Kristin Cavallari… Laguna Beach’s Mean Girl..

Laguna Beach.. The “Real” O.C. A show that “documents” the happenings of the rich and beautiful teens of this beach community. I was anti this show for the longest time due to my loyalty to The O.C. The uber drama, overly drama i should say, on FOX. After the first season has passed, with my dislike, and with every fiber in my being going against it. I finally gave in, watched a few reruns and eventually brought the DVD, and got really into it. Caught up in time for the premiere of the second season. I mean im not going to lie.. i love drama. Cmon i pretty much watch over half of the shows on the WB… Everyone knows already my life is full of it, so its nice to have my drama on the back burner and to watch a very very very well cut show, showing the intensity of drama on Laguna Beach.
Ok ok now.. Back to the matter on hand.. Kristin.. The resident heart breaker and hook up queen of Laguna Beach is featured on Rolling Stone’s Hot List. Miss Cavallari is Top Hot Reality girl. The articles goes in on the background on her and such. I guess it would be interesting for people who are obsessed with the show.. As i know a few people who are.. Obsessed enough to go to some club in Orange County just because it was promoted to have the cast of the show to appear. Of course, all the lame people attended that event and of course didnt see no one!! Its quite funny but just another tangent.
However i did learn a few things… Kristin does not attended USC like she states in an episode, however in the article it just states that she is only taking one class at her oceanfront Catholic University. What school would this be?? LMU.. Loyola Maramount University in Marina Del Ray pretty much Santa Monica. My friend attends there and have heard she is there. I dont know why Rolling Stone doest say which University, but its the one. Something i learn from this.. Looks like shes of Catholic religion… We all know from watching the show, she doesnt seem to practice it much, then again maybe its not even her religion, since her dad is a Buddhist. But man, only one class at a private University.. Must be the life..
After her Land Rover debacle in season one, after car shopping for a new car with her crush Sam. Looks like what daddy Cavallari protested… she will have the beat up car for 4 more years.. She rolling around in a BMW SUV.. Ashlee Simpson style.. Im totally in love with this car because its pretty kinda different for BMW.. Anywho.. Her best friend Alex is rooming with her, we learn she was planning to attend Santa Monica City. Compared to her friends.. Kristin who had aspirations to attend USC, however attending LMU now. Miss Kristin is a bright chick, being involved with the Associated Student Body.. A friend i know who seen and met her at a ASB gathering.
Oh not from the article, however i learned.. If you followed the show, remember the guy Kristin was talking to? Matt?? The whole deal that she wasnt really with Stephen and got with that Matt dude. Well this Matt guy isnt so random. He obtained her number somehow and they were hanging out. This Matt? Was Matt Leinart, USC Quarter Back and Heisman Trophy winner. She claims that he got a big head after the whole thing and pretty they stopped talking. I found that pretty interesting..

OH!! a big thing i learned that was soo interesting!! Talan… the pimp of Laguna Beach.. He dated LINDSAY LOHAN!!!! Man.. I bow down to this guy.. Hes totally like this sensitive dude to Taylor which i can relate, but he knows to say fawk it… and still.. Gets the Lohan booty.. However, the episode coming up about prom.. Wow.. From what i saw.. He went all out dressing up in a tux, red balloons and everything in his garage with Kristin opening it up revealing him. Wow.. this dude is a hopeless romantic.. something i like to call myself most of the time… Trust me.. Way too hopeless if you ask me.. OH! Looks like hes a Ryan Cabrera fan.. He attended a taping of his television show “Score” debuting on MTV sometime this month. Anyways.. Heres the excerpt…

“She starts crying, going ‘Aaargh!’ and slams a glass on the table,” Kristin dishes. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ Talan had to tell her to leave.”

Well wait.. Before that quote.. Let me set it up.. Kristin is sleeping in his bed fully clothed, and as far as i know Talan wasnt with her. Lindsay sees this and like any girl.. well a girl who tries to size up another girl.. Gets jeolous and angry.. Who knew?? Haha.. Girls are vicious when it comes to their men or boys or whatever!! Funny stuff…
A few little tidbits.. Stephen… Looks like hes living in Los Angeles, somewhere around Kristin and is trying to be an actor. Big surprise there? Hes taking acting classes and what not. He does have that “look” to be a star, however his build and his height isnt on his side. The questio nis wheres Lauren?? aka as LC?? It looked like she was moving to Los Angeles also, however not very much of a mention of her, then again its an article on Kristin.

The article was informative.. Learn lots. Its always nice to read about things that interest you, and i LOVE knowing the dirty tidbits not normally known to the public.. Thats why i love being a journalist. Pick up your copy of Rolling Stone to read the whole article.. Its not too too interesting for a nonfan, however to a fan.. Might be a good read.. I did cover most of the points.. The article pretty much just plays like the show…. just in words… and less skin….

CALIFORNIA!!!! CAAAALLLIIIFOOORNIIAA!!! -Phantom Planet – The OC theme song

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