I am beginning to think I eat out too much…

Last Thursday
BORING Day… pretty much… Sooooo boring that i had to get out of the house.. Hopped in my car drive around and bumped my Maroon 5 Live Friday the 13th CD. Wasted Years baby.. wasted years.. Driving around is soo nice especially when the weather is just right. Just wished i had a convertible to experience it. Anywho.. Nohemi hits me up, and we make plans to meet up at the mall. I wasnt even decent so went home to get to it. Headed to the Gardens.
Met up with Nohemi.. which we had a little tiff about where to park. Chicks these days.. Always gotta argue and such. Let this be known.. You cannot win an argument against me, even if im wrong.. Im still going to win. Anyways!!
Made 2 stops at Ambercombie and Urban Outfitters. She had to go return some. Then off to Coffee Bean to get me some Strawberry and Cream Green Tea. Some good stuff.. and pretty healthy for you and taste yum yum.
Off to Express… Looks like they were having a swap meet sale. Like all there crap in boxes and you have to look through it. Found me a nifty key chain leather thing… Money clip holder.. Cuff link that would go awesome with this shirt and a pair of jeans.. I own like 50 pairs of Express Jeans. I mean cmon they are out of the Express Design Studio scientific blah blah or whatever it is.
More walking around.. Ummm headed off to Robinson May… So i can make Nohemi buy the Paris Hilton perfume. That is some good smelling stuff. Im addicted to it as much as i am addicted to Love Spell scent from Victoria Secret. We detour on the way there when we cross one of her friends who worked at that sunglass place. Chit chatted a few and yeah..
Off to Macys.. Shopped there a few.. Tried to make Nohemi get the Paris Hilton perfume.. YUM!! But she didnt.. Went to California Pizza Kitchen to visit one of her friends. Saw Mindy.. Love her!! I think she was with mom or grandmother. didnt really say much to her..
Dinner at Kabuki.. Got some sushi.. Unagi and avocado rolls!! Suuhhh good!! Yellowtail.. Philly Roll and some Sashimi.. She totally didnt eat any of the raw fish.. What kind of sushi eating is that.. Im sorry but if you only eat California rolls.. Thats not eating sushi and stop claiming it to be sushi.. Theres a reason why its called California Rolls… Anywho.. Some very very intense conversation.. So intense it got Nohemi crying.. hehe. I laugh because it was a bad thing.. Just some things i told her got her all emotional and such.. Shes such a baby… I love it!! After closing down the place and after some Fried Green Tea ice cream.. YUM!! We left..
She ran into her friend that worked at CPK, and hung out with him. I guess he had a bad bad night on his birthday the night before going to a gay club.. That was pretty much my night… Fun Fun!!
Last Friday..
Didnt do anything!!! Highlight!! Going to the Gardens to get dinner at the Mongolian Grill.. Thats it! OH!! I totally saw my old Geometry teacher.. i think her name was Miss. Merrel.. However it looks like she got married.. I saw like kids everywhere and babys rollers.. It looked like the mall was having some sort of fair thing.. In 2 weeks.. its going to be there one year anniversary.. They are going to have fireworks.. and im SOOOO THERE!!!!
Last Saturday…
Had class in the morning.. and pretty much dont know what happened after that… until that night.. Headed on over to Pico Rivera to Derrick’s birthday party.. I didnt really want to go drive out there for a little thing, but Derricks a pretty good friend and besides.. I was didnt have plans. The plans i had with Lisa are always a bust.. shes the hugest flake ive ever met and didnt really expect much…
The drive wasnt too bad.. I was droved in my jeans, blazer, pink shirt. I havent wore it since Tanya wedding, so i though.. Lets break it out.. It was either the pink one or the lime green one.. The party was at the Tammick Inn. Its like this steak house lodge time deal. It was pretty cool.. Everyone was pretty much there.. Alex… David… Orlando… Jordan.. Mark.. Tim.. Jose.. Mike.. and so on… Im not gonna get into it much but lets see.. Derrick has a hot hot mom and sister.. The bartending chick was wack and served me wack Vodka and tonic.. Eww! Grey Goose or bust!! They were doing karaoking and i didnt know how loud i was singing along. I mean me and Orlando were singing, and Derricks mom came over and told me to sing and i was like nah i didnt want to. Mark was set up by Timmy to sing Jimmy Buffets Son of a Sailor which was soooo hilarious!! I was laughing, and of course Derricks mom asked me why i was laughing because i was next.. i found i song i would sing but i wanted to sing it with her.. Summer Loving.. hehehe.. OH!! Mark has a hot hot sister… You can totally tell she got booby implants because dude she put them all out there. I remember i heard about her job.. and whats sweet is that Mark, her brother helped her pay for them.. Aww thats brotherly love.. I know they are Branding Iron whores.. and those would be 2 reasons for me to start going to that place.. haha.. Derrick finally got plastered, so plastered he had to be sent home.. Derrick never drinks!! We have gone to Tijuana and he wouldnt even touch a beer because he doesnt want to get caught because hes trying to be a cop.. Man before he was sent home.. He was drunk dancing his ass off!!! It was hilarious!! Funny guy outside was bumping that Chris Brown song over and over thinking he was tight and a dude was leaning against his Civic and he got all mad like he was leaning against a Bentley or something. It was a toll up Civic.. That was funny.. Derrick cousin is a drunk cutie! hahahah.. Pretty much thats it..
Left around midnight.. So my gas light was on when i got to the place and i thought to just see how fair i could go.. Where the 210 and 57 met, i felt my car loose party and it totally tripped me out. I exited off a street and drove down hoping there was a gas station. Which there was.. Hurray!! End of a pretty good night…
Last Sunday…
Went to the mall with Alex and Lindsay.. I dont have my car on Sundays, and i was hungry and wanted to be out.. Shopped some.. Checked out T Mobile for Alex and his stupid sidekick.. Went to Sephoria to get some hair product.. Jonathan Product Dirt baby!! I was thinking about getting some Lip Venom but i didnt.. hahahah.. Jovana got me into that and its feels good!! Had lunch at CPK, i treated since it was Lindsays birthday a few days ago or whatever.. Headed on home and went to class at 6. Finished watching the Searchers and talked about it a little. Started to watch American Graffiti, which looked interesting.. Got home.. Chilled out.. Had a Laguna Beach hook up… hahaha.. and that ended my weekend decent.. hahahaha… If you know what i mean..
I really need to stay on top of this…

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