Musicality: Ashlee Simpson – I Am Me

So I figure i should have a post of this album, and a post from now on for all my featured albums since people seem not to find it so easy.
The album is out October 18th, however i have the full album for your listening pleasure. Some of you will already purchase the album even after hearing, some will not like it and save some dough, and then some will like the album after listening.
I would love to review the album and critic every single track, but ill just comment on the tracks i like. Which are… “L.O.V.E” with its funky disco beat… “Burning Up” with the same, however the vocals on this track a lot more seductive. “Coming Back For More” sounds like a Shaina Twain song.. If you listen closely to the guitar in the introduction. However i do like the poppy sound and the relatible lyrics.
Obviously this album songs and their lyrics would revolve around Simpson’s emotions at the time of writing the songs. The last album was example number 1 and so is this current album. The title track “I Am Me” is another prime example, and explained by Simpson at her House of Blues concert last month.. It was a song about when she saw her ex-boyfriend with another girl. Of course it was easily to assume it was Ryan Cabrera.
“Eyes Wide Open,” totally random song about her seeing a ghost. Pretty much the most random song she could write and sing about.
I give the album a 3 out of 5 stars. The album doesnt do much and doesnt show much growth from the debut album. Its still has the punky pop more pop than punk or even rock sound, which shouldnt bother the fans much, however the album has less songs to dance to. I highly doubt this album will be as multiplatinum as did “Autobiography.”
Click on the album cover to your left to listen to the album…


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