Everyone is a critic…

So while trying to update one of my site, i decided to check out my comments and see if anyone left any. Most of them are from spammers who are trying to endorse their poker websites. I dont know why its poker but it is. I ran across a commenter who kinda got me a little heated, however not really. Heres what he or she had to say…

Thank you for the interview.
However, if you wish to call yourself a journalist or a writer, then please use correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Maybe even make use of the spell check tool once in a while.
Your article is riddled with misspellings, incorrect sentence formation, awful grammar. It is a sad commentary on those in your profession if they do not take you to task for the lack of professionalism and pride in what you write and publish.
Better yet, how about enrolling in a journalism class, where you would learn the proper and correct way of sentence construction, and much more.
I am sure that I was not the only one that cringed while reading through the interview of Josh Groban and your observations.

Now here goes my response…

Hey AAD,
I just ran across your comment about the interview I conducted. I wasn’t too sure if you were referring to my article or the post on the website. If you were referring to the article, then I do need to enroll in some classes and so does my editor, who has been an editor more years than I am here on Earth.
However if you were referring to my blog aka post on my website, you can kiss my ass. Pardon my French. This is my personal journal, therefore I don’t need to correct spelling, check grammar or anything else you commented on. I write my entries as I think of them and how I speak, which isn’t always proper. I am not getting paid for you to read my life, which means I don’t care about the errors. Especially if I am my own editor, publisher, and writer. I don’t proofread my entries because I am trying to crank them out asap and I am busy writing the actual articles, and going on with my life. Funny how you seem to be the ONLY one who has a problem and the rest of the world who visit my site can see what its all about.
Again if you are referring to my article, then I will have to enroll myself in a class along with my editor. If you are referring to my actual entry, once again bite me. However if you feel the need to argue with me after I explained to you my position, please feel free to email me.

Thats pretty much all i am going to say. I guess i should be happy since you know what they say, its when they stop talking about you is when you should worry. Not too sure if that saying even applies to me. Anyone else who has a problem with my website, i dont think you can find my contact information on the site yet, but here it is, anh@anh-nguyen.com Feel free to email me with your questions, comments, and concerns. Ill gladly address them.
Going to take night classes soon, what subject?? English 😛

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