Baby im back!!!

Blah!! I need sleeping pills. Anyone who have some.. please send them my way. Send them to PO BOX 554 Etiwanda, CA 91739. That is my actual box.. Please send whatever you like.. sorta.. thats legal.. in the US.. Sexy pictures are welcome.. anywho off topic.. Got into bed 3 am last night and had to be awake for a meeting at 11 in the morning in Culver City.
Woke up and i was soo out of it. I think it was like 8ish? I had to wake up to finish up a few things. Check my emails.. Had to finish up my Ashlee Simpson article. I am lagging it. Wish i did, i think by far i was very very like commentary instead of summary type. I want to be more of a raw writer. Click here to read it… Its unedited, so no comments on that please..
Left my house at 9:40 and made it there right at 11. Man i think it was the most freeways i have traveled on one day. 210 East… 605 South.. 10 West… 101 North.. 110 South.. 10 West.. 405 South.. Trust me i had SOOO MUCH fun. I had a air con headache.. A headache brought on by too much driving and the air conditioner on. It sucks.. Anyways.. this meeting was with Sergio from An online events site mainly with a editorial focus. I was meeting to see if i could write for them. I got the hook up through Danielle, who i met at the Ashlee Simpson concert, who reviewed the show and i hooked her up with a photo i shot. Met Sergio, long story short.. He covered what the site was all about, the operations of it all. and so on. Something that turned me off.. It was an internship.. Which means… No pay.. Omg it totally sucked, but then again… Im not worried so much about it because this will add to my contacts, and to more events where i could write and add to my resume. More range on what i cover. And of course, i can take photos and sell those off. Its not a big deal, also they will compensate for parking and such. This will work perfectly around my other situation. Which I will talk about a little later does seem to have a good footing with things happening around Los Angeles. I cant wait to start covering events for them..
Left around 1230.. Wanted to grab some lunch with Ben and hang at the Weekly.. However he had an interview to do. Then headed off to my dads work at MWD to have lunch with him. My whole plan for the day was the meeting at then lunch with Ben, and off to ISS Props. The ISS stands for Independent something something. Its the biggest prop house in the world, providing props for such films and television shows such as 24, The OC, War of the Worlds to name a few. When i was working as in box sales.. You know boxes.. Well the industry name is Paper sales.. Anywho.. They were one of my customers, and i had a great rapport with Brian.. From what i remember was the warehouse manager. I wanted to take a tour of the place, i know i would be soo amazed and what not, just to see another aspect of the entertainment industry. However i totally forgot my camera and i didnt want to take my tour there with out documenting it. Ill check it out some other time.
Made my way to the Union Station, which is connect to the MWD offices. Dude this place is sooo tight, it has a kitchen with like a deli section, entree section and some other section. These chefs like prepare your stuff and its a lot nicer than some fast food joint, a lot healthier and faster! Got myself tuna sandwich on whole wheat, green tea and a fruit salad. Hind sight.. which i got a salad or something… Anywho.. Chilled out for a little until 2ish. Left on back to Rancho. I really didnt want to go. I wanted to spend the day out here. i called up Orlando since i was by LMU, and wanted to hang out and maybe see Kristin?? haha.. Or hang with Ben afterwards.. At that point though, I was really out of it.
Just headed back.. I sent my article to the Herald. and decided i should just meet up and have things settled, not have them lingering over my head and the back of my mind. Called up and talked to Russ and yeah.. I got over there around 3ish. Oh, im not going to talk about what happened but it sucked and i was kinda whatevers about it. Dude it was sooo windy, its all peace and quiet, then in Fontana.. soo windy!! Met up with Russ and Anita.. Chatted a few, again long story short.. Doing my thing back there.. If theres an event i want to cover and i cant cover it for the Herald.. my fall back will be And if that doesnt work.. Hopefully i can roll along with the LA Weekly and Ben.. If i do that, i dont have to worry about covering it.. Just only remembering things to blog it out!
After a few meeting… When to get me some Musubi.. Spam.. Aww the good ol’ days working at a Hawaiian BBQ. Sooo good… Being a cook and such.. This place.. Ono was hiring.. But i dont know. I have soo many odd jobs to take up time when im not doing the writing thing, school thing, the hang out thing, and whatever else thing.
Off to the Post Office.. got my mail.. then to the bank… Dude i am soo shallow but it soo true with most guys and its wrong.. Ok.. i usually get the same teller each time.. and each time she had her boobs all out with cleavage and such.. I thought in my head wow.. Shes cute.. Of course it was the boobs talking… However today? I got her to be my teller again.. This time she was covered up.. and.. honestly.. It got my eyes off the boobs and everything else.. and man o man… Not cute at all. Sad to say it, yes i know typical guy.. but like i didnt even notice it myself.. until today!! Oh well.. She just needs to put the check in my account and its all good..
Got home around 4:30.. Rested a little.. Headed back out at 6 to pick up Alex from tutor. I guess the plan was to pick him up, hang out with Lisa and Heather at Coffee Klatch.. Which i found out she owns.. I totally didnt even know that.. Before i went to pick up Alex.. She told me, Lisa that is.. that it wasnt going to happen because Heather had to head off to the San Dimas location. However she still wanted to go do something.. Sure.. i really doubt that was going to happen so i just called back and left a message. Picked up Alex.. nothing was planned at all and it was gay. Headed off to Starbucks. Lameeeee… Dropped off Alex.. Head home, got another call from Lisa.. blah blah blah.. I pretty much was whatevers.. Such such a flake! Thats pretty much my day…
Tomorrow? I have class and i think im going to spend the whole day in the library, try to focus on some schooling, and get back on track on my events again. I got my first assignment request by Sergio… to cover a show type free concert with Brie Larson.. I guess some Disney singer.. Not too sure if i want to just yet.. Well see…

Britney… Simpson pop rocks the House of Blues..
Multi-platinum lip-syncer.. eerr.. i mean singer Ashlee Simpson sold out the House of the Blues in Hollywood. This outing was for her sophomore album “I am Me” due out October 16th.
Of course this hip trendy club in the heart of the nightlife in West Hollywood was filled up with pre-teens girls with their mom and dads. Dawned with their homemade I love Ashlee Simpson shirts and signs, they waited for the now blonde again singer to jump on stage to perform her hits.
Too bad they had to wait for 30 minutes after the opening act, Barefoot performed. I’m sure you are thinking who are they? Maybe even mistake them for the other “foot” band, Switchfoot. However, this new band is on Papa Joe’s record label under Geffen records. The Joe in Papa Joe, is indeed Joe Simpson, who is also known as Ashlee, and older sister Jessica Simpson father and manager. Showing that it’s who you know, and not what you know. The lead singer, Chris.. Father was Fraternity brothers with Joe Simpson. I wonder what father was thinking when his son tried to stage dive into the crowd, only to hit the ground, begging for help back on stage.
After the embarrassing display of an amateur rock star and a short intermission. Miss Simpson ran on stage. Wearing an outfit that looks like she raided the now mother, Britney Spears closet. Pretty much the “punk” version of a school girl outfit consisting of a Gray Sweat jacket, white button up with a skinny black tie, black skirt, leg warmers, and boots.
She performed the usual tracks, “Autobiography” “Love me For Me” and “Pieces of Me.”. Her title track from her new album “I Am Me.” singing “What she got that I don’t have”/I won’t change for anyone.” Simpson explains she wrote this song after seeing her ex boyfriend… cough Ryan Cabrera cough.. with another girl. On a totally bizarre note, she explains writing a song about a ghost she saw entitled “Eyes Wide Open.”
In support of Ashlee her parents Tina, Joe and sister Jessica were all in the house singing along. However brother in law Nick Lachey seemed to be M.I.A. Maybe there was a football game on or maybe… the ongoing rumors are true….??
Ashlee proves to be a strong force in the music industry especially after the fall out from the SNL lip-sync debacle. Entertainment Weekly has her on the list of top 20 albums they are waiting for this fall among the likes of Grammy winners Outkast and Alicia Keys. “I Am Me” hits the stores October 18th, of course with the typical television appearances on Good Morning America, Leno, and TRL.

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Anh Nguyen is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. Over the past six years, he has covered various concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, parties, and events. A southern California native, Anh attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a minor in Accounting. In addition to photography, he is currently pursuing his license as a CPA and hopes to go law school. Adding to his many interests, Anh also loves to cook and has worked as a line cook for Food Network's celebrity chef Scott Conant's restaurant, Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills.