Wow.. Mr. West… I dont know if shoud give you props or not..

The NBC channels was airing a telethon for the relief of the damage in Louisiana. I didnt really catch much of it, however that night i noticed something that was released on the internet entitled Kanye West blast President Bush, or something to the effects of that. I didnt really take notice of it, because im trying my hardest to keep the bias to a minimal since ive been called a Liberal, like its a curse word or whatever. I dont deal with blantant Politics in my everyday life. I mean its there, but its not like i go around having debates about it. Thats where you are going to set yourself up for trouble.
Kanye West just released him sophomore album which you can listen to here on the right handed side. Its a pretty good album, i wouldnt say its better than the first. The album shows him maturity as an artist and a producer.
Anywho, this morning i see it again. I decided to download it and watch it. All i have to say is that wow, Kanye West must be really really pissed to say what he said. What he said was really specific and called out the character of the President. I mean to add to all the other insults to George W. Bush, like hes uneducated. He is not uneducated people, he went to Yale and graduated there. Is he ignorant? Well thats a total different matter that doesnt involved much education, but i really dont want to go there. West went after him, and it was a pretty big . I have the link to the video and you can judge for yourself. The usual cocky Kanye West, wasnt so cocky. He was trippen over his words, and seem like he just finished having a crying session. I think he was a little nervous to say what he did. You can tell Mike Myers, who was standing with next to him, was as surprised as Chris Tucker, who they cut to right after.
Enough about my commentary and opinions, the following link is where you can download the video yourself and form your own opinions on the matter. One thing i have to state, its not fair how they show a black family getting food and they call it looting, and how they state a white family is looking for food. Its just not right, of course there is looting. Some are looting for person gain, and others are looting to survive…
Download the VIDEO Watch it for yourself.
Honestly.. i dont know what to say. But prayers go out to the families….


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