My First Fashion Show… HURRAY!!

October 15, 2005
My first fashion show.. I’ve never been to one and i thought it was going to be pretty awesome. However here’s the catch, the show was at 2 friggin am Saturday morning at the Union Station. Such a crazy time, but then i thought about it, and it was pretty much an afterparty after a night of clubbing, and then lets throw some fashion into it since its LA Fashion Week.
Lets talk about the day a little. I don’t recall much however all i remember was that i went out with Leslie. We went to go see Waiting.. Before that, we killed some time at at the Ontario Mills Mall. Can you believe they have an Abercrombie and Hollister outlet?? They are friggin huge in there which was Very very dimly lit. Maybe the loud music, the lack of light, and the trendy mass produced overpriced clothing gives the vibe of a party!! Which makes you wanna buy the clothes perhaps?? I don’t know.. After just going back and forth to shop some… There were a few cute chicks which is nice to do when you shop. However the showtime was at 330 from what i recall. Got our tickets and headed on into the AMC. The theatre was bumping some Chris Botti and it was soo nice. His new album, “To Love Again”.. Go get it!!
Wow was the theatre packed!! Hella sarcastic there. There was only about 8 people tops in what looked like it would fit over 100?? I’m thinking less, but i don’t know.. These seats are as comfortable as the ones at the AMC at the Victoria Gardens, and i totally hate how the seats are so close to each other. The rows that is, so its pretty hard to put your feet up. Anywho.. The movie started.. had lots of the typical teen comedy movie trailers. The movie that i liked to see would have been “Kids in America” with Nicole Richie and Gregory Smith.
Long story short on the movie. “Waiting” with Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Luis Guzman, Dane Cook, and Andy Milanakis. Speaking of Andy Milankis.. I found out his real age and i will have a put up an entry for anyone who’s interested in knowing the top secret age. Which it is, since MTV wont even state it.
The main reason i wanted to see his movie was because of Dane cook. Such a funny funny guy!! Cant wait to see him live.. Plus Ryan Reynolds is usually funny, and he’s taking over the Chevy Chase type role decently. The movie wasn’t really that funny. Dane cook appearance was very minimum, and he was all tatted up as a chef at the mock family restaurant Shenanigans. They had a game where you show off your manhood, if someone looks at it, you kick them in the butt. Depending on how much you show and the situation, you get to kick the onlookers butt numerous times. The movie was very very unamusing a lot of the time. Richard Roeper stated it was funny every 15 mins, which was very true. They also have an on going sexual tension between Ryan Reynolds character and the hostess who was underage. It got a lot more disturbing when the manager, who looks like he’s in his fortys, started hitting on her. The hostess didn’t rejected it either, she was with it. That was way way disturbing. Heck she did look pretty hott, besides the fact she has a huge nose.
They showed a few aspects of the typical customers at restuarants. I never waited, but i have cooked at one. I couldnt really relate much to how the staff would react and how customers are. Two examples i found, a very very rude customer. What they do to her?? Just put every disgusting thing you could put without giving the movie an NC17 rating. Another situation.. A customer that doesn’t tip the right percentage. Remember guys.. Its 20 percent.. Justin Long’s character throws a fit and tells off the customer. What’s even ironic… one of his conflicts in the movie, was with an old high school classmate who graduated college with a electrical engineering degree and leaves him an 100 dollar tip. Which is a slap in the face to him. Anyways… Long story short.. The movie seemed to drag on and on and on! The movie is definitely a rental… Netflix it.. I would be a lot more livid if i actually paid for the movie..
I wanted to see another movie after it was done.. I wanted to have a movie day!! Like watch 2 or 3 new releases, however had to pick up Leslies brother. Picked him up and headed off back to her house. Hung out and such… I wanted her to roll with me to the fashion show, however she was bitching and moaning about how she’s gonna be comparing because she wasn’t going dress as well as the other people. Oh well. I mean she did try something on that looked pretty good.. But ended up not wanted to go, and she was in a towel for awhile… No comment.. Left around 10ish..
Got home and settled down a little bit. I started up my essay for History. I put out an hour to start and to finish it, since it was due tomorrow morning. Got ready and such and had Amanda come over and we headed off to LA.
I left at 1am towards over there and made some good time. Took around 40 mins. Oh, the thing was at the Union station. There was no parking in front of the place, and had to drive around to the other side into the parking complex. Man i was hoping i didn’t have to pay when i left because I didn’t have any cash on me and Amanda didn’t either. Parked.. lotta fashionable LA people came out and got on the elevator. Found it really really interesting. I’ve never been around the train station, i mean ive been in there for a second to get some breakfast and see it all the time when i get lunch with my dad. Other than that.. Not the gateways and such. It did remind me of an episode of 24. Anywho…
I’m going to blab and blab way too much. Made it all the way down the gateways and made it back outside. Checked the list for my name, and i wasnt too sure which list i was on. I had to ask around sooo much. I asked one list and i wasnted onthere. I tried to drop a name, the name that got me on the list, but no one even knew who she was. Great! That’s like one of my biggest fears. Knowing my name is on a list, and not getting in. Makes me feel hella embarrassed, especially when I can’t do anything about it. Finally checked another list baring bouncer. I was on the house list, which the member holding door guy had. I didn’t know much about why they kept asking if you were a member.. However with a little research on Xenii. Its like a Hollywood elite society.. Secret societies mind you. The only way you can be apart of the society, is to be invited in and after approval from the consul.. This is the easy part…. Here’s catch 2.. There are levels of membership.. depending on how much you “contribute”. The lowest and first level of membership requires a 450 dollar payment. 450 dollars a month!! Its not a year!! An effin month!! Thats like more than a car payment for most and insurance. I find it totally wow… Thats why i kept on noticing people knowing each other and how all the people there looked soooo HOTT. This society.. is involved all over Hollywood… .CD album releases… movie premieres… parties.. Anything you can think of.. Anywho.. Back to it..
After hurdle one.. Which was finding my damn name.. Oh after i found it.. It should have been plus one, which means i can bring someone else. It didn’t state that i had a plus one, and the dude allowed me to bring someone. Of course the rule was one chick. Sigh of relief.. However there was a table where you had to get a wrist band to get inside, and they were checking ID. The chick i was with wasn’t… Hurdle number 2 of the night! Hurray!! After talking to the chick at the table.. She was really unhelpful. I was going to throw a hissy fit.. As someone has told me i do, and its like forever burned in my brain, since she pointed it out. My thing? i was invited by the PR firm.. Public relations.. If i knew i had to bring someone who was 21 and over.. I would have.. How old was Amanda? I don’t even know and still don’t. I know she’s over 18, but i pretty much met her like an hour prior.. Don’t ask! hahaa.. That chick handed the baton to someone else… Allison.. who was a cutie.. Before she did that… Some guy was bitching her out, saying how she should know who he is.. This and that and how he was with Ray.. I think his name was Ray.. The president of the operations. After talking to Allison.. Explaining to her what’s up… She relay my message to the president.. He came over… he was totally cool. We reassured him that she wasn’t going to drink. See.. at these type of events.. Always open bar.. I mean c’mon.. 450 a month membership.. Gotta be open bar.. He allowed her to get a wristband.. and there we head on in…
The music was playing.. and alcohol was flowing… There were bottles of Grey Goose just chillin on there little tables with couches around. Just poor it into a cup and party it up. There was a DJ on one side and opposite were the bars. Towards the far left was what looked like a make shift runway…It was pretty elevated and chairs on each side. It was really crowded. There was sooo many beautiful people… I just couldn’t believe it.. I felt sooo inferior to them.. I mean i was dressed properly, but i just wanted feeling up to par. We just walked around, people watching and soaking it up. Girls were walking around with tiny baby bottles with margarita drink in them. Like i guess they made a margarita in a bottle premade, pretty much like Hypnotiq. This junk was sooo strong.. Maybe that’s why they were in a baby bottle to suck it out slowly.. Well I just opened the thing and took it like a shot. Dude it was effin strong!!! I felt a minor minor buzz.. But buzz nonetheless. I knew i should have eaten something today.. Oh well.. They also had Chinese take out boxes filled with food, chicken satay, and eggs rolls going around from what i noticed..
Anyways.. the fashion show was suppose to start at 2am. The thing was pretty much an hour friggin late. However i did notice this girl right across from me. She was soooo gorgeous. Long hair down her back.. Incredible eyes and facial features.. Her fashion was very in the know with a little flare to it. Hoop earrings.. and let me state.. Not the main thing I saw however adds to her beauty.. Her chest.. i kind of found to look artificial, but maybe not. Her green top was low, and just make the whole ensemble work. Just sooo enchanting.. Too bad she had a boyfriend.. Who had an effin awesome fashion attire. Man if these kids can do the 450 a month thing and make it seems like nothing. Their style would be effortless. Yes. i am jealous! Man.. What i would do to get into this circle of the privileged…
The show eventually started at 3. I wish i brought in my camera to take pictures, so i can remember how these models look. Some were beautiful, and others were like whatever. The first was Guy Candy Swimwear.. The bathing suits were interesting.. I can’t really describe… There was an African American model, and she was BEAUTIFUL… You can see her sister sitting on the otherside. She looks just like her, and wow. I would say a little Kelly Rowland in them, that’s the best i could describe them without a photo, and with my lack of literacy description skills. Cesar de la Parra, Warier Boswell, Pegah Anvarian, and Eduardo Lucero were the other designers. I really liked Eduardo Lucero, it wasn’t too over the top, it did use a lot of fur. I was surprise there wasn’t any pigs blood baring PETA members outside.
Pretty much left after the show, which ended around 4 and headed on home. Hurdle number 3… Leaving the parking complex.. The tab was at 6 bucks, and we didn’t have cash among the two of us. He gave us an IOU, which has to be sent in the mail. Oh well…. Got back to Rancho around 5.. I have class at 9 in the morning.. HURRAY!! A midterm to do, which i didn’t study for.
Saturday night is going to be interesting. The 2 BE Free fashion show on Paramount Studios and an afterparty. They turned one of the streets on the lot to an urban New York theme.. Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Haylie Duff, Misha Barton and Rachel Bilson were to be said to attend… This show was going to satisfy 3 of my goals in life.. Not necessarily goals in life, but just things i want to accomplish.. So i guess that is considered goals. 1. Get on the Paramount Studios for ANY reason. 2. Party with Paris, just to say i partied with her. 3. Attend a fashion show, and its afterparty. I called that my mirroring the life of the Laguna Beach kids. Don’t take it wrong.. I don’t live my life trying to make my life like the people from the Laguna Beach show.. But it’s just funny how my life just is so similar to the beach kids Kristin, Stephan, and LC.
I was pretty much screwed my energy and such after doing the whole fashion at 2am. I slept all day and felt like crap. I ended up not going to the 2 BE FREE fashion show because i had a research paper due for my American Cinema class the next day, and i didn’t finish the 6 page essay. I knew if i went to the party that i would have been home around 3.. After a night of drinking.. Grinding on Paris booty.. Wishful thinking there.. and maybe exploring around the lot… I would have been out of commission most of the day and wouldn’t finish.. I kinda get mad when i don’t attend events i look forward to, but i know for a fact i will have another chance of some sort. OH!! Then i find out.. My Professor gave an extension to these two chicks in the class… SO I COULD HAVE GONE TO THE SHOW.. Maybe. I mean they are chicks and they have 2 things i don’t have.. So maybe he wouldn’t have given me the extension.. but at least i could had some sort of choice.. But then again.. I finished it, and i didn’t have to think about it after i turned it in. So that took a load off my back.. Next time..
Anyone want to payroll my membership?? 😛

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