Hmm… Maybe Disney is soo innocent as it seems…

If you ever wanted to know the true meanings of movies. Take a American Cinema class. So im finally back to school and decided to take another Art class since it meets the requirements for attending UCLA or USC. I have already taking a music class, History of Rock Music. Totally loved that class.
Anywho, so im taking this class, American Cinema.. The first class i attended, we talked about Wizard of Oz. It may seem to be just a movie about this little girl who gets whisk away to this magical land who’s trying to get back home. Meets a lion, tin man, and a scarecrow. I can’t recall however it was about the characteristics of a political party. How the 2 witches represent an industrial industry against a non industrial one. However everything represents something on a political level as many movies do. However there is somewhat of a religious aspect to it. Saying how what you are missing, you need to go to this “God” to give it to you. By the time you get there, its just some man behind it. Then says tells you that whatever you need is in you all along. The problem with this is that the movie speaks to children. Not 100 percent sure what was told, it’s very broken what im saying here. It made me recall something someone told me that her dad says that Lord of the Rings has many things reflecting on God and the Bible and such. I would love to hear it. Seems like certain movies has a obvious meaning, then theres the political and religious symbolism.
Another thing I learned was the stuff about Monsters. Prime example given was King Kong. A movie about a giant gorilla brought back to America to be on display. Kong breaks free and gets the blonde hair beauty, climbs up the Empire State building and gets shot down. End of movie. However the Gorilla represents the Black Man. Kong was brought back to America on a boat in shackles as did slaves. Kong took the blonde beauty white girl which means represents a black man doing it. Climbing up the Empire State Building to the top and not looking back. Once you get what you want you have to climb and climb to the highest point. However, once you get up there. You will get shot down. In the famous quote” Its beauty that killed the beast.” No the airplanes with the gun didn’t kill Kong, it was the acquiring blonde haired white girl.
Other things discussed…Vampires represent Jews. Vampires are of a higher class, very articulate and with money. They suck your blood and turn you into one of them. The way to kill an vampire is a Christian cross.. Cross of anything. As you can see, Jewish people stereotypically have money. Sucking your blood.. Your lively hood, your money. Don’t get close to one or they will turn you into one of them. Jews are also known as devilish people, and so only thing to kill them is a cross. Learning so much in this class, its just so interesting and kind of scary to see how movies can represent so many things besides the obvious.
Now.. watched Citizen Kane. A movie about Charlie Kane who has died, and before he croaked he says “Rosebud.” It proceeds with a flashback of his life and brings it back to the present of someone trying to figure out what “Rosebud” meant. The only time you see Kane say Rosebud was when his second life left him and he’s going all mad and destroying a room. He stops at a snow globe and chants out Rosebud. At the very end of the movie, they are burning his processions and they throw in a sled into the fire which said Rosebud. I came to the conclusion that Rosebud was symbolic of his childhood. The childhood he lost when his mom sold him off. Before he was taken away, he was in the snow with his sled and was pretty happy. However.. My professor before we finished class.. He told us he was going to explain that “Rosebud” means Booty Call. Yes… i was shocked as much as everyone else in the class. This is going to be very very interesting.. So i kind of can’t wait to be informed on how one of the greatest films ever made can be summed down to a sexual calling between two people….
Hook it up with some “Rosebud.” :p

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