Its for the kids… Charity… :)

Snoop Dogg Youth Football Charity Benefit
The Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, California
August 25th, 2005

SNOOP DOGG!! The O.G. gangsta.. One of the most known rapper today and im sure a long time coming. Having his charity benefit tonight at the Greek with effin Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ice Cube. I should say im pretty excited to see Red Hot Chili Peppers, but im more excited to check out the free food and booze. Im sorry. Im all about the perks. :)Headed down pretty early.. Well i left Rancho at 4:30PM after picking up my dry cleaning and such. The drive wasnt too bad but the Air Con was giving me a brain freee kinda headache. I had to keep on adusting the temp and yeah. Since i left kinda early on over there. I wanted to hit up Sephora at Hollywood and Highland. Dude! I want my damn Jonathan Product!! “Dirt” The one in Rancho didnt have it, and its been back ordered for ages! I would thinking hey.. Hollywood.. they would have a better stock than Rancho Cucamonga. So i head on over there, did the whole parking and what not. Got into the store, and NOTHING! They have the conditioner and like gel stuff, but not the Dirt!! Well it wasnt a waste, Ben wanted to Jamba Juice, some sort of Green Tea shot and i could have sworn there one was there. But it was thinking City Walk. Oh well. Headed on over to LA Weekly. Hung out a little, headed on over to Greek a little awhile. The usual routine. It was pretty crowded, and mad mad lines. This was the first time I seen them have metal detectors. Then again it is a Snoop Dogg concert. So pretty much it was a given. Did the whole parking thing again. Wow the lines sucked even for the press line. However eventually we found Vanessa, who gave our tickets, pretty much cut in line, got through the metal detectors.Of course we had to hit up the hospitally room before anything else. Got in there and it was pretty crackin. Food and such on the thing, we had to hit up the bar first. Too bad we were late, it was already closing up. It was closing because the first act was coming up first, Ice Cube.
After leaving the Hospitiality room, we headed off to the food stands to get something to drink. I wasnt thinking but we saw Stephanie. Shes a cute girl who works at the concession building thingy at the Greek. We were in the line to the left, we looked and said a little hi. Looks like she rememberes us. 🙂 Again, way too cute to work serving people food. Way way too cute.
Headed to our seats. At this point im going to give another cliff notes version. Because its been way too long since i posted. Ice Cube was out first. Pretty much did most of the songs off his Greatest hits album. It was pretty tight. There were these two chicks sitting next to us. Middleaged chicks, but like to party. You can tell. One reminded me of my friend but older, and the older version isnt all that great. The ohter, body 10, face.. old… Thats all i have to say. She looked late 30s, however her boobs looked just about 3 years old, if you know what i mean. During Cubes last song, Chris Rock popped out and made a request. That was pretty rad.
They introduced Wanda Syke, im sure to kill some time or whatever between acts. I just thought she was a guest who was chillin. I heard her name over Vanessa’s walkie talkie or whatever when i arrived.
After was Red Hot Chili Peppers. We go back to the hospitality room to see if any drink or food was out, however they said after the concert. Red Hot Chili Peppers was soo tight. I havent seen them in concert and i loved her Californiacation album. No noone was wearing just a tube sock this time. Flea was all geared up in Lakers attire. I remember i was shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose and she was shopping their also. I thought that was pretty cool. The security was out tonight, the chciks right next to me were blazing it up. One of the security chicks came up and yelled at the chick who was holding the joint. She was crewing her out like none other. Oh, then this one dude was trying to get up on the two seats next to us. He was like can you move down, i was like umm no. He was all like i got 3 more people who needs to sit here. Dude get over it, i was like whatever dude. Everytime, every single dang time i go out.
Snoop Dogg, before he performed. Vanessa presented him with a check over 200,000 dollars from the sales of the tickets. It was sold out, which was a good thing. Snoop Dogg performed. Did the usual songs he always does along with a few new ones. However he didnt do Signs, and Justin Timberlake didnt make an appearance. I can ALWAYS hope. In the middle of his set, he had Tommy the Clown come out from David LaChappelle “Rize.” He had his krumping kids and what not, it was pretty cool. Cool to watch and such. Snoop had a whole band and everything.
The concert was over. Headed off to the hospitality room to get my grub on. They had the usual Swedish Meatballs, Buffalo Wings, Cheese Blocks with crackers, and various melons. I LOVE THE MELONS!!! Wynda Skyes was chillaxin there. I wanted to say whats up, but ya know i cant be annoying them. Just chilled out, got some beers. Grubbed it up, and that was that. Spent like an hour in there. All and all it was prety much a good night.. The concert was fun like it always is.
What my mutha fudgin name??

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