“True love is finding the soul’s counterpoint in another”

Wednesday…. Last Week….
A day of class… My Econ class.. bored and not really paying attention again. Its quite sad… After role, about half of the class ducks out. I choose to stay because i didnt get ready in the morning to be in a class for 15 mins. AND the class only last an hour when it should be at least an hour and a quarter.
Headed on over to Leslies hung for awhile. Actually.. man it was like hours!! Its all good though. Its fun and such. Was over there for a few hours… Jovana calls to say whats up and we set a date to hung out at 8ish. Before that me and Leslie go to pick up her little brother. Went over there and picked him up.
Jovana and I were suppose to meet up at the Gardens to chatter and catch up on stuff. However i went to pick her up instead. Headed over to the Gardens. I think i was smelling the Paris Hilton perfume on her. Man, i am soo addicted to it. Its ridonkulous!! Headed off to Johnny Rockets and played musical chairs there. First sat in a booth… then went to the counter but Jovana couldnt figure how to sit in the chair… then movied to the far end which were better seats… Got some onion rings and a Oreo Shake with extra oreos!!!
Proceeded to catch up… Her trip to Mexico.. and my drama.. Got some decent insight.. but nothing i wanted to hear… I wanted to her say.. why dont you just keep the lines of communication open and see what happens.. OH WELL!!
So i learned something!! Like you know the theres like this little 57 on the ketchup bottle.. You bang that against your hand made into a fist thats sitting on the table. It works sooo well!! Mr. Jake there taught us that!! Its soo instilled in my head.. Anywho… a little more discussing.. We made plan to go to Canada, New York, and Washington DC. She met someone who lives in Quebec over in Mexico. So heres the plan.. In December into Christmas and New Years. Jo is gonna be up in Quebec and im sure im gonna still have finals. So im going to meet her up in Montreal.. then take a bus ride over to New York over Christmas and spend Christmas in New York. Its going to be SOOO COOL!!! Snow in New York over Christmas. Thats a REAL Christmas!! Then head on over to Washington DC for New Years with her Grandpa!! Im soo semi excited!! Like a 3 week vacation!! HURRAY!!
Then its like 9. Wedding Crashers was at 940. We walked around and did alittle shopping and checked out Borders. Not opened yet! Off to AMC… before i get over there.. I see Mike Avena… Dude not trying to talk head.. but he gotten soo drugged out!! I swear.. He needs to stop hanging out with my semi former Raving group.. He tells me hes watching Wedding Crashers and going up to San Francisco for a party.. Random much?? Anywho.. he was with a chick. Didnt want to interrupt..
Dude like the movie… There was like no movie trailers!! I was semi kinda mad!! Anyways.. the movie.. I loved it!! It was hilarious!! Very sweet.. and had hot chicks!! I mean cmon thats like a perfect movie.. Rachel McAdams was very pretty in it and her boyfriend played by the dude in Alias and in Kitchen Confidental played a great heel. The tips of the Crasher were interesting too. What made me laugh?? Dude i was like the only one laughing to certain jokes.. shit i foudn funny. Like the part where they crash the Congressmen.. Where the bride and groom was saying their vows.. Stuff about your my shipmate and captian. Omg that made me laugh soo much!! Jovana hits me and tells me to shut up because i was the only one laughing!! Shoot dont hate on my sense of humor!! However she laughed as much as i did to the stupid stuff.. Something else i learn?? Drinking eye drops will screw you up, i dont know if it works, but maybe ill try it sometime to someone i dont like! Im glad i finally watched the movie with someone who doesnt play games…
Pretty much that was the night.. Good to catch up and chatter without worrying about things… So nice for once…

I wanna crash weddings!! I LOVE THEM!! Whos in??


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