some photos. I haven’t cleaned out my compact flash cards, and i still have Comic Con, Black Eyed Peas, and Ashlee Simpson photos still on there. I had to delete a few to make room for the Tyra Banks party and for this concert…
Click 5 puts on a fun fun show.. Very high energy and such.. After hearing a few songs live, i wished i was there to see the full set. The bubblegum pop was fun to listen to.
I ran into Amy from and chatted briefly with her. I checked out the photo pit and of course yet again.. There was none, the fans pushed the barricade up to the stage. This time i was smart, and said screw it. I decided just to shoot around the place, from my experiences at the Ashlee Simpson concert.. Security is pretty lax on the photo pass rules..
Theres some actual seating in the House of Blues. However its blocked off my a big security guards, i figure you gotta know someone or have money to sit there, so you dont have to hassle with general admission people. The dude that was in charge allowed me to shoot photos in that section as long as i wasnt in anyones way. Perfect.. Combined with my telephoto lens, i should be ok.
The show started with snippet tracks of what i think was “Good Vibrations” by CNC Music Factory, Jackson 5 “I Want You Back” and Snoop Dogg’s “Nuttin But a G Thang.” Found that rather odd but irregardless. Ryan came on stage with a piccolo and went right into, “Hit Me With Your Light” On stage, they had these little lights in what looked like a small tree. While singing the song, i was like, why isnt the lights on?? This is gonna screw with me taking the pictures.. However, right when he got to the first line of the chorus, which was “Hit Me With Your Light” and right on “light” the stage lights illumminaded.
Heres the set list…

Hit me with your light
40 kinds of sadness
Our story
Fall baby fall..
From the start abruptty played in to “True” which sang a verse in Spanish.
Walking on water
Exit to exit
Paul simon.. You can call me al..
Find your way
On the way down….
Its you..
Shine on…
Throughout the whole show. I was running around. Honestly.. I love running around trying to find different shots. I was in that VIP section, all the way in the back of the house, near the sound engineers section, down in the pit. Only place i didnt go was the second floor. I would have had some awesome shots, and maybe even got to hang next to Ashlee.
Oh.. i didnt say huh. While i was hanging out in the VIP section before Ryan got on stage… People were cheering and looking up. All i saw was blonde hair and i so knew it was Ashlee Simpson. It made me laugh to myself so bad. Actually I was laughing out loud too. I took a few photos, hoping to get a shot. It was dark most of the time until the show started and i got a few decent shots. Looks like Ashlee loves her red wines, saw her empty a few glasses during the show. Also i found it funny but then again kinda cute that Ashlee was like hugging herself when Ryan was performing his ballads.
I found his acedotes a little weird. One was about a nipple game where you flick someone elses nipple as hard as you can. It landded him in the hospital where he had to explain it to his treating doctor.. Very minimal laughs here.. I did find the two occusions of panties being thrown on stage quite humorous. They werent granny panties.. one was straight up frully pink and black thong and ther other i want to say it was pink.
Two songs i wanted to hear him sing were “Find Your Way” and “Its You.” He introduced “Find Your Way” the way i felt the song meant, which was, when you are in a weird situation with someone you care for and dont know what to do. I had to take time to sit down, and just enbrace the song. Of course it made me think of someone… BLAH!! Lets not get into that… and “Its You” My second favorite song off his new album… I took the time to record the song onto my cell phone.. Another song thats just very mushy and such.. Kinda got me a little teary eyed.. Just one of those songs..
The show ended with his first single, “Shine On.” I never really liked the song when he performed it on TV and such. But tonight it sounded really good and i liked it….

After the show was done.. I left right away.. I hit up Amy to see if she was hanging with Ryan afterwards. If she was, i wanted to come with, but she wasn’t.. I decided to unwind and went in to the pizza place right next to the House of Blues.. Pizzeria Rustra or something i think it was called. I went in, and I noticed this Asian dude chillin.. I look at him a little bit longer than i should and he looked at me just as much. I figured it was Bobby Lee from MAD TV. I was like wow, right on.. I wanted to say hi, and introduce myself. However I didn’t want to bother him. I am going to a MAD TV taping with my American Cinema class.. and im sure im going to see him. My professor mentioned something about VIP, and I don’t know what that encompasses.. All i recalled is him saying something about alcohol, and no lines… Anyways.. Got a BBQ Chicken Pizza.. sat outside and enjoyed Sunset Blvd… Chowed down 2 slices and went on my very way…

Headed on home.. Was about 11. and talked to Nohemi on the way.. For whatever reason, i was craving brownies. Like a warm one.. I figured only Denny’s was the only thing open at home. I was trying to get Nohemi to go, but she was tired.. PLEASE!! We were talking until like 230. That was like 3 hours pretty much, her asss could have hopped into something and we could have gone.. BLAH!! All and all.. I had a fun fun night.. I just really wish gas was cheaper, so I can be down in LA more often…

Full day…. Dont want it anyother way…

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