Bad Boys Bad Boys.. What cha gonna do!!!

Today!! The Henry’s Block Party thing. Pretty was going to be the highlight of my day. For those who doesnt know what Henry’s is. Its like a Trader Joes.. but bigger.. For those who dont know what Trader Joes is.. Its like a healthy organic specialty store. However Henry’s was more of a farmers market as a Supermarket. Anywho!!
Went to the Post Office to pick up a package which i was sure was a Press Kit from Dreamworks. It was around 3 and the Post Office closes at 3:30. Wow was there so much people… The line was ricdonkulous!! Took around 30 mins to finally get up to the front and get a little package. Annoying if you asked me, but i didnt care really.
Alex tells me he was going to Johnny Rockets and i told him to get me something. I ended up meeting up with them anyways. He was with Christine and Felicia, and i just came to get a salad. I was hella craving it and thats like the ONLY good thing at Johnny Rockets. I kinda liked the shakes but hella got over that real fast.
Got back home around 4ish to check out the Josh Groban chat session on MSN Chats. It took an hour for like pretty much nonsense. Like only 4 questions were answered. However i did learn a few things… The 3rd album is slated for a Summer 2006 release, and a tour to follow in the fall. He has a new terrier pussy named Sweeney. I can only guess Sweeney Todd. Favorite veggie is corn. You can tell hes a total funny guy, when one of the questions was what he was wearing. Josh answered.. top hat, big sunglasses, bicycle shorts and Eskimo shoes. Totally laughed my butt off there. Last thing was that he described his perfect day.. consisted of waking up early with coffee, have someone watch his dog, hop on a rollercoaster, perform a concert, have dinner with family, ride a motorcycle that he doesnt have yet, and sit and watch family guy with a bowl of gummy worms. Sounds like a great day…
The chat ended a little after 5 and i headed off to Starbucks to do some studying and blogging. I need to be out of my house to concentrate, and keep my mind focus. It just sucks that when im out, some point i need to use the Internet to look up something. Im not going to pay 30 bucks for that t mobile Hot spot service but my wireless port is messed up anyways. Got the usual Ice Chai latte.. When outside and read some… Read a chapter from Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. Wow, i was shocked out a chapter ended. It ended to the effect of a wedding reception in the restaurant Anthony worked in.. The bride came and propositioned one of the cooks and they were getting at it in the alley. Talk about the perfect wife…
Man, im starting to hate smokers more and more. I know i am outside of the Starbucks but these two people kept on smoking nonstop for i swear was 30 mins. It got to me like nothing!! ARRGGHGHH!!! Alex rolled on by to chill and i went back to doing my thing for a little. I was going to hit up Jesse to roll to the Henry’s thing… Alex and I decided to hit up Active for a little bit and drove by Henry’s. Wow packed much??
Active.. nothing much there.. totally boring and whatevers. It was around 7, so we headed up to Jesses and headed down to Henry’s. Alex raced Jesse BMW and yeah.. His RSX beat it. Got over there.. Parking was mad mad crazy. But it seemed pretty awesome.. They had music and lines of people getting food and what not. Took a little lap around.. met up with Ryan. Went inside the store which i didnt even know was going to be open. Sampled it up like crazy.. Prior to going to the block party thing… I already knew i was going to act a fool. I havent in sooooo long.. Man i remember when i used to just do whatever just for laughs, and not even care if i got in trouble or whatever. It was nice, and sooooo liberating.
Walked around.. got some samples.. it was soooo packed!!! You couldnt really walk around… I am the ultimate leader… Other people just walk around and bump and crap, while i lead pretty well.. HAHA.. im way way too used to being in public places.. we ran across the soup bar… Got some soup and walked around the store eating it. SOOOO wrong.. and got this chocolate muffin and walked around with hat. I didnt eat either of them… I just handed it off to Alex.. and Jesse would share with him.. I love this place because of its offering of various nuts, trail mixes, and other yummys in huge barrels. More samples of cheeses.. Sharp White Cheddar.. YUM!!
Got back outside.. Now here comes the fun… We go outside trying to find SOMETHING!! ANYTHING TO DO.. Just took another lap, joking around and what not. Until!! I hear the Hip hop electric CHA CHA!! Like where they tell you to step forward, or slide to the right, jump, stomp your foot and so on… I remember i used to tear this dance up in high school during rallys.. I had sooo much fun and i just thought dude im soo going to dance. So while we were walking around and such.. I would do the dance where i was and if i was walking around i would do the dance and clap to it. One point, i actually was on the dance floor doing it with the parents and kids. However since no one joined me.. I left it.. In the corner of my eye.. i noticed someone in a black uniform follow me… I pointed it out to Jesse and was like why is that person following us. We stopped and she called me over. Now here is the conversation
Her: Where are your parents at??
Me: Im 21.. i dont have my parents here with me. Why would they be with me?
Her: You are 21 and acting like that??
Me: Acting like what?? Im dancing here. The music is on to dance. (Saying this while still dancing in place) Note: As you can tell, not really scared yet… hahah yet)
Her: ::Quiet and looking at Me::
Me: ::Looked at her boob.. just kidding.. looked at her badge and noticed she was a cop.:: (got a little more serious but still playing it off still dancing::
Her: Is this what you do?? Go around trying to look cool in front of your friends
Me: What i do?? Again.. the music is on for dancing
Her: ::Quiet::
Me: ::Pauses:: (Trying to be the smart ass like i am, but i choose to call it, talkative)
Me: I love this store.. Thats why im happy.
Her: ::Gives me a look, like im lying to her::
Me: I always go to the one in Chino Hills, and im happy this one is opening here
Her: Can i see your id??
Me: ::Looking for my ID, and hands it to her::
Her: ::Takes it, looks for 2 seconds, gives back::
Me: ::Puts it back in wallet, and walk away::
OMG!! So i got rolled for dancing!!! I mean give me a break. In hind sight, i wished i got her badge number to report a complaint for harassment. I mean i would have totally understand if i was waiving gang signs, held a weapon, bumped in to people, or was cursing or something. However i was doing anything!! People ive told thought she was hitting on me.. HAHAHA.. i dont think so.. She was pretty young, i would say late 20s, but nah.. That brought my night down a little bit.. Left about 40 mins which was like 830ish..
Driving up Daycreek.. We were racing some more… Jesse burned out at Banyon and i laughed my ass off sooooo bad!! I dont know.. I was just in this high.. I got rolled by a cop… I am sure i was going to get rolled again. I mean dude.. My first speeding ticket i got.. 30 mins after.. i was driving like 80 around the Ontario Mills loop in Del Taco.. There was a Ontario Cop who was chilling there.. HAHA.. He was all saying that it was a race course and he was going to give us a ticket for wreckless driving and exhibition of speed. HAHA.. Us as in me and Jesse.. We were in separate cars… Anywho!!! We were safe.. but so many people were staring and at Day Creek Park…There were coaches and football players staring at us laughing racing our butts off…
Hung out at Jesses a little bit. I wanted to kill time because Steve was getting out of church and we were going to go watch a movie. After hanging a little bit.. Went to go get my car i left at Starbucks and back to Alexs to hang out a little bit and kill some time. Jovana calls me.. well i didnt know she called.. She called at her work which i didnt know the number and yeah.. I didnt get a hold of her after i left Alex. I hung out there, talked to his mom a little bit and told her a little of my run in with the po-po..
Steve calls.. told him the times for the movie we were going to watch at the Victoria Gardens.. Two for the Money.. The showing was at 9:40.. It was 9:30.. was going to be a little late.. headed off to the Gardens and called Jovana again.. She wanted to see if i could take her home.. told her i was checking out a movie. She wanted to come and yeah.. I went to the Gardens and chilled outside of the Gap. It was getting pass 9:40, however Steve calls me and says hes going to another theatre to see the 10:05 showing and told me about the 10:55 one. Jo was hungry so decided to ditch Steve and check out the later showing and get dinner. She wasnt out just yet, and i saw Casey at Johnny Rockets when i drove by and decided to go there for a little. I had to use the restroom anyways.. Got an Oreo shake… used to the bathroom.. headed back to the Gap and she was out… I kinda wanted to eat around the Gardens… but it was 10 and things were pretty much closed.. Headed off around the Mills…
Ended up eating at Bostons because i wanted to visit Nohemi. She wasnt there!! What a punk!! Jovana hasnt eaten there yet, so it was all good.. The food here is pretty decent.. Its crazy how the place stays open until 2.. The bar seems to always be popping. They were playing some tight music.. Music i would soo love to hear while im buzzing my butt off!! They also have like Poker you can play against people in the bar.. Very interesting.. We were trying to rush the eating… the movie started at 10:55 and it was like 10:30.. Some fun conversation.. and planning of Dolce dinner date and our New York Christmas trip.. SOOO cant wait!!!!!
Ran outta that place!! Off to the Edwards theatres.. We were like 10 minutes late.. it wasnt that bad.. We didnt miss much from the movie… Two for the Money with Al Pacino, Matthew Mconghay, and Rene Russo. Oh and Jeremy Piven!! One of my favorite actors.. Love him.. They made him be the heel to the effect of his character in Entourage.. The movie. about sports betting… Thats pretty much it.. Matthew Mconghay is this low Vegas 900 number sport picker until Al Pacino takes him in. I dont have much more to say about the movie, but i liked it.. I love how Jovana is at the movies… Im not going to say what exactly what it is, but i like it! hehe..
Took her on home.. Headed off to Jesse work.. Hung out a little there.. Made plans to hit up Henry’s tomorrow morning… and yeah.. Got home around 2 and knocked out.. Pretty much a full day but ended on a good note.. Im planning to do some more illegal dancing this Saturday at the “2 Be Free” 2006 Spring Collection runway show in Hollywood..LA Fashion week coming up!!! I might get in trouble again because Paris Hilton and a few other people will be there, and imma grind grind grind Paris.. hahaha..
Dancing is NOT a CRIME!

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