On a Monday.. on a Tuesday.. on a Wednesday..

Wow… i dont know how Paris Hilton does it.. Last night i hung out with the kids.. Alex, Frankie, Val, Lindsay and some other people.. I have to say to the least it was very interesting. I stayed over to sleep since i mean my house was up the street and it was whatevers. All i have to say?? Bacardi 151 is mother trucking dangerous! However very very nice!!
I had class at 9. My history class.. A class i dont wanna miss at all even though its pretty much just lecture. I didnt get much sleep and left the house at 8. Nice huh? Talk about a very very interesting day! Went home and hope in the shower. Took a nap. Man i was exhausted.
Headed over to class of course on time. Heres the funny thing. First thing the teacher. Professor Flowers shows to the class. A comic strip in the college paper. Heres how it looks. This kid wakes up and flips a coin weather to stay and sleep or go to school. He loses the coin and decides to sleep in class with his pillow. Great! Like this wasnt just talking straight to me. The professor has a peeve of people putting their heads down on the desk and napping. I mean cmon!!! This is college not high school. College.. just leave!! So which i did… haha. I left during our break which was about 2 hours in. Im sorry. During the first 2 hours i was nodding off with my eyes lids and head feeling all heavy. I was screwed either way and just left.
Went home and took a nap. I dont remember much anything else. Went out to lunch with Alex and Frankie to Red Robins. This place is warming up to me, but its still not all that great. Still all about the Freckled Lemonade which is Strawberry Lemonade and the Clucks and Fries.. Chicken Tenders. Anywho! Had the Ashlee Simpson concert tonight…
Got ready… the usual.. prepared my camera.. Waited for Melissa to come pick me up. Yes i know.. Nice huh? haha. Hey gas is expensive and she drives a Mercedes. You tell me what you would do?? The drive wasnt too bad.. Bumping the new Ryan Cabrera. Cd has grown on me big time!! We chatted.. covered a few things which is all good… Hit some traffic over the hill in Covina. Thats what i get for telling her to take the 10. I NEVER take the 10. Its all about the 210 to the 605!!! Good thing we left around 630.. Didnt get to Hollywood until around 8ish. I love this city!! Parted at the Hyatt.. 20 friggin bucks!!! Its horrible but what are you going to do?
So we are at the Hyatt.. Right across the street from House of the Blues. The cross walk is about 150 feet on both sides. Of course. I said screw it and jay walked it over with Melissa. Heres the funny thing.. Right when i hit the payment of the sidewalk!! I notice these guys on bikes… wearing shirts that say Sheriff. I was thinking OH CRAP!! Then one of the cops said, “Are you guys crazy??!!” I heard a little faint voice from another cop say, “Jaywalking.” My response?? On the fly and witty?? I said, “Look at her shoes [Melissa] she cant walk that far.” I just kept on walking. No ticket!! Thank goodness!! However when they said, “You are crazy!!” I wasnt even sure what they were referring to. The fact that i jaywalked in front of 5 sheriff cops on bikes or jaywalking a crazy busy street in Hollywood. Friggin Sunset Blvd on a Saturday night.
Before i even got into town i called up Manny to see whats up. He told me he was going to be there, and i figured he was going to be the host of the night. Manny told me the line was around the block. GREAT! However when i got there, i didnt have to wait in it which is always good! I had to check out the industry entrance. Where there was no line! Love it!! Its all about the special entrances!! Anywho, got my tickets and had a little thing my photo pass, which was cleared.
Got inside!! It was pretty interesting and a lot smaller than i thought it would be. This is my first time here. The bar section was in the back and to the sides. It had a projector screen thingy in the middle which seemed soo kinda small. Just a lot smaller than i thought but this place has alot of history. Place was really crowded already since doors opened at 7:30. We went upstairs to see how it is and it was pretty cool but had a cut off section.
Went back down. Found a spot to stand. I was looking around to see who would escort me to the front to take pictures. I figured it wasnt going to be anyone. Headed to the front and the security guard was like go up there, you have a pass so you can go. HA! There was NO room to move at all, it was a bitch getting in there and walking down to the middle. It was soo annoying! I went down there to get up in the front.. It was soo hard.. I am pretty Ganhdi when it comes to it but it was hella hard. I got to my spot. Took some pics..
The group that opened was of Joe Simpson’s label, Papa Joe. Did they sound good? I wouldnt know. I had my ear plugs in however i hear the girls behind me digging on the bass player. I took my pictures and such. The singer tried to do a stage dive. I think he falled to put in account that the audience consisted of Ashlee Simpson fans. Umm pre-teens mostly and their parents and of the female gender. Pretty much the dude ate it, and had to call for help. He still went through the crowd to the stage… all the little girls trying to push him up.. Quite funny.. He knew he looked like a dumb ass. I wonder if Papa Joe thought it was amusing.
Oh.. If you didnt know.. about life that is.. You can really only make it by who you know. Theres no doubt about it. Doors that opened for me are by me knowing people. How does this relate to whatever i was talking about before?? Well Chris whatever his last name of Barefoot, his father was frat brothers with Joe Simpson. And there we have it..
I left the area.. again leaving was just as hard as getting in the area. Headed back to Melissa next to the engineer stations.There was some cheering and what not and the crowd looking to the balcony. I went to the side with Melissa, Jessica and the whole family. How exciting, but not surprising at all. I didnt see Nick though. Joe, Linda, i think thats her name, Casey were there with some more family and friends.
After some more hosting duties by Manny and Jojo.. Ashlee came out. I went to the front again, and AGAIN got stuck! I couldnt believe it at all. I was like move back! I dont think little preteens understand English at all!! After forcing my way to the middle.. I see a fellow photographer.. She looks like a house photographer and we both were soo irritated!! I gave up and told the people to back the fuck up. All they could say was that tell them to move back blah bla blah.. Them as the peopel behind them. I swear the security or the people who run HOB needs to keep that junk in check.
I had to put my foot up against the stage and push with my back to get some sort of footing to be in position to shoot some decent friggin photos. When Ashlee got on stage, i can feel everyone behind me pushing on the guard rail.. Yes, my back against like 100 little girls pushing forward on me with their hands up, trying to touch her hand. I swear! Do you think touching their hand will transfer the fame over to you or something?? Give me a break!! Another annoying thing and kinda sick was all the little girls with their not so fresh breathe singing on the back of my neck. Just disgusting.. Only thing that made it good? Ashlee stood over me in a skirt.. you do the math. She was wearing a gray jacket, black tie, white button up with a black shirt, boots and leg warmers.
Her show was pretty good. I liked it. I was waiting for her to mention Ryan Cabrera.. which she did. Wasnt a surprise. Melissa.. her friend little sister used to hang out with him. They were at a sushi place and Ashlee called. I guess Ryan kinda hung out on her and a few mintues later she showed up. I was told it was pretty ackward. That is soo funny!! She had a song she was talking about a ghost.. Shes a great songwriter isnt she?? I recall the song being called “Eyes Wide Open” Of course she did her songs off the first cd. Another song, the title track.. “I Am Me.” Of course it has to be about some relationship. She said it was about her ex boyfriend when she saw him with another girl. I can only imagine it was Ryan Cabrera and it was most likely at his house warming party. I heard a little story about that moment. Im not going to get inot it, but lets just say Ryan was with a chick in a room and Ashlee was at the house warming. She saw them and made a friggin scene.
Ok i didnt even say what happened after i was done taking pictures. It was a 3 song limit. The other photographer left somehow and i tried to find an exit. So many people just packed the exits and i had to fight my way out. While i was trying to leave, all these stupid girls try to come it. Again the security should have handle this, but they seem so stupid and lazy. I couldnt believe it. To add to the frustration? Where i ended up standing to watch the rest of the show, there was this group of guys coming and going, acting like their spot was saved. They were with some chicks who acted the same. Both were dancing with drinks in their hand and i was just waiting for them to spill. Most of the time i was looking up the balcony to see Jessica, which i saw. She looked pretty bored. Her best friend and assistant Casey was going wild. Momma Linda, i think thats the name was sitting and was whatevers also. However Papa Joe was wild, singing and dancing.
The show ended around 1030 i think?? After she had a little encore of her “La La” song which started out slow and carabet or however you spell it style. I saw she is a good performer. Gets the crowd really into it which is always good.
Leaving Hollywood. Lets just say we had an adventure driving all over Hollywood and then some. We were driving around Los Angeles where ive never been. I did run across the club Dragonfly, which ive heard of but never knew where it was. Its on Santa Monica somewhere!
Eventually got on the freeway.. Made it back to a familar part.. Headed off to In N Out in Covina.. Its one of the biggest once ive seen and pretty nice. Had something to eat, and chatted. Then left back home. Hit friggin traffic again!! It was just so lame. I dont even think we got home until 1ish. Got home and left again. Hung out with some friends… Eventually got back around 3. Such a friggin long day. I wont have it any other way!!
Gotta cover the Ryan Cabrera shows.. hope it wasnt as bad but i dont think i would even care. Ill be too busy singing along!!!

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